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What Can Be Copied With Duplicating a Project vs. Reuse

By Janessa Olson posted 08-07-2015 15:07

Duplicating a Project and Reusing Items are both useful functionalities that quickly copy items within your Jama instance, however the functions will accomplish different things. Duplicating a project will include all Components, folders and items within a project, as well as specific project settings. Reuse is more granular and item-focused, meaning you can select which components, folders or items to reuse, and even what fields of the item to copy. This table is to help understand the extent of each functionality, and what can be accomplished with each. 

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12-03-2015 13:30

Mark-  There are two broad types of export-import, differentiated by "round trip".  Based on your description, which I don't follow completely, is it possible you are using the round-trip method?  You would not want to for this purpose.


12-03-2015 12:21

I have created an Excel 2010 vba macro to modify the name of the file in each row, then save it with the updated filename. However, when I import it back into Jama, it only updates the original procedure, meaning that Jama never imports any other procedures. I have refreshed, and still only end up with the original procedure.
For example, I want 10 duplicates, and after running my vba script, I have created 10 duplicates of the original, named Sample 02 through Sample 11. I attempt to import Sample 02, and all I see on the import screen is Sample 01, and after "completing" the import, Sample 02 is not displayed.

12-01-2015 21:43

Good idea, Bob. I think importing via Excel is probably the most efficient way to do a bulk "copy" operation.

12-01-2015 18:13

If you just need to clone the bare test case, we've just exported the test case with Steps included, and did a little Excel magic to tweak mostly the name of the test and copied the rows comprising it, tweaking the name as we went.

Actually I think we used the row() function, a vlookup and a concatenate to make the names unique and meaningful.

We had one project where I think we needed over a hundred of the same basic test case with slightly different names which mapped to as many different device types.


12-01-2015 17:46

In the organization that I am with, we need to create a duplicate of a test case, based on the total samples that will be tested. So, one test case is created, and then is duplicated via reuse X amount of times. 
This is very burdensome, as the user has to manually perform the reuse. Also, there is the renaming of the test case that has to occur.
It would be nice if Jama supported the ability to choose how many test cases are reused, and then rename them accordingly.

08-12-2015 20:29

Thank you Bob!! I'm so glad you found this article useful. We get questions similar to this fairly often, so it was good for me personally to write it! :)

08-12-2015 20:28

Hi Swoo! Thank you for brining up a great point- it's likely that a user will choose Reuse or Project Duplicate for different reasons. I appreciate the feedback! :D

08-07-2015 19:27

Hi Janessa,

Thanks for this comprehensive list. It might be helpful to point that the usage of these two capabilities are very different.

Project copy is really intended for project admins to make a clone/copy of a project with all its items, relationships, structures, and most settings in order to 1) either spawn off a subsequent project or 2) another way to archive/backup a project snapshot in its entirety. 

One of the primary way of using enterprise re-use and syncing is to allow a library or a catalog of content (item and relationships) to be centrally managed and then re-used at several execution projects. One of the most powerful function is to keeping synchronized fields and relationships consistent between the central library/catalog and the several execution projects.

Keep these helpful hints coming. Have a nice weekend.


08-07-2015 17:52

Bookmarked this one Janessa!  I haven't used these enough to be totally comfortable with them.


08-07-2015 16:07

Janessa, thanks for this very informative summary.