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Polling, Concurrency, Scan Frequency Guidelines for Tasktop and OpsHub

By Jason Brown posted 04-04-2019 11:08


Polling, Concurrency, Scan Frequency Guidelines for Tasktop and OpsHub

Jama currently works directly with Tasktop and OpsHub for Data Federation services. Improper Polling and scan settings can have detrimental impact to service use. If you work with another vendor and would like to share your settings in this central area, please let us know.

Tasktop Recommended Configuration:

Our recommendations are based on the 19.1 Tasktop Settings -- details:

  • Change Detection Polling Interval
    Recommended setting: 1 minute

  • Full Scan Change Detection Polling Interval
    Recommend setting: at-least 24 hours
    • We do not know if it is possible, but scheduling these full scans during a time of day that is not busy will minimize impact on teams. Full scans are very resource expensive and may slow down Jama during the scan. You may adjust this setting and the next setting if you experience slow performance on your instance.

  • Integration Maximum Concurrency
    • This value depends on how many integrations you have enabled. In any case, do not set a value higher than the default of ten (10) concurrency limit. We recommend having settings this value between two (2) and five (5). If you have multiple integrations, try using less.

OpsHub Recommended Configuration
Our recommendations are based on OpsHub version 7.11
General Recommendation - use default settings for OpsHub.