How To Roll Back Jama

By Janessa posted 03-22-2016 21:21

If you are in the process of upgrading Jama, but the upgrade was unsuccessful, it's likely you will need to roll back to a previous version of Jama. A rollback can only be done during an upgrade process because otherwise there would be data loss, and you must have a backup of the database prior to the upgrade. If you do not have a database backup of Jama prior to the upgrade, you cannot perform a rollback. 

Before you can perform a roll back, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary:

  • A backup of the database PRIOR to the most recent upgrade (Which you should have taken prior to the upgradeIf you do not have a backup of the database prior to the upgrade, you cannot roll back Jama.
  • The contour directory (found under [tomcat_home]/webapps) of the version of Jama you are rolling back to. (If you deleted your old contour directory after the upgrade, don't panic! You can re-download that specific version and use that contour directory. If you need to download an older version of Jama, open a ticket with us.)

    • If you have modified any files within the contour directory, these will also need to be backed up so they can be re-added. Some examples of these kinds of files would be the contour-service-jms.xmlhibernate-encache.xmlcontour-data.xml or contour-cxf-service.xml files.

When you have both of the above requirements, you are ready to roll back Jama.

Step 1: Stop Tomcat, and make sure all users are off Jama. 

Step 2: Remove the current contour directory. You can store it for a later upgrade; however, this needs to be outside of the web apps folder. 

Step 3: Clear the Jama Cache Index Directories. Under contour_home, locate and delete the directories SearchTemp, and Active MQ data.

Step 4: Move the new old contour directory into [tomcat_home]/webapps. Be sure to replace the backups of any files you have modified. (Please note: In 2015.2-2015.5, some file paths have changed. Contour-*.xml configuration files that previously resided in the [tomcat-home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF directory have changed locations to [tomcat-home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes/context. Templates, reports and scripts folders have moved from [tomcat-home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF to [tomcat-home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes.)

Step 5a: If you took a native backup of the database, you will need to restore this backup prior to starting up Tomcat and configuring Jama. 

Step 5b: If you took a .jama or .xml backup, you will load this data after starting up Tomcat and configuring Jama.