New Calculation Type - Weighted Shortest Job First

By Knowledge Base posted 03-03-2015 01:42


WSJF, in its simplest form, is Value/Effort.


Weighted shortest job first is a standard calculation used in the Scaled Agile Framework that helps drive prioritization decisions. It’s a way to use data in decision-making. Today, this is a manual process that either happens through pen and paper or in Excel.


Because each company is unique in how it defines value and effort, we have left flexibility in how you can setup your own equation.


If you use the standard weighted shortest job first calculation, it would look like this:


Value = Business|User Value + Risk Reduction|Opportunity Enablement + Time Criticality


Effort = Job Size (Story Points in our own case)


In Jama, you would setup these four custom fields:

·      Business Value

·      Risk Reduction or Opportunity Enablement

·      Time Criticality

·      Job Size

You would then create and assign a scale pick list to these fields to ensure consistency for deriving weight.  These would be a value of 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20.

Next you will need to add a field to the item type of choice. Via Configure >  Add Field choose Custom Field > Calculated. You will then have the option of calculation type, and you will want to choose Weighted Shortest Job First.

Select Business Value, Risk Reduction, and Time Criticality to be summed as the numerator. Then select Job Size for the denominator.


Those fields used in the numerator will be summed together and divided by the sum of the items selected in the denominator. 


This calculation allows you to quickly apply a relative priority to several items by bringing those things that have a higher “value” to the top.