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How to Use Conditional Statements in Advanced Filters

By Kimberly posted 10-07-2019 10:48


With Advanced Filters you can save a particular set of rules or conditions for later use or editing. Advanced filters can be duplicatedmade public to share with other users, favorited for convenient application, or used to filter the Explorer Tree. There are three Boolean operators that Advanced filters use to set up rules and conditions: AND, OR, and NOT

The AND operator is used to narrow search results. This is useful when filtering for items that must meet one specific or many specific rules. To apply the AND operator to your rule or rule group, you'll want to use "All". In the example below, we're looking for items that have at least one comment and also have downstream items:


The OR operator is used to broaden search results. For example, let's say you want to find items that meet either condition A or condition B or condition A + condition B. You'll want to use "Any" to apply the OR operator to your rule or rule group. In the example below we're looking for items that have comments or have downstream relationships:


Another way to utilize the OR operator, is by adding a separate rule or rule group. Like the above example, adding a rule group will give you the same results:


It's important to remember adding a separate rule or rule group cannot be configured to use the AND operator. Instead, you can continue to add rules within one group as seen above in the AND operator example.

The NOT operator excludes conditions from your results. You'll find the NOT operator applied directly in the conditions you set up. These include conditions like:

  1. is not equal to
  2. is not empty
  3. does not contain word
  4. is not shared with 
  5. that are not suspect
  6. is not
  7. is not under/directly under
  8. has none of these

Lastly, it is possible (and quite fun!) to utilize all of these operators in combination to give you the filtered results you're looking for, whether narrowing or broadening your search:

Happy filtering! 



10-09-2019 06:29

You're welcome, Devang! Glad it's useful. :)

10-08-2019 23:56

Great info. Thanks for posting this article, Kimberly.