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Upcoming changes to Velocity Reports: send us your examples!

By Jason posted 08-15-2019 14:50


Velocity is a third-party reporting engine used by many customers to produce custom reports. After a thorough review of security and customer-reported issues, we determined that we need to update Velocity. Our goal is to provide the safest, easiest-to-use experience while meeting customers' reporting and publishing needs. We started to roll out these changes in recent cloud releases, with more visible updates coming for both our cloud and self-hosted customers.

The changes being made will make the Velocity reporting and overall Jama Connect system safer and more reliable in the long term. We are updating the Velocity infrastructure and removing functions that can write to the database. Additionally, we are simplifying the report generation process which makes new reports far simpler and more efficient to craft. 

In order to ensure we have captured as many functions used by customers as possible, self-hosted customers should send Velocity report templates (zipping all .vm files) to their account managers. These files can be found on your local Jama server via the file path /data/contour/reports/velocity/2 Ultimately, some functionality will be deprecated, but our intention is to replace as many methods as possible with the new framework. The more report examples we have, the better the update will be.


2019/09/06—Jama Connect 8.41

All Cloud reports have been scanned for compatibility with the new syntax. No issues were found.

2019/09/27—Jama Connect 8.42

We'll make the new Velocity functionality optional. Old reports will continue to function for several releases so customers can make adjustments. The old Velocity documentation will be archived and new documentation will be made the default.

Activating the new Velocity:

Cloud: Jama Support can turn these changes on for Cloud customers. Jama Connect will convert your reports to the new format in memory until the new functionality is enabled on your instance (at your request or with the deployment of 8.44). Once the new functionality is enabled, the reports will be converted and saved.

Self-hosted: Your Jama Connect system administrator will be able to turn on the changes via Root. We will provide a validation script that analyzes your reports and identifies which functions will no longer work and how frequently they are used. We will also provide a script to convert report templates to the new format. This will minimize the effort needed to transition.


This is the deadline for self-hosted customers to provide their custom reports to their Account Managers. These customers are encouraged to send copies of Velocity report templates to Jama Software for analysis so that template functions with less frequent usage can be reviewed for a potential fix in the 8.48 Spring Standard release.

2019/11/22—Jama Connect 8.44

This is a Cloud-only release, and all users will be switched to the new Velocity functionality by default. Support for the legacy Velocity template syntax will be removed from the service. All newly crafted Velocity reports must use the updated Velocity template syntax.

2020/03/31—Jama Connect 8.48

This is the spring Standard release, which means customers have approximately six months for testing and validation of the updated template syntax in a non-production environment. This version of Jama Connect will include only the new Velocity reporting engine. Old reports will no longer be automatically converted, as the legacy Velocity reporting engine will be removed at this time. All new reports will need to be created with the new Velocity template syntax.


Please visit our Velocity Update FAQ page for additional details. That page will be updated as questions come in.


11-20-2019 12:44

@Mike, the changes we are making to Velocity write capabilities are important for Security reasons but, we want to understand your use case more. Perhaps there is a better and more secure way we can accomplish the workflow you are attempting to execute. I would advise you to make this request into a Product Idea - go to Participate > Suggest Product Ideas and put your full use - case: what problem you are attempting to solve and the desired outcome in there . Mike, the more detailed you are the better. From there I will be able to categorize this and bubble this up to the right Jama internals dedicated to this area of responsibility (who are very interested in getting this information, fyi)​.

Mike, hope this helps and I will look out for that Product idea!

11-20-2019 08:43

Just saw this, I use Velocity reports to update fields in my Jama document items, i.e. status, workflow, test steps, test results. I loop through items and sub-items and then use what I find to update the parent item. Your post says you will be "removing functions that write to the database". I use the set methods in the ContourItem and Document api. Velocity reports are a simply way of getting and updating data. How will I be able to continue to update fields when the new change comes out?