bulk relationship creation based on a filter

By Harald posted 04-10-2015 11:47

I get frequently asked how to trace a single item to the result set of a filter.

Here is my way of doing that:
  • export the result set of the filter to excel
  • open that excel
  • copy the column with ID into the clipboard
  • open the item where you want to add these items as relationship
  • open relationshiptab, click relate item
  • paste clipboard into search field of relationship dialog
  • mark the rows and click relate
Works with Chrome and Firefox, other browsers not tested.

#traceability #search


10-04-2017 13:17

There is a limit of multiple items in Jama8.14, I believe it was 1024 items, if that are less items, it works.

10-04-2017 12:31

​This process worked well with me in an older version of Jama, but doesn't appear to work anymore in Jama 8.14.  (Can't search for multiple items in the search bar.)  Can you please advise new process for making bulk relationships?

05-25-2016 15:52

Yay! That's good to hear. Newer versions of Jama (8.0+) will have another mechanism for bulk relation in list view, so keep an eye out for that.

05-25-2016 12:21

Thanks Harald and Kristina,

The above way of creating bulk relation helped me a lot. I reduced my efforts avoided unintended relation (some times happen while doing manually).

02-11-2016 15:29

Sangeetha, I just made a quick video of myself walking through Harald's steps. Please ignore my goofy names and silly text...I have done a lot of testing in my environment and get silly with it sometimes ;)

02-10-2016 06:59

Can you please share screenshots (or) documents so that it would be helpful for us?

06-12-2015 12:45

Herald, great article. Thanks for sharing. swoo

04-16-2015 21:50

Harald, I hope you don't mind, but I've changed this post from an "Idea" to an "Article" since it's more about knowledge-sharing than it is a feature request. Thanks for sharing it, by the way!

04-10-2015 13:56

We ended up using a field to add/remove relationships and run through SOAP update 2/day. Ugly but people really wanted bulk relationship edits.  This is a nice trick but it's is still only update a single item at a time (on the left hand side) because the explore tree is not mult-select.

04-10-2015 12:12

Is this a vba only soap connector?

Sounds interesting.

04-10-2015 11:53

That is a very nice approach and didn't realize that was possible.
I ended up creating an excel spreadsheet with a SOAP connector for this purpose (which actually works quite well) but I wish it was a native Jama function. My excel also works for deleting relationships which is an important capability, don't think the approach above works for that.