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Product Bulletin: Look Ahead - Early Summer 2017

By Jess posted 05-22-2017 14:49


Every eight weeks, Jama Software’s product development team reviews the work in our engineering backlog.  We use this opportunity to align our immediate development efforts with our longer-term strategic initiatives, as well as adapt in real-time to dynamic market and customer requirements.  

This planning cycle, we are focused on improving your ability to consume information. We want to ensure you can easily process data so you can make the right decisions at the right time and pick up easily where you left off.

Recently, our user experience team completed research on the places where you consume and analyze information most often: Review Center and Reading View. Through this research, the connection between the two was strongly reinforced. One of our conclusions was that the Reading View should feel the same as Review Center, and making improvements to both features in parallel is a great opportunity to strengthen the connection between them and encourage you to analyze, edit, and collaborate with content in the most efficient way possible. In part because of this research, for this 8-week planning cycle, our team put forward the following priorities.

Review Center 

We heard from you that Review Center is core to your experience using Jama Software. In analyzing our feedback, we noticed a major theme around focusing more on changes between versions and better comment management overall.

In this 8-week planning cycle, we are focusing on allowing you to quickly see what has changed since you last participated in a review with Compare Mode. We are working on the ability to compare the current version of a review to any past review version. Part of this work includes the oft-requested ability to see in-line differences, along with some changes to what you see in the review. 

Reading View 

The Reading View is also getting some love over the next couple of releases. We take our inspiration from Review Center, as we know it has a special place in your heart for the ability it gives you to analyze and understand information. We want to pull some of the capabilities and user experience of that view into the Reading View to improve your ability to focus on and consume information. 

In this 8-week planning cycle, we are providing the ability to more quickly understand product context. Improvements include a refresh to the current styling to make the view easier to read and the addition of information like the item ID, comments, and related items. 

Now you are up to date on work currently in our queue. Expect to see me back here in the community after our next 8-week planning to update you on where we landed, and what we are focusing on as we get ready for fall. In the meantime, don't forget to provide your product feedback here, in the Jama Software Community. We are proud to say that these feature updates are suggestions from you, and before every 8-week planning cycle we look at feedback as an input into our decision process.