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How the Review Center Stats Work

By Jama Software posted 01-29-2015 16:24


You can find information on review participant roles as well as their progress in a review under the "Stats" tab in an open Review.

This is the main page for a review's stats:

A detailed list of the moderators, and total amount of people in the review team are detailed to the left. If you need to email everyone involved in the Review without editing the Review itself, you can do so by clicking the mail icon:

A pie chart that shows how many approvers are within the review, and whether or not they have Approved the review, marked it as Needs Work, or have Not Finished.

The default view of the stats homepage is called the Progress view. You can also see what role each participant is, and how long they have spent on the review. "Time Spent" is displayed as HH:MM. It is a running total of the time spent in all revisions of the review.
To change views, click "Details View" at the bottom right screen:

The details view will bring up more stats about the Review and each contributor's involvement. The status view also shows the role but, instead of a visual representation of the progress, it shows a percentage of the progress complete. It also shows the current status of the user in the review; if they completed the review and Approved or Requested a Revision, or if they are still In Progress.

When a user has marked all the items in a review, a blue banner will appear on the top of the review with a Finish Review button.

If the reviewer marks all the items in the review, but does not select the Finish Review button, they will have a status of In Progress, even though their progress will read 100%. It will also be shown as Not Finished in the pie graph under the Review Stats.

The Review Center Stats Report, displays details of a selected review. While it does not report individual comments made on the review, it does show the approvers and reviewers, their process, and the items that were in the review. This report can be found under the "Reports" tab at the top right of your Jama window.

 (Originally posted by Janessa Olson)



09-03-2015 14:02

I'm glad you found it despite me :) I completely misunderstood your question.

09-03-2015 12:14

We were able to find the Criteria. Thank you so much for your help.

09-02-2015 14:26

V, these reports in question (the OOTB ones) don't utilize any criteria.
Swoo, all those links *should* be good.

09-02-2015 13:44

Hi VCarvajal,

The User Guide on Jama Velocity is here:

Jama API Access Section:

Jama Objects Section:

In theory the latest are documented here:

I may be wrong, but someone told me that this may be out of date. Good luck. Hopefully Kristina or Shawanna can help.


09-02-2015 13:18

Hi Kristina: where can we find the parameters (criteria) for Velocity reports? Not only for this report but any OOTB Velocity reports? Thanks.

09-01-2015 19:57

Gary, thanks for providing context. The out-of-the-box reports are designed to stay available as is (since they are replaced during the upgrade process). Theoretically, however, you can achieve what you are suggesting.
-You could copy the OOTB reports, make your footer/header additions, and then upload them via the UI as new custom reports.
-When logged in as root, it is possible to turn off the OOTB reports: in the Action column next to a report, select Edit > and toggle off Visible to Users.

09-01-2015 19:48

Hi Kristina - we are going through an excersie to quickly standardize the report header and footers (logo, date time, page # etc) which is not consistent across the reports. I would have thought this would have been similar to the out of the box Item type templates that initially come out of the box with Jama but you can bring down to the organizational level.

Is there away to turn those reports off at the root level if we copied them down to the organizational level ?

Or are you saying we get the out of the box reports as they are and they stay available as is ?

09-01-2015 19:41

Thank you for the guidance. I appreciate it.

09-01-2015 19:29

You should not modify any of the templates in that folder, because it is possible that we will make updates to the reports with a newer version. (So in other words, yes, your edits would be overwritten upon upgrade, as the webapps directory is completely replaced.) 
If you'd like custom or modified reports to be available after an upgrade, you should be adding them via the UI, in which case they will be saved in {contour home}/reports/velocity/[org ID]/. 
I don't see an advantage (or disadvantage) to adding reports at the Org Admin level vs. the Root level. 

09-01-2015 19:03

If we modify a report template at this level "{tomcat home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/reports/velocity/" will this template be overwritten when we execute a Jama upgrade or patch?  And also what if we move these reports from the root admin tab to the Organization Administrator level? Will this cause any issues?

09-01-2015 17:48

Thank you so much Kristina for the quick response.

09-01-2015 17:22

Hi V! The Review Center Stats report is an out-of-the-box report in Jama, so you shouldn't have to do anything to enable it. Default reports can be found in
{tomcat home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/reports/velocity/

09-01-2015 15:18

Hello Janessa,

Where can we locate this "Review Center Stats" report in the server?  We looked at the following paths and we were not able to locate it.

1. Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\contour\WEB-INF\reports\birt

2. contour_home\reports

3. contour_home\tempreports

Thank you.