How to use the Activity Stream

By Knowledge Base posted 04-10-2015 18:38

The Activity Stream is a widget on the project dashboard which records all activities related to an item. The activities logged around an item include adding, editing, deleting, commenting, using widgets, or using any of the tools such as searches, filters, releases, reuse & sync, baselines, email notifications, and the review center actions.

The Activity Stream widget has three different views:

  • Comments: The comments view will only pull the comments that have been made on specific items.
  • All Activities: This view is self-explanatory and will include any edit to an item along with the use of baselines, filters, releases etc.
  • My Settings: This view can be customized per user preference by indicating which type of activity the user would like to see in the Activity Stream. Clicking the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner gives access to the Activity Filter settings.

Delete/Restore Deleted items will show up in the activity stream and any user with Create/Edit permissions can view this entry. The Activity Stream will show the activity as "Deleted Item [item name]."

From here, you can restore the item back to its most current version at the time of deletion. The Activity Stream is the only place to restore items in Jama after being deleted.

Activity Stream Actions

While working with the Activity Stream, you will notice that activities are labeled with specific colors to indicate a certain action.

 The gray bar will indicate that deletion; restore or change has not been indexed. 

NOTE: As of the February 7th hosted release, you can search for text, such as unique IDs, within the gray activity heading. This update is not included in the 2015.1 on-premises release.