How the Connected Users Feature Works

By Knowledge Base posted 07-13-2015 22:15

Connected Users is a visualization of all the people who have interacted with an item as well as those indirectly connected to related items. Several users spanning several types of interactions will be on the list of Connected Users.

The two places to find how many people are connected to an item are easy to find. The first place would be in the List View under the Connected Users icon.

The second place would be the Connected Users button in the single item view. By clicking either of these, the details window will open.

Who can Be Connected

Several people can automatically be connected to an item through this feature. Of course, the creator of the item will be connected.  Anyone who has edited the item, commented, or been mentioned in the comments will be listed as a connected user as well. This will give you a quick, detailed idea of who has been involved with that particular item.

Communicate With Other Connected Users

The point of Connected Users is for seamless communication about an item. The window will show the existing comments as well as the ability to add comments, @mention a user and filter the comments. The Show Indirectly Connected Users box will allow you to see who is connected to items related to the item you are viewing.



08-18-2015 02:51

Günther says good night!

08-18-2015 02:46

Hi Swoo,

Thanks for the question! Anyone in the reviewing process will not be included in Connected Users. However, if the moderator edits the item for a new revision of the review, they will be included as an editor.

I hope this answers your question. Say hi to Günther for me.

- Matt

07-13-2015 22:41

Matt, thanks for a concise write-up and useful explanation. May I assume that a review center moderator, reviewer, or approver will not be added to the connected users if an item was sent to the Review Center? I did not find any addition information in the user guide. Swoo