Upload button vs. Copy and pasting images

By Gustavo posted 06-30-2015 10:09

Jama allows users to add an image to a rich text field in two ways: by copy-and-paste and through the upload image button. 

When using the copy-and-paste method, you should refrain from copying and pasting images alone or along with the rest of your text content as that will result in base64 encoded images. If you copy and paste to add images, you may face some of these issues:

  • Due to the differences in how browsers handle base64 encoding, images may become distorted when exported.

  • Since the image is stored as base64 encoded string that can be thousands of characters long, any filter that uses the field will be impacted as it needs to parse  through all the extra characters. 

  • Additionally, due to the increase in characters being stored within the document and evententry tables, your database could run out of space if the copy-and-paste method is used at scale and over long periods of time.

  • You might think that you added the image to the field but might end up adding just a link to it that looks like a normal image. The issue with having an image link is that although you may have access to it, your colleagues may not. This will also cause the image to be displayed as a broken link when you export the item.

  • If you use an image with a resolution equal or higher than 1980p there is a high probability it will be distorted and exported as a line in Word documents.

As shown below you can identify an embedded image by looking at the source of the original document:

alt="Base64 encoded image" width="150" height="150"/>

You can check the source of an item in Jama by selecting the source button shown below.

As we work to solve the issues above, the current workaround is the usage of the image upload button as the image will be uploaded to the Jama server and then made available for viewing. Please refer to this article about the supported image format types.

Additionally, when you upload an image into a rich text field using the API, the image will be uploaded as a base64 encoded image, and suffer the same problems as described above.



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07-09-2015 13:09

Ryan, good question!
The answer is yes, right now all the versions including 2015.1 behave the similar way.

07-02-2015 12:32

Gustavo -- can you confirm which on-premise versions of Jama use base64 for pasted images? i.e. is it all versions up to and including 2015.1?


06-30-2015 10:58

Gustavo, thanks for sharing this tip. Fortunately I am "old school." I did not think it was possible for me to copy and paste an image using Chrome several years and several versions ago so I always upload an image. Now I know that in fact I can cut and paste I'll refrain from crashing the Jama hosted server :-) (So ironic that I cannot copy and paste an image in this community post :-) Have a great day. swoo