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Product Bulletin: Early Fall 2017

By Jess posted 09-08-2017 14:56

Fall is, hands down, my favorite season of the year. Football. Pumpkin-flavored anything. My kiddo's first Halloween (I'm taking suggestions for his costume!). The rest of the office is also embracing fall. Even though the temperature is still inching up into the 80s, there are more hoodies around Jama, and my deskmate has gone back to carrying two sweaters instead of his usual one (our HVAC system is a little testy).

Autumn is also when we tend to settle in a bit more here at Jama and go heads down into the guts of the application. This work helps retire future risk for you, our customers, by advancing security, certifying and maintaining compliance to industry-recognized processes and protocols, and refactoring code.

Before we talk about what’s coming, let’s take a look at what happened since we last talked.
Late Summer Updates
WIRIS Equations Editor
For those of you building complex products which require proof of implementation, you'll be excited about our new partnership with WIRIS. The WIRIS Equations Editor is now a part of the rich text editor, allowing the insertion of math or chemical equations into Jama Software without needing to create them outside of the application. These equations can be seen across the application, including in Reading View and Review Center, and can also be exported utilizing our Word or Excel exports.
Review Center
We freshened up the Review Center interface to match the rest of the application. Our hosted environment received an exciting update which allows you to display changes between revisions inline. IN addition, you can now compare the latest revision to any past revision of the review. See more about information in Robin’s blog post.


Throughout the application, we improved keyboard navigability, so you can tab through, hit enter to select, or escape to exit. We also included a new rich text plug-in that you to inspect the accessibility level of content created in the rich text editor. The accessibility checker will also make suggestions on how to address any concerns.

So what can you expect from Jama Software over the next couple of months?

Continued Focus on Review Center

Our Review Center work isn't done. While the hosted environment is enjoying the comparison view, we will be measuring and analyzing in that environment so we can get the same value to our on-prem customers with an anticipated delivery date later this year. In addition, we are focusing on better filtering in Review Center, so you can more quickly add context and make decisions.

Back-End Refinements

Jama 8.20 was a big release for us. Now that we're headed into the fall, we're taking a step back to focus on some behind the scenes work to improve your user experience.

As an example, we are continuing our work on the customization of what you see in Reading View. This first requires back-end work so we can include even more fields in that view.

In addition, we'll be making other improvements that continue to boost speed in the application so you can work even faster. This includes architecture research and implementation, along with other smaller user experience updates.

Finally, for those of you who are REST-inclined, we are looking to introduce a beta endpoint. This will allow us to give you access faster, while also collecting more feedback so we can continue to improve that experience.

Now you are up to date on work currently in our queue. Expect to see me back here in the community after our next 8-week planning to update you on where we landed, and what we are focusing on as we get head toward the holiday season. In the meantime, don't forget to provide your product feedback here, in the Jama Software Community. We are proud to say that these feature updates are suggestions from you, and before every 8-week planning cycle we look at feedback as an input into our decision process.