Coming Soon: Changes to Review Workflows

By Julie posted 02-01-2021 16:19


Coming soon — Changes to review workflows

In an upcoming release, the Review center will include templates for Approval and Peer reviews. This change provides a new way to transition items when an approver finalizes a review. By adding templates, we streamline the review configuration workflow to ensure reviews are up to date and compliant.    

The Add review status workflow option will be replaced with Approval and Peer review templates

To use this feature, organization administrators must enable an Approval review in Review center settings. 

Once enabled, select 
Organization | Workflow, then select the items you want to transition when finalizing an Approval review.

Why are we making this change? 

Many of our users asked for the ability to merge the item and review workflows. The existing review workflow isn't integrated with the more complex item workflow process. In its current form, a completed review can't implement the item workflow or provide status updates. To integrate these workflows, we need to remove the existing review workflow. 


How does this change impact users?

The item status update options will no longer be available when you finalize a review. To continue item status updates, your administrator will have to configure the items' workflow and review approval state. 

We recommend batch updating items in a review or project if: 

  • You don't want to configure the system's workflow feature.
  • You find value in updating the status for items when a review workflow is completed.

For more information about workflow status change, see Managing workflow.


What are the benefits? 

The new templates and workflow integration offer a streamlined experience for moderators. Reviews are consistent and up to date. 

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