WIRIS Equations Editor

By Jess posted 09-06-2017 15:42


The building of complex products isn't just about writing the right requirements; it's also about demonstrating correct implementation of those requirements in the product. Until now, this implementation information lived outside of Jama Software, often in siloed documents.

In 8.20, we've partnered with WIRIS to introduce the WIRIS Equations Editor.

The WIRIS Equations Editor is a visual editor that allows insertion of mathematical and chemical formulas into the rich-text editor. Equations are created either by selecting by icon, or through handwriting.

The WIRIS Editor renders an equation by connecting to WIRIS' cloud. After connection, the image is stored in the Jama database. An active Internet connection is required for the WIRIS Editor. An additional license is also required. Contact Jama Software Support for more information, and see our latest “What’s New” video to see how it works.