What is a Technical Systems Configuration Check?

By Janessa posted 02-09-2016 16:45

If you report that the performance has been slow on your Jama instance, or you recently upgraded to a new version of Jama, it is not uncommon for a Support Engineer to suggest a Technical Systems Configuration Check, or TSCC. A TSCC is an hour long call with a Support Engineer who will look at the system configuration of your environment and Jama setup. These calls enable our Support team to make note of your configuration enabling speedier support, as well as recommend settings for optimal performance of your Jama instance. In addition, TSCCs are a proactive approach to ensure your Jama instance is sized appropriately.   

What is discussed during a TSCC?

During the call you can expect to discuss the following settings:

  • General system settings
  • Authentication and integration
  • API usage
  • Any monitoring tools that are being used
  • JVM arguments
  • Application server settings
  • Database server
  • Troubleshooting best practices

Who will need to be on the call?

Individuals with the following access will need to be present during the TSCC:

  • Admin access to the Jama server
  • Admin access to the database server
  • Root user access within the Jama UI
  • Org Admin access within the Jama UI
Additionally, you will be sent some queries to gather information regarding the size of your environment. The results of the queries will determine the suggested installation configurations, which will also be covered during the time of the TSCC. 

If you would like to schedule a TSCC, please submit a ticket with us to start.

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