New Test Runner App Enables Testing On The Go

By Iman posted 09-14-2017 11:59


Jama Software is committed to our mission of helping customers bring their innovations to market faster, and with our reliable REST API we are doing just that. From custom data integrations to ETL tools, REST has proven to be an invaluable asset utilized by many of our customers.

REST has also lead to some innovations for Jama. In 2016, we worked with students from Portland State University (PSU) in the Capstone Program to develop a trace visualization tool: OverView.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with this year’s PSU Capstone students, who developed the very first iOS mobile application that works with Jama, Test Runner. The application, which has been submitted to Apple’s App Store and is currently under review, will allow users to view and execute tests that have been assigned to them on the go.

Motivated Team

This year’s Capstone team was made up of seven talented students — Lauren Cooper, Will Huiras, Jason Ritz, Ben Lawrence, Devan Cakebread, Meghan McBee, and David Wagg — who are in their final year of computer science studies.

Pictured from left to right: Lauren Cooper, Will Huiras, Jason Ritz, Ben Lawrence, Devan Cakebread, Meghan McBee, and David Wagg.

They were eager to be sponsored by Jama because “the project had a clearly-defined scope and purpose,” said team member Lauren Cooper.

Over several months, the students dove into pair programming and other Agile practices to plan, build, and test their iOS app.

“Initially, we had a steep learning curve — we never wrote an iOS app before and were very new to Swift programming language,” said team member David Wagg.

The students worked closely with Jama’s professional services and UX teams to build the Test Runner app.

Amazing App

When asked what they learned about users of the Test Runner app, Lauren Cooper said, “We have new, profound respect for product testers.”

During their product demo of Test Runner for Jama staff, the team called out how refreshing it was to use an API that was well-documented, straightforward, and responsive. You can view the team’s open-source project now on GitHub.

We loved seeing the results of this project and hope the PSU team’s work inspires our customers as much as it has us. A huge thanks to the entire team and PSU!

Note: This post will be updated with a link to the Test Runner application on the Apple App Store when it becomes available. For now, users can clone the team’s repository on GitHub, and install the application onto their iOS devices via Xcode.

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