How to use Roundtrip to update multiple item types (spoiler: you can't—here's the workaround)

By Knowledge Base posted 02-01-2016 03:23

While you can have multiple Item Types included in the output of a Roundtrip export you cannot update multiple Item Types with a Roundtrip import. For the basics of how to perform a Roundtrip export and import read this community article. The items affected by the Roundtrip import are going to be determined by the location selected in the Destination field of the Data Import Wizard. For example, if your import has Features and Test Cases but the destination is a set of Features, that Item Type will be updated and the Test Cases will be ignored. To finish the update for the other items, repeat the process and select the other destination. This can be done for any number of items listed in your exported spreadsheet.

The rest of the process will continue as a normal. You will need to set the Excel Header Row as 2 and select the checkbox next to Update Items. You also have the option to decide how your items will update if there is a conflict between your Excel document and Jama. If you want your Excel document to "win" should a conflict occur, be sure to change this option.

When you finish, your items in the selected destination will be updated. You can then repeat the process for any number of items you might have listed.



02-01-2016 19:53

I hope so! It's always nice when our little tips and tricks can be put to good use.

02-01-2016 12:33

Slick use of that limitation.  I might have occasion to use it someday.