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Product Bulletin: Look Ahead - Winter 2016

By Jennifer posted 12-01-2016 17:14


Every 8 weeks, Jama’s product development team reviews the work in our engineering backlogWe use this opportunity to align our immediate development efforts with our longer-term strategic initiatives, as well as adapt in real-time to dynamic market and customer requirements. 

As we head into the winter release for Jama Software, we are primarily focused on the needs of existing customers – pursuing both planned work, and work that surfaced specifically during feedback sessions with users.  Our team put forward the following priorities: 

Test Center Enhancements to Satisfy Customer Requests 

Many customers use our test management capabilities to enable quality assurance teams to create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards and reports – to manage testing in real-time.  Testers can view and run their test cases, and instantly log connected defects when tests fail.  In this development cycle, we intend to address top-requested customer use cases, to improve the overall flow and functionality of Test Center: 

  • Update the "add item" workflow to use the new item creation view that supports rich text in test steps, making test item creation consistent throughout the application. 
  • Many customers want to include Test Run status in the Traceability View, providing critical information to ensure test coverage for requirements.  There are a number of ways to display this information, so we are actively researching user preferences.  If you have a need to see test run data in this context and would like to participate in a research session, please fill out this short survey at 

Usability Improvements to Remove Friction and Drive User Adoption 

Jama conducts ongoing usability research – it keeps our design honest, by validating that our assumptions about user behavior and desired interactions actually play out as intended, post-production.  We allocate a portion of our engineering capacity specifically to address usability issues, typically paired with an area of the application targeted with (or recently updated for) functional improvements.  In this development cycle, we'll focus on the following usability needs: 

  • We recently updated the behavior significantly for both Single Item and List Views, as well as the controls and visual elements associated with Export, Action, Quick Filters and Traceability.  We have a collection of stories to increase the consistency of these actions/workflows throughout Jama. 
  • We’ll update embedded image behavior to ensure image size when displayed operates as expected. 
  • We’ll address a common customer request to provide clear, actionable information about where items have moved from and to in the Explorer Tree, and an immediate option to undo in the event content accidentally gets dragged to the wrong place. 

REST API Enhancements to Make Integrations Even Easier 

Jama will officially cease support for our legacy SOAP API on December 31, 2016.  Ahead of that transition, we are addressing customer-reported issues as well as a handful of increased functional requests, including: 

  • Enabling partial item updates, for select items, fields and values. 
  • Releasing new REST endpoints for common Test Center requests such as update test run custom fields, un-assign test runs, sort order within test groups, and retrieve by test case. 

Now you are up to date on work currently in the queue headed into the January/February release window.  As our teams progress the backlog over the next few weeks, we’ll have better visibility into timing and content for each release.  I’ll be back to the community in a month or so to provide an update on progress!