Jama Validation Kit/Functional Safety Kit: 8.24 Release

By Joel posted 01-16-2018 14:47

Jama Software is announcing the upcoming general availability of 8.24, with an expected release date to the hosted environment on January 6th, 2018, and an expected release date to the Express channel on January 10th, 2018.

This release affects the following functionality, which is expected to impact core workflows:
  • Review Center
    • Updated Review Center Reading View to make it more consistent with the Projects Reading View.
  • Reading View
    • Users are able to select all test-related fields contained in the Single Item View to be displayed in the Reading View.
      • Test steps
      • Test case
      • Test case status
      • Test run
      • Test plan
      • Test cycle
      • Time spent
      • Project
    • Users can now export hierarchy from an advanced filter in the Reading View to MS Word and MS Excel.
      • See hierarchy containers with the same styling as other items, but with a disabled checkbox.
      • Select and display fields with the gear icon.
    • Users can now determine the order that fields will display in Projects Reading View and Single Item View (as an organization administrator).
      • Name and Description will always appear at the top followed by:
        • visible fields as determined in Admin > Item Types > Configure View > Project Reading View, and
        • hidden fields as determined in Admin > Item Types > Configure View > Project Reading View
    • Users can now see item icons next to the item ID.
    • Users can now identify an empty Item description field with helper text, "No information entered".
With this release, Jama fixed the following defects affecting core workflows:
  • SOS-DEF-1732: In Review Center, highlight appears on only first line of text if rich text field contains line breaks.

  • SOS-DEF-1942: In Review Center, if " " is found in the HTML source of selected text, highlights don't work.

  • SOS-DEF-2279: In Review Center, highlighted text comment dialogue box appears off-screen when viewing full-page item.