Is there a way to trace upstream coverage?

By Jama posted 01-29-2015 16:17

Coverage Explorer provides a holistic view of coverage and/or traceability, in that you can view all item types. Its shortcoming is that it doesn't explicitly provide upstream coverage.
Filters can be used to identify missing coverage, as you can search for items related by upstream or downstream links. You can also use filters to sort information.
Office Template Reports are customizable. The default template guide provides details of all available information and can be configured to meet your needs. You should be able to limit and change the information in these templates to a format close to what you're looking for. Fields can be configured to display or not; for instance, upstream or downstream relationships can be configured to display. Our documentation covers the possibilities: Community Reports
Custom Reports are a little more complex and typically require training, but these can be built to meet most needs when the above does not work.

(Originally posted by Kristina King)



04-08-2015 15:58

Should anyone else stumble upon this thread, I wanted to point you to a new initiative our greater Customer Success team has been working on. We are making available some custom reports—read that post for the caveat and utilize the Upstream Traceability report!

02-24-2015 15:19

I'm going to turn this comment into an idea, since it is a request for functionality that isn't available out-of-the-box.

Please reference the new conversation here: Allow Upstream Traceability in Coverage Explorer

02-24-2015 12:57

I think I opened or appended to a request for this as well...  I'd definitely want it to export to Excel.

02-24-2015 12:25

I would like to see this ability to look upstream built into the coverage explorer.  Since

we can not use the coverage explorer I find that we use filter a lot to get this information. This seems to work fairly well

02-12-2015 20:55

Thanks for the comment, Mary. Where are you hoping to see upstream coverage? Custom reporting allows for upstream traceability, but are you looking for it in another format?

02-12-2015 10:06

This is a fundamental capability necessary for government contracting work.  Our customers require us to submit our test documentation to them for approval. Part of that documentation is an upward look (from a test case to the requirements).  When reviewing a test case, the first thing that gets looked at is the allocated requirements.  To provide them the RTM and require them to hunt for the requirements allocated to the case in question is falling way short.  To fill that gap, the test team has to manually manipulate the RTM (fill in the blanks, sort by test case, remove duplicates).  this is something every requirements management software should be able to do.