Restarting Jama Version 8.0 and later

By Iris posted 04-19-2016 14:18


As of Jama 8.0, we use Replicated to deploy the "containerized" Jama as one whole application. Replicated deploys different containers, each running a different service i.e. jamacore, search, elasticsearch, nginx and tenantmanager with a few simple commands. As an administrator of Jama, these changes will make your life easier when installing, upgrading and restarting Jama.


Restarting the Jama application

Restarting the Jama application is as easy a clicking two buttons.


While Jama is running, navigate to the Replicated Admin Console and select Stop Now in the upper left-hand widget. This will stop Jama.



Once Jama has stopped, the widget will update to say that Jama is stopped. To start Jama back up, select Start Now.



Jama will run through the startup process, which can be tracked in the widget.



Once startup is complete, you will be able to navigate back to Jama.


Restarting Replicated

Typically, you will only need to restart Replicated when the Jama server itself has been restarted. In previous versions of Jama on-premises, only a single service needed to be started, Tomcat. As of version 8.0, Jama will utilize a service-based architecture, matching the way Jama Hosted has operated for the past year. Jama 8.0+ runs each service within a separate Docker container and Replicated handles the startup and communication of these containers.


Depending on the flavor of Linux you are using, you will need to run a different command outlined below.

Note: If Replicated is not currently running, you can substitute restart with start.


Ubuntu and Debian

sudo service replicated-ui restart && sudo service replicated restart && sudo service replicated-updater restart && sudo service replicated-agent restart


Centos, Red Hat and Fedora

sudo systemctl restart replicated replicated-updater replicated-ui replicated-agent


Once Replicated has completed startup, Jama will automatically start.