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What Archiving Means in Jama Software

By Carmen Santos posted 05-07-2015 09:02


When Projects, Releases or Test Plans are completed they can be archived in order to efficiently organize your work environment. Here’s some context on how archiving works, depending on what is being archived.

Archiving Projects
On previous versions of Jama Software (version 4.2.7 and prior), the Delete option was actually behaving as an Archive feature, allowing the item's recovery. After 2014.1, the Delete option no longer allows for project recovery. Additionally, the Archive option was added. Major differences between archiving and deleting a Project can be found here.

Administrators can still see the archived Projects in the Manage All Projects list, where it shows up with "(Archived)" appended to the title. Normal users can no longer see or access the archived Projects.

In filters and search results, neither an archived Project nor its content will show up.

Archiving Releases
Releases can be archived via Configure Project > Release List tab. To unarchive Releases, you'll need to tick the "View Archived Releases" option in the same location so they are displayed first.

Archived Releases will not show up in filters or search results. However, items assigned to any archived Release will. The Release field of these items will be populated and will have "(Archived)" appended to the Release’s version field to indicate that.

Archiving Test Plans
Test Plans can be archived from the Test Plans explorer tab. They can be unarchived in the same location, as Archived Test Plans will display in a group list in the navigation pane. This allows users to maintain visibility into the Test Plan while preventing additional content from being created or run. However, due to SOS-BUG-740, Test Runs can be executed even if the Test Plan is archived.

Archiving Test Runs

Test Runs can be archived only by archiving the Test Plan. When Archived, they don't show up in the Test Runs tab of the Test Case.
They're also unarchived by unarchiving the Test Plan. After that, Test Runs should show up in the Test Runs tab again.

Archiving Reviews
Only closed Reviews can be archived. Moderators or Review Center Administrators can perform this action, which removes the review from the primary view. Administrators have an extra Review Administration view by selecting Filter by > Include Archived Reviews.


To include the archived Reviews in a filter's results, the "Include archived Reviews" link must be clicked in the Filter's menu. All its subsequent filters will then include archived Reviews. To remove archived Reviews from a filter's results, the "Hide archived Reviews" option must be selected so they won't show up in the results.



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07-27-2016 09:49

We've added a new "archived" status and we remove it from our filters and widgets. but your suggestion sounds much easier to administer.  

07-26-2016 19:43

What have you been doing to work around this, now? I don't remember what version of Jama you're using now, but it seems like the easiest thing to do (if on 2015.2+) would be to create an Archive project, and then use the Move Items feature to move all irrelevant items.

07-26-2016 15:02

I guess you can say that.  But I don't want to delete them because I may need to use them again at some later point even if for nothing other than to know they existed at one point. 

07-26-2016 14:59

OK, I think I understand–your desire is mostly about these items not being visible for selection in day-to-day work than it is being set aside somewhere.

07-26-2016 14:37

I was imagining one item at a time that would just go into an Archived section or something like that organized by item type.  You would be able to open the “archive” section/folder/whatever and unarchive anything.  It would just be a status that just takes something out of commission until you put it back.  So archived items would not show up in workflows, or filters, or test plans, etc. 


07-25-2016 19:41

Henry, do you mean like, archiving one item at a time? And where would those items go/how would they be unarchived?

07-25-2016 16:42

Any plans to be able to archive business or solution requirements or issues?

06-22-2015 10:06

That's great -- thanks, swoo.

06-20-2015 17:36

Hi Ryan,

I just did a little experiment using an on-premise 2005.1 sandbox environment. When I archived the project, the reviews are archived also and become invisible--even when I filter for archived reviews. Once I un-archive a project, then the reviews become visible.  Hope this answer your question. Let me know if you have more questions or another members can chime in. Have a good weekend. swoo

06-20-2015 14:52

Hi Ryan, I do not have enough insights to answer your question directly. Perhaps another member of the community can respond. My thoughts is one way to achieve archiving is to remove authour and read access to most people. You can leave a few people project admin access. You can do that at the set level too. This seems to be easier than archiving. I just hate to think if somehow de arching does not work. Have a good day. Sorry for the delay in response. I was just riding 20 miles and thinking about how to answer you. :-) have a good weekend. Swoo

06-20-2015 11:47

Thanks, swoo.

Any idea what occurs if I, as an administrator, attempt to access an archived review (via "Include Archived Reviews" mentioned above) while its parent project is in an archived state? i.e. Is the review content visible, or would the project need to be un-archived first?

I'm wondering in particular from the perspective of historical audit -- i.e. If we determine that a project should be archived, but wish to be able to easily show auditors some particular review content that was previously archived, can this be done without un-archiving the entire project?

06-20-2015 11:17

Hi Ryan, the reviews will be archived also when a project is archived. I've confirmed this behavior.

06-20-2015 11:03

If a project gets archived, are any reviews associated with that project automatically archived as well? Or would the reviews have to be archived separately on a one-by-one basis?