JIRA throws "Unexpected error" in integration-sync logs

By Jama posted 01-29-2015 16:16

Determining the cause
On the contour-jirasync.log file, "Unexpected Error" can come up for a number of reasons.  It will look like this error:

[ERROR] - FAILING ITEM SYNC [item PROJ-1] : Unexpected error 

The first step to troubleshooting this issue is turning on the DEBUG level for logging.

To do this, login as the "root" user in Contour.  Go to the Logging tab.  Edit the levels from INFO to DEBUG for the following levels:




Run another synchronization back in Administration (you will need to log out of "root" to do this).


If you are seeing the following entry, please follow the steps below, if not, please contact support:

[DEBUG] - java.lang.NullPointerException at com.jamasoftware.contour.service.helper.SynchronizationJobHelper.createContourDocumentDTO(Unknown 


Fixing existing JIRA sync in Contour
To find the item that is causing this issue in Contour, search using the following in your search bar:


Wherever you have Unexpected Error in your logs, place the JIRA key where PROJ-1 is in the search.

You have 3 options for fixing this problem: 
-You can delete the item altogether. 
-If you need to keep the item, go to Administration > Item Types > config the particular item type it is under. Click on "JIRA Key", click "edit item" above and uncheck "read only". Go back to the item in Contour and delete the JIRA Key. 
-If you don't need JIRA information at all for this item type, it is easier to just delete all JIRA-related fields from the item type.


(Originally posted by Ryan Saul)