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Streamlining customer feedback to serve you better

By Jennifer posted 11-11-2016 14:00


We depend on the people using our product to help us make it better. We conduct design research, talk with customers about pressures that drive their business, perform usability testing, and learn all we can about the industries we serve and the complexity they tackle, every day.

Direct customer feedback is another valuable way for us to discover what matters to you, but it has the most power when we look at trends in your requests, as opposed to individual submissions. On a regular basis, we will take ideas you share in this community and analyze them to find the top themes across all submissions. These will affect our product direction, and we'll share the results with the Jama Community.

We think this approach saves everyone time and effort. In the past, many of you spent a lot of time logging ideas that included detailed use cases or copies of conversations with your account owner. We reviewed these, typically receiving at least two a day, and manually combined or cross-referenced similar requests. What we often missed were larger themes across all the ideas we received. Now, you can make an impact simply by adding comments to ideas that are similar to yours, instead of creating another post. We hope this spurs more conversation and stronger ideas.

We are making this change so you know exactly how we use your thoughtful requests and what response to expect. You should see more posts from our Product team on the way we are addressing customer needs and the themes being surfaced in the Jama Community.

Keep posting, keep discussing, and please know we're reading and analyzing what you tell us to find insights that make Jama better.

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10-17-2017 15:26

I want to see comments in the Review Center from items in the project.
Because sometimes some important discussions occur in the Review Center. But after reviewing, we can't see there discussion from item's comment area. If we can see the discussion of Review Center from item. It's very helpful for user.