How Fields Work in List View Configuration

By Knowledge Base posted 05-17-2016 16:11

The release of Jama version 2015.1 introduced a new UI feature — an improved List View.

This new view brought along some changes that greatly help in organizing the list. In the old list view, if you were viewing a list of mixed Item Types, you could choose only common fields to view and all custom fields (per item) would be unavailable. Now, when you configure the view with mixed Item Types, the options are grouped by Item Type and common fields.

When configuring views, the fields are listed in alphabetical order and you can drag and drop the columns to set the placement. In the past, you would need to drag and drop the fields in the configure view modal to set the order of columns and then save, which requires more selections.

Old View

Inline editing has changed, as well. When you double-click a row to inline edit an item, every field that can be edited becomes live. In the previous list view, a user would have to double-click in each individual field that they wish to edit. Furthermore, inline editing in the new list view allows the user to hit Enter to save the changes immediately (or you can select Save). The old list view required the user to select Save in the upper right-hand corner even after hitting Enter.

New List View

Old List View

The new list view has cut down on selections in a couple of other ways. You can now toggle between list view and reading view with a single click. Additionally, there is a select/deselect all checkbox with an item counter right above.

The usability of the new list view is easily adopted by non or infrequent Jama users. Additionally, it has cut down on the actions required for operations, which has alleviated some pain points for frequent Jama users.



07-08-2016 21:00

Thank you for the reply.

07-08-2016 20:44

Your company has a couple of slots, so hopefully you can become a support contact. Otherwise, feel free to post on the community any question you might have in a ticket.

To answer your question, though, there is no way to standardize a default for list view columns. It's persistent based on each users' choices. 

The status color coding can be changed by an org admin via Admin > Pick Lists > [select pick list] > Config:

07-08-2016 17:35

Working with my companies support contacts to either have them submit a ticket or add me as a named support contact.  I am leading a team using JAMA and have several issues slash points of discussion (related to this and not).

07-08-2016 17:21

Is there a way that I can standardized what the default configuration is for all users?  I'm looking to ensure "status" and "relationship status" are visible by default.

Also, for "Status" is there a project setting that specifies color coding?  I only have approved as green.  Showing draft/rejected as Red and completed as yellow would be a nice change for our project.

IE and Chrome

Version: 2015.5

Build date: 2016/01/29 15:50

07-08-2016 13:51

Hi Steve,

That is correct. On a per user basis, the list view field configuration and order should remain when you return to the view. 

Please feel free to open a Support ticket and we can take a look at this behavior.


07-06-2016 13:51

Paul, shouldn't any new list view configuration created by the user persist?  If I rearrange columns, leave that view then come back, my configuration is lost.  Am I missing a 'save' button somewhere, is this by design, a bug, or user error?

  BTW, I'm on 2015.5.