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Product Bulletin: Look Ahead - Late Summer 2017

By Jess posted 07-20-2017 08:00

At Jama Software, the summer’s biggest event doesn’t occur on August 21st, when, just to our south, we experience a total solar eclipse. Instead, we’re looking at early September, when we deliver our next release to our Standard channel. The Standard release is the opportunity for everyone, even those in regulated environments, to receive the updates we work on all year. These twice-yearly releases bring a flurry of activity as we look to wow all our customers.

Before we talk about what’s coming, let’s take a look at what happened since we last talked.

Early Summer Updates

We continued our focus on improving your ability to consume and act on information. The work completed in the past two months builds the foundation of what we’re charging to for 8.20: improvements to both Review Center and Reading View. These updates came from your direct feedback in this community and through research sessions.

Reading View

Visually, there are big changes in Reading View. You can now consume information with fewer distractions. Containers outside your selection are now omitted; those in your selection are now emphasized as headers. We also removed alternating color striping.

Reading View now also provides more data. Each item shows relationships to up and downstream information. Data access is more seamless with active item ID hyperlinks on both the individual and related items. Collaboration is also easier. We've added comments so you can access direct and indirect connections to the item without leaving the screen.

Review Center

The Review Center work is also charging along. We've updated a few visuals, specifically in the Review Center toolbar. This brings it in line with the rest of the application and sets us up for forthcoming Review Center enhancements.

So what can you expect from Jama Software over the next couple of months?

Viewing Information

We will continue to refine your Reading View experience. I am excited to say that we will provide relative numbering versus using the document header number. I expect smiles from you while reading this, as this is an update I personally requested. This helps streamline viewing and analysis of information.

We’re also investigating adding an equation editor to all the areas of Jama Software in which you can edit and view information. This includes Reading and Single-Item views, and our native Microsoft and Excel exports.

Comparing Versions during Review and Approval

We want to continue to lighten the load when it comes to reviewing and approving what you’re building. Our current development cycle is focusing on displaying changes between revisions inline, and comparison of the latest revision to any past revision of the review. See more about information in Robin’s blog post.

Security and Infrastructure

We are continuing our strict focus on security, in both our cloud and on-prem environments.

We are utilizing knowledge gained from security audits and customer feedback to harden the security of our application. Patches are rolled out as required in both the hosted and on-premises environments. You can learn more about these updates by going to our Release Notes.  You can find out more about how Jama Software keeps your data protected and see our third party security audit by going to

Now you are up to date on work currently in our queue. Expect to see me back here in the community after our next 8-week planning to update you on where we landed, and what we are focusing on as we get head toward the holiday season. In the meantime, don't forget to provide your product feedback here, in the Jama Software Community. We are proud to say that these feature updates are suggestions from you, and before every 8-week planning cycle we look at feedback as an input into our decision process.