Important change for Jira Cloud Authentication: Switch to API Token

By Jason posted 10-17-2018 11:56


Upcoming Atlassian change
Jira to Jama

What this means for you:

Failure to review or take action may cause a preventable break in communication between Jama and Jira Cloud

Most Jira Cloud users are aware that Atlassian announced the December 1st (12/01/2018) deprecation of two forms of API authentication. The official announcement was made on March 1st. These changes do not impact Self-hosted (non-cloud) Jira users.

Deprecating December 1st 2018

  • Cookie Based Authentication
  • Basic Authentication with Passwords

New Authentication method: Basic Auth: Email address + Jira API Token

Atlassian notice: [External Link] 
Deprecation notice - Basic authentication with passwords and cookie-based authentication

With the December 1st time-frame looming, this community post was created (with upcoming reminder emails) as a single source of information regarding Jama / Jira connection change. We have received reports from some of our hub partners that some environments are already seeing this change live. We suggest that technical teams immediately review implementation and determine if action is required to ensure your sync actions are not interrupted.

Required Jira Actions

OpsHub, Tasktop, and Legacy Connector clients must first perform the action of API-token creation.

  • Validate if you are using a Jira Cloud instance
  • Generate an API token via Atlassian
  • Atlassian Documentation:
    Creating an API Token: [External Link]
    • Document this key securely as it CANNOT be recovered if lost.
    • API token must be used in conjunction with the account it was created for.


Required Hub Actions

OpsHub Integration Hub Users

  • Log into your OpsHub instance
  • If you host your own version of OpsHub, validate that version 7.6 is in use.
  • Update connection settings to Jira via OpsHub
    • Under settings, edit your Jira config and apply your Email address and API token


Tasktop Integration Hub / Tasktop Sync Users

  • Validate the version of Tasktop deployed. Update Tasktop version if required.
  • Update connection settings to Jira via Tasktop
    API Token (Jira Cloud Only):[External Link] Tasktop Documentation
  • Tasktop support can be reached at for assistance with any processes

Service name

Versions supporting API-Token Auth

Tasktop Sync /Jama Integration Hub (Legacy)

4.15.3+, 4.14.22+, 4.13.35+, 4.12.34+, 4.11.34+ 

Tasktop Integration Hub (Current)

18.3.3+, 18.2.22+, 18.1.35+, 17.4.34+, 17.3.34+

Technical Reminder -
Tasktop Sync (also known as Jama Integration Hub) is an older version which has already begun to experience end of life activities. While standalone instances will continue to function, future technical updates and support may decrease as Tasktop continues to focus on the newer Tasktop Integration Hub. Users of Tasktop Sync are encouraged to start discussing migration needs.

Our Account Management team would be happy to answer questions and assist.


Jama Legacy Connector Users

  • Update connection settings to Jira via the Jama Administration panel.
  • Ensure your email address is listed in the username
  • Your API token can be placed directly into the “Password” field of the connector.
  • Test the connection.

Technical Reminder -
Per prior notification by our support and account management teams, we would like to remind Legacy Jira Connector users that the End of Life processes are underway for these Legacy connections. Support will end on 2019/04/30. Self-hosted instances of the service will still be able to use the connectors, but maintenance will end.

Please take this opportunity to continue internal conversation as to your plan for a long term solution. We offer integration solutions through our trusted partners OpsHub and Tasktop, both of whom have longstanding experience with Jira connectivity. Our Account Management team would be happy to answer questions and assist.