Adding SSL Certificates in Jama 8+

By Iris posted 06-29-2016 14:31


The Jama application server is capable of using SSL certificates in several ways. 

HTTPS for admin console

When installing version 8.x,  the first certificate you can add is the one for the connection with the admin console.

Here you can either use a Self-Signed Certificate or provide your own custom SSL Certificate. In the case of your own custom certificate, you need to provide the Hostname, Private Key and Certificate.

You can upload the Private Key and Certificate using the buttons shown. If they exist on the server already, select If your private key and cert are already on this server, click here to point to them.

Note: The certificate added during this stage can also be the one used by your Jama instance if you have the Use TLS option in the admin console selected. See the image below for reference.

Otherwise you can set another certificate by selecting the custom TLS certificate as shown in the image below.



Trusted Certificates

If you have the need to connect Jama to a service protected by a certificate that was self-signed or issued by a local authority, you can ensure that Jama trusts the issuer by uploading the signed certificate to Jama. You may need this functionality to connect to your database server, authentication server, IMAP or other internal servers from Jama. 

Upload a PEM-formatted public certificate or multiple PEM-formatted public certificates concatenated together into a single file. Jama will add these certificates to the default Java trust store.

You will need to create a PEM-formatted file with your certificates. You can follow this Digicert guide for reference. Once you do this you will be able to use TLS connections for both your database and mail servers.



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