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Proper Steps to Take When Setting Up or Updating a Test Server for Jama Version 8+

By Iris Blackburn posted 05-05-2016 19:40


This article assumes your production environment is running Jama 8.0 or later -- if this is your first time setting up 8.0+, follow the normal installation guide all the way through.

  • If you have not already done so, configure a test server with the necessary system requirements

  • If you have never configured a test server with Jama 8.0+, you will need to obtain a test license from your Jama account owner

  • Once you have a test environment and test license, install Replicated and configure Jama following our Installation Guide
    • Stop when you get to the Restore Jama Backup section

Making a Backup
The most important thing when setting up a test environment is that it closely mimics your production environment; this means that you will want to work with the same data provided from a backup of your production instance.

The recommended backup method is to create a backup directly from your proprietary database -- if that is not possible, you can create an XML or .jama backup instead. Whichever method is chosen, be sure that no users are logged into Jama while the backup is being taken and ensure the backup is complete before touching the backup file.

Copying Over Contour Home
Note: If you used a .jama backup, this step can be skipped.

Copy the following folders in the contour home directory of your production environment to your test environment; these files are located under /data/contour and will be placed in the same location on your test server.

  • attachments/*
  • avatars/*
  • diagrams/*
  • metrics/*
  • reports/*

Updating the Test Server Database
If your test server already has a database, you will need to remove that database and start with a fresh import of your latest production data. To do this, you will need to perform the following steps:
  1. Stop the Jama service from the Replicated Admin Console

  2. On the application server, delete the file located under /data/tenant/

  3. If using a database backup, in the Replicated Admin Console under Settings > Database Settings > Database, enter the name of the duplicated database
    1. Be sure to select Save afterward

  4. If using an XML or a .jama backup:
    1. Copy the backup to the Jama test server under /data/restore/

    2. Drop the database for the test server

    3. Re-create the database

    4. In the Replicated Admin Console under Settings > Restore Jama Backup, enter the full path to the backup. ex. /data/backup/backup.xml
      1. Be sure to select Save afterward

  5. Start the Jama service

    Disable and Update Production-Specific Settings

    Since this is an exact duplicate of the production environment, settings such as SMTP are still enabled. To avoid confusion for users, it is advised that these settings be disabled immediately after the test Jama environment starts or before you export the production environment. If you choose the latter, be sure to re-enable the settings once the export is complete.

    Settings to include:
    • Legacy connectors such as the JIRA, TFS, and Rally connectors
    • SMTP or IMAP
    If SMTP or IMAP is enabled on the test server, it should use a completely separate mailbox than the production server uses. "From" Address, Collaboration "From" Address and IMAP User Account should be changed -- this prevents the test server from importing stream replies from the production environment, and vice-versa. 

    In addition, your test environment will still have references to your production UR; these URL references should be updated to reflect the new URL.