Sunset of REST API /latest coming in May 2020

By Jason Brown posted 11-22-2019 08:27


In preparation for future versions of the Jama Connect REST API, Jama Software is officially announcing a sunset date for the Jama /latest REST endpoint and potentially the EASIEST migration ever announced!

Effective May 22, 2020 (2020/05/22), all users of the /latest endpoint will be at risk of service outage if scripts are not updated with a named endpoint.

Why is Jama making this change?
As we roadmap and plan future versions, we identified that keeping the /latest endpoint will hinder innovation and versioning of our REST API. Users of the /latest endpoint in any form of scripted activities will need to migrate to a named version. Tools and services which use the latest endpoint for communication will need to be updated by their OEM vendors. These changes will not happen automatically. 

Who is affected by this change?

  • Users who have created REST API scripts or have coded functionality against the Jama service directly
  • Tools integrated with the Jama Connect application via REST API\

What action do users need to perform?
The good news is that versions /latest and /v1 share the same schema. Migration is a simple search and replace process. In any integrations code or properties, the path to Jama simply needs to be search and replaced. 

Here is an example of changes needed to migrate a script: 

A call to Jama Connect asking for all items in project 57 would need to be changed to

Why make changes?:
Users of the /latest endpoint were particularly at risk of impact as elements are revised. 
In the original implementation, when new versions were released, the /latest endpoint would cycle the architecture underneath to the most recent version publicly available. Any organization who was not prepared could experience breaking changes instantly. To mitigate this risk, we are removing the /latest endpoint to work exclusively with unique named or numbered revisions going forward. 

Other things to note:

We will begin by restricting what changes are allowed to be released to the /latest endpoint, culminating in a static offering, then endpoint shut off.

Jama Software will deactivate the /latest endpoint after the sunset date listed, but we reserve the right to provide access past the date to accommodate differences in production cycles.

Defect fixes and improvements are reserved for named versions.