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How to Create Project Groups When "Allow Project Managers to Set Project Permissions" is False.

By Knowledge Base posted 02-22-2016 20:34


There are many organizations that disable the ability for Project Managers to add User Groups or set project permissions -- these settings
are located in Root  > System Properties > General Properties.

There are still times when an Organization has the need to create project-specific User Groups while this setting is disabled. In this case, an Organization Administrator has this ability via the Admin menu. 

To create a project-specific User Group, navigate to Admin> Permissions and choose the desired project in which to create your new User Group.


Select the Add Permissions option in the upper-right-hand corner, then select New Group.


Create the new User Group as you normally would and check the option to make the group specific to the project.

Now, this newly-created group will only be available to this project and cannot be applied to any other projects.