Use Find and Replace to troubleshoot export issues

By Knowledge Base posted 01-18-2016 03:32

Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace can be used for more than just words and phrases; it can also be useful for changing unexpected formatting in a Word document. Using Show All Nonprinting Characters toggle will allow you to inspect any strange behavior by viewing the formatting characters. This is important troubleshooting information while importing and exporting documentation to and from Jama.

For example, non-breaking spaces are most commonly used when building websites to prevent automatic line breaks. They look normal when copied and pasted into a rich text field in Jama, but when you export that same bit of text, the words with those spaces will export without those spaces.

When formatting is visible these non-breaking spaces will show as a regular space symbol with a tilde (~) over it. If you find them all over your document, you do not need to delete and enter a regular space for each one. There is an easier way to fix it.

  1. Copy that particular space and paste it in the Find field in the Find and Replace dialog box. Articles on where to find this function can be found here for Windows and here for Mac OS.
  2. Enter a normal space in the Replace With field. You’ll notice you have 2 identical looking fields with nothing in them.
  3. Select Replace All.
  4. Copy and paste into a rich text field in Jama and export to verify.

Non-breaking spaces are not the only formatting symbol that can be replaced. This is a good way to troubleshoot exported documents that do not return results that match what the Jama rich text editor shows.