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How the Review Center Stats Work

By Knowledge Base posted 01-18-2016 01:52


The Review Center's Stats page will allow you to track the actions of your reviewers and approvers.

A detailed list of the moderators, and total amount of people in the review team are detailed to the left. If you need to email everyone involved in the Review without editing the Review itself, you can do so by selecting the mail icon.

The circle graph will show who has marked the review Approved, Needs Work, or Not Finished for an Approver while it will read Finished and Not Finished for a Reviewer. This will be counted when the user selects I'm Finished from the filter menu, Finish Review from the Tools drop-down, or Finish Review from the blue bar that appears when all of the items have been reviewed.

If you mouse over a section of the graph it will reveal the label it represents. You can also select labels in the legend to toggle that portion of the graph visible/not visible.

Progress View
The Review Progress section of the Stats page will default to Progress View giving a breakdown of how many individual items were marked as Approved vs Needs Work along with the user's name, role, and time spent in the review measured in HH:MM. This doesn't reflect the stats in the circle graph above.

Details View

When Details View is selected, it will toggle to that view. This will show the same information as above but adds if users selected Approved or Request New Revision after they finished the review, as well as how many comments the user left. If the reviewer marks all the items in the review, but does not select the Finish Review button, they will have a status of In Progress, even though their progress will read 100%. It will also be shown as Not Finished in the pie graph under the Review Stats. These statistics will be consistent with the circle graph above.

Item Progress

Below the Progress or Details View will be the Item Progress. This is a similar chart but shows from the item's perspective instead of the user. It will list each item and show all of the relevant information about how that item was reviewed. It will also allow you to filter by item type; Batch Update or Batch Transition via the Actions menu; and Configure View via the Views menu.

Review Center Stats Report

The Review Center Stats Report shows details of a selected review. While it does not report individual comments made on the review, it does show the Approvers and Reviewers, their progress, and the items that were in the review. This report can be found under the Reports tab at the top right of your Jama window.