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How Do I Add Steps and Other Fields to Review Center?

By Jama Software posted 01-29-2015 16:16


When evaluating test cases, it is usually desired to add in the Steps field; however, this guide can be applied to any item type and just about any field for Jama.  

From Administration > Item Types > [Item Type] > Configure View, click drop-down menu that reads "Projects List View" and change to "Review Center Reading View."

Drag the fields you need to add (such as Steps) to the Visible column. Save!


  • If you'd like an expanded view for the item view, change the drop-down to "Review Center Single Item View" and pull in desired fields
  • Name and Description are always required; do not remove these fields or move any fields above them
  • Heading as a field currently does not show any data, but most reviews will show the heading to the left of the name of an item

(Originally posted by Ryan Saul)


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06-05-2015 13:05

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How to add additional fields to the Review Center.

By default, Jama displays the name and description of any items added to a review. However, the Review Center is not limited to only displaying name and description. If you are an administrator, you can adjust the fields that display in the Review Center for each item type. For example, your requirements may have a Status or Priority field. There is an easy way to have those or other fields display in your reviews. Watch this short one minute video to learn how to configure the fields that display in the Review Center.

(Originally posted by Jama Services)