Announcing Jama Connect Release 8.25 and Jama Analyze

By Karen posted 04-19-2018 16:24


What's New in the Jama Product Development Platform 

We’re excited to announce several updates and enhancements to the Jama Product Development Platform. These enhancements include the latest release 8.25, as well as a new name for the Jama product you already know, now called Jama Connect™. We are also introducing a new analytics product, called Jama Analyze™.

Take a look at our What’s New Video to learn more about Jama Analyze and the Jama Connect 8.25 update.

Introducing Jama Analyze

With Jama Analyze, you can build on product development data your teams are generating from most of your tools — like Jama Connect, Jira Software, and GitHub, for instance — to get a far-reaching view into performance across teams. For more information on Jama Analyze, visit our website.

Jama Analyze Dashboard

Jama Analyze gives product leaders a broad perspective into performance across teams, helps build consistent analysis and
provides insights to impact efficiency and product success.

Jama Analyze is currently only available for Jama Connect hosted clients. If you use Jama Connect On-Premise and would like to learn about the options available for using Jama Analyze, please contact your Account Manager.

What’s New in Jama Connect Release 8.25

All Customer Updates 
For this release, we focused on improving the experience of teams who verify product quality—essential to any product development process. We made it easier to review and track your Verification & Validation progress.  View the release notes to get details on all of the updates. 

On-premises Customer Updates
It is important to note, we have made several improvements since our last Standard 8.20 release in September, including enhancements to Review Center and Reading View. View the most current release notes to learn more.