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How to create project groups when "Allow Project Managers to set project permissions" is false.

By Knowledge Base posted 02-22-2016 20:34

There are many organizations that disable the ability for Project Managers to add User Groups or set project permissions. These settings
are located in Root  > System Properties > General Properties.

There are still times when an Organization has the need to create project-specific User Groups while this setting is disabled. In this case, an Organization Administrator has this ability via the Admin menu. 

To create a project-specific User Group, navigate to Admin> Permissions and choose the desired project in which to create your new User Group.


Select the Add Permissions option in the upper right hand corner then select New Group.

Create the new User Group as you normally would and check the option to make the group specific to the project.

Now, this newly created group will only be available to this project and cannot be applied to any other. 

You can read about Organization vs. Project level User Groups in this article.