Save Time with Filters

By Jama posted 01-29-2015 16:21

NOTE: This instructional video may contain references to “Contour”,
Jama’s previous name, or outdated UI attributes. However, the information
presented remains principally accurate for current versions as of 8.x.

Filters are already an extremely powerful way to aggregate data across your project and create views of exactly what you’re looking for.  Besides saving you time, filters can be shared with the entire organization to help standardize best practices and provide everyday users with the information they need at just a click away.  For today’s tip of the week we’re going to take filters to the next level and show you how embedded filters can help you be even more precise in your queries.  Embedded filters allow you to better define filter criteria, which in turn results in less searching. Less searching = more time executing what is important.


(Originally posted by Jama Services)