Download the New Test Runner App for Jama Software

By Iman posted 10-20-2017 10:17



Student-built app for testing in Jama now available in Apple’s App Store

In September, we announced our latest collaboration with Portland State University’s Computer Science Capstone program, Test Runner for Jama Software, which is a native iOS application.

We’re pleased to say that Test Runner is now available for download in the Apple App Store. Test Runner is for use with all Jama Software customers with hosted instances.

Test Runner Features

The PSU students worked tirelessly for six months on the app, building out its functionality with help and guidance from Jama’s professional services team.

Test Runner was designed to mimic the workflow of Jama’s very own Test Center, allowing users to intuitively navigate through the app and quickly run through all assignments on the go. This gives current customers all the benefits of Jama’s test management abilities, with a greater degree of flexibility in the process.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Test Runner, and some of the actions that can be completed while using it:

  1. First, a user must have access to a hosted instance of Jama to use the app.
  2. If that’s the case, a user is manually assigned a handful of tests from within Jama.
  3. When the user is ready to test, they simply login using their username, password, and instance name (for example: would have the instance name “test-instance”)
  4. Once logged in, users will be prompted to select the project they wish to test.
  5. With a project selected, the user will step through an accordion-nested structure of test plans, cycles, and runs. All test plans within a project are displayed. Within each test plan, all available cycles will be listed. Each cycle contains all assigned test runs to the user.
  6. When a test run is selected, users will be transitioned to the test screen, allowing them to select one step at a time. A test step can fail or pass during the test. Additional notes can be taken for a given test step.
  7. An image can be uploaded for the overall test run, as well as any general notes the user may wish to include.
  8. Once a test has been submitted from the app, it will no longer appear in the selection list. Only “Not-Run” test runs will be visible from the app.

Looking Ahead

The PSU capstone students who build Test Runner truly went above and beyond for our customers to deliver this simple, useful, and exciting app. And there’s more potential to come.

Since Test Runner will remain an open source project, users can actively contribute by submitting updated functionality or issues to the team’s repo on GitHub. Users are also encouraged to leave reviews on the Apple App Store.