How to update Jama when JIRA URL changes

By Jama posted 01-29-2015 16:26


If the JIRA URL has changed from the one that you originally set in you JIRA connector, either because you changed your JIRA server or changed JIRA configurations, you need to update the JIRA URL in Jama in order for the sync to continue to work.The JIRA URL in the JIRA Connector configuration page as well as the JIRA URL in all the items that are synced to an issue in JIRA need to be updated.

This document will illustrate how to properly update the JIRA URLs. You will need a Jama Admin credentials and Jama root login in order to be able to do the following instructions. If you are using Jama SaaS please contact Jama Support.

a. Updating the JIRA URL in the JIRA Connector 

Go to the Jira Connector page from the Admin menu. Click on the "Edit Settings". On the JIRA Connection Setting window, replace the old URL with the new one.


b. Updating the JIRA URL on all the synced items

Note: The System Admin view is only available to on-prem customers. If you are using a hosted Jama instance, contact Support to complete this step.

Login as user "root" to Jama. Under "Organizations" tab which is the default page when you login as root, click on the "Fix URL References" link. On the window that opens, enter the old JIRA URL on the top text box and the new JIRA URL on the bottom one. Click on the Fix URL References button and Jama will update all the JIRA URLs in all the items that are synced to JIRA.