Update on Planned 8.16 Release

By Jess posted 05-19-2017 14:30


Jama Software’s top priority is to provide the best possible experience for customers. This week, we discovered a last-minute issue that could impact our customers. Even with the best efforts of our Engineering and Product teams, it was not resolved in time for our 8.16 release.

After considering all options, we made the decision today to cancel the 8.16 release. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change to the plan. All updates from 8.16 will be rolled into the 8.17 release, expected in June.



06-14-2017 18:52

Thanks Jess! That makes sense.

05-25-2017 14:25

Good questions! We did not release 8.16, so there was no ability for customers to have upgraded to it.

So that brings us to, why not just delay the release indefinitely? At Jama Software, we release on a monthly cadence to our hosted environment. Even though we made the decision to pull the 8.16 release, we already had many activities and dates scheduled for the 8.17 release. Some of this could be audited (see more about our relationship with TUV SUD here). For this reason, we will roll the fix into our 8.17 release as opposed to staying with 8.16.

05-25-2017 14:17

Can you clarify what it means logistically to "cancel" a release?


  • Was 8.16 actually released, which means customers might have upgraded to it? If so, what physically happens to customers who upgraded to 8.16 prior to it being "cancelled"? Do they continue running 8.16, but subsequent customers are prevented from upgrading to 8.16? Are they forced to downgrade to 8.15?
  • If 8.16 hadn't actually been released yet (i.e. last I saw, its release date wasn't until this coming weekend), why wouldn't you have just delayed it indefinitely until the problem was resolved? That would seem to accomplish the same thing with less confusion.
I'm sure I'm just misunderstanding what's been done here -- hopefully you can clear things up. :)