Related Item Calculation Fields are now here!

By Knowledge Base posted 05-27-2015 14:05


Related Item Calculation Fields are here!


Our latest release enhances how calculations can be created within Jama. Users are now able to set up a calculated field that will pull in pick list or integer values from fields on related items (limited to one item type). For example, if you’re practicing Agile and want to roll up estimates to the epic level by adding all points from related downstream stories or if you’re tracking customers/opportunities to product functionality requests, you’ll now have the ability to roll up potential business value to the requests. We’ve also heard some great opportunity where this new functionality can be helpful with risk mitigation and analysis.


We can’t wait to hear of all the different ways you’re planning to use calculations within Jama.


Setting up a calculation that looks at related items is really simple. It’s very similar to setting up a regular calculation.  


We’ve added Calculation Source as an option. Here, you’ll select Related Item(s) if you want to look to another item type or This Item to continue with the single item calculation. After selecting Related Items, you’ll then need to select which item type you would like to look to for values. Currently, we limit calculations to use only one related item type.


Let’s walk through setting up this calculated field on our “Epic” Item Type and looking to related “Story” Item Types.  Navigate to Admin > Item Types > Epic > Config > Add Field.


Once you’ve selected which Item Type to look to as your Calculation Source, you will select which Relationship Direction want to consider: Upstream, Downstream or all relationships.


Just like setting up single item calculations, now select which fields you want to use in the calculation. (Note that for WSJF, you’ll have options for the numerator and denominator). In this case, only values from the Story Points field of our related Story Item Type. The field options will be limited to integer or pick list field types.

Finish the setup by selecting the number of decimals (1-4) you want to show and whether you require all fields to include a value prior to calculating.

You will notice that we’ve made a few more fields available to be used in a calculation, whether single or related item. You can now select # of Upstream or Downstream Relationships, # of Comments, or # of Connected Users. This is a great way to understand a potential “relevance score”—showing just how connected a requirement or item in Jama really is. In the setup below, let’s roll up an average of those fields for all stories related to epics.

Once you’ve set up your calculated fields, you can now view them in your list or single item views. These fields can also be added to reviews and used within filters. Showing a mixed item view, you can see that there are epics with two related item calculations (Story Points and Relevance) which are pulling from one or several fields on related items.



11-13-2015 00:17

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to inform you that the bug we opened, SOS-BUG-925, to reflect this issue has been rejected by our Product team. It seems that the delayed update is a safe guard from performance issues, we made the updates for this field contingent on a job request from within Jama. So, the update should be very quick after an edit but does not update instantly.

We have opted to update our documentation to reflect this. Let us know if you have any additional questions about this.

11-12-2015 04:37

Yes, that worked.  Is that the work around for now?

11-10-2015 14:50

Hi Lisa! I'm sorry the calculation isn't working as expected. Can you try something for me? Will you open an Epic to edit and then Save and Close. Does Total Story BV populate after that? 

11-09-2015 23:40

I've just added a calculated field to my Epics item type.  It's to sum the Business Value for each downstream related User Story, however, only 1 epic (out of 70) is displaying a value in the calculated field.  I did remember to un-check the "Required" field.  Suggestions?

10-09-2015 15:56

The plan is to make this available in our 2016.1 release that is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2016. 

10-09-2015 15:46

When will this be available for on-premise users?