Jama Hosted and Express Channel Release Notes 8.0-8.24.3

By Kristina posted 01-28-2015 17:47


As of Jama Connect 8.25, Jama Software is no longer deploying to the on-premises (Express) channel monthly, so we are retiring this release notes page. Please visit the Hosted Release Notes for versions 8.25+ here.

Version: 8.24.3

Release Date Hosted: 2018/03/24
No Express release

New capabilities

No new capabilities included with this release.

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-2399: Item of Type fields do not display in Review Center Reading View.
SOS-DEF-2395: Content in rich text field is shifted to the left inReview Center Reading View (IE only).
SOS-DEF-2312: While viewing a Test Run in single item or reading view, HTML tags appear in each step if rich text is enabled.
SOS-DEF-2309: Certain users may be unable to access Review Center.
Additionally, library updates have been introduced that will prevent certain front end errors from occurring in the Review Center.

Version: 8.24.2

Release Date Express: 2018/03/02
No Hosted release

New capabilities

No new capabilities included with this release.

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-2460: Review Center diff service may not initialize for on-premises instances.

SOS-DEF-2399: Item of Type fields do not display in Review Center Reading View.

SOS-DEF-2395: Rich text shifted to the left in Review Center Reading View (Internet Explorer only).

SOS-DEF-2312: While viewing a Test Run in single item or reading view, HTML tags appear in each step if run was created from a test case with rich text steps.

Version: 8.24.1

Release Date Hosted: 2018/02/09
No Express release

This release includes no new capabilities; it contains an update to deployment infrastructure.

Version: 8.24

Release Date Hosted: 2018/01/06
Release Date Express: 2018/01/10

New capabilities

Reading View

You can now:

  • select all test-related fields (Test steps, Test case, Test case status, Test run, Test plan, Test cycle, Time spent, and Project).
  • export hierarchy from an advanced filter.
    • See hierarchy containers with the same styling as other items, but with a disabled checkbox.
    • Select and display fields with the gear icon.
  • determine the order that fields will display in Projects Reading View and Single Item View (as an organization administrator).
    1. Name and Description will always appear at the top followed by
    2. visible fields as determined in Admin > Item Types > Configure View > Project Reading View, and
    3. hidden fields as determined in Admin > Item Types > Configure View > Project Reading View
  • see item icons next to the item ID.
  • identify an empty Item description field with helper text, No information entered.


For consistency and ease, Reading View in both Projects and Reviews now share a similar look and feel.


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-1651: Line breaks cause unwanted updates during Round Trip import.

SOS-DEF-1732: In Review Center, highlight appears on only first line of text if rich text field contains line breaks.

SOS-DEF-1942: In Review Center, if " " is found in the HTML source of selected text, highlights don't work.

SOS-DEF-2258: SSO session renewal does not work properly for some IdPs.

SOS-DEF-2279: In Review Center, highlighted text comment dialogue box appears off-screen when viewing full-page item.

SOS-DEF-2304: If using IE 11, loading a dashboard widget may throw error "Object doesn’t support property or method of ‘find'."


Notes for on-premises administrators:

  • We regression tested using Replicated 2.13.1 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama.

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.13.1&replicated_ui_tag=2.13.1&replicated_operator_tag=2.13.1" | sudo bash -s no-auto

  • If you are installing Jama on a Red Hat environment, you may run into an error that is resolved by installing an SElinux package. For an example of this error and the way to fix it, please see this post.

Version: 8.23

Release Date Hosted: 2017/12/02
Release Date Express: 2017/12/06

New capabilities

You can now:

  • see changes to additional field types in Reviews Compare View, including: Name, Rich text, Plain text, Pick lists, Multi-select, Rollup, Date, Item type, and Test steps.
  • use Reviews Compare View in on-premises deployments.
  • show or hide more field types in the Projects Reading View, including Multi-select, Calculated fields, User fields, Userby fields, Rollup, Item type, Flag, URL, and Test Steps.
  • select the name and hierarchy numbering of a particular item in Projects Reading View to open Single Item View.

Known Issues:

SOS-DEF-2304: If using IE11, loading a Project Dashboard with the Activity Stream widget configured and a Move Item event in the stream will result in an error. Users can select OK to continue working, but the widget will not load.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-2261: Users receive verbose React error when attempting to access Public Reviews or reviews for which they do not have permissions.

Notes for on-premises administrators:

  • We regression tested using Replicated 2.13.1 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama.

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.13.1&replicated_ui_tag=2.13.1&replicated_operator_tag=2.13.1" | sudo bash -s no-auto

  • If you are installing Jama on a Red Hat environment, you may run into an error that is resolved by installing an SElinux package. For an example of this error and the way to fix it, please see this post.

Version: 8.22.1

Release Date Hosted: 2017/11/08
Release Date Express: 2017/11/08

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-2244: Users without org admin permissions cannot view the relationship rule widget or add relationships in projects where rules are used.
SOS-DEF-1503: Email notifications with HTML and inline images fail because of server cert issues.

Version: 8.22

Release Date Hosted: 2017/11/3
Release Date Express: 2017/11/8

New capabilities


  • The newly added "labs" version introduces new endpoints and receives feedback without breaking or confusing supported versions. This version will not be officially supported and endpoints may change or be removed in future releases. The first endpoints to be released are administration related, please check the developer site for more details.

Review Center:

  • Based on user feedback, the filtering side panel is now easier to use and more consistent with List View.

Reading View:

  • Users are now able to toggle some of the fields contained in Single Item View to show them in the Reading View.
  • Users now have access to the following field types:
      • Text fields (rich and plain)
      • Pick lists
      • Releases
      • Date
      • Integer
  • There is an Admin configuration setting for the projects Reading View. Name and Description remain defaults, but admins can now configure settings for other fields to display the first time a user navigates to the Reading View.
  • When users toggle new fields in the Reading View, these selections persist.
  • There are slight changes to headings, font sizes, and hierarchy numbering.
  • To get this feature out to our customers sooner, we are adding these fields as read-only for now. To avoid a confusing experience, we've temporarily disabled inline editing in the Reading View until all fields have been updated and we can make some investments into the inline editing experience in this view.
  • As part of the Reading View work, pick lists have been updated in Single Item View and Reading View to display their pick list color if configured.


End of life

  • Unsupported v0 version of REST is no longer available with 8.22.
  • SOAP no longer available with 8.18 and the 8.20 standard release.
  • Jama connectors for Rally and TFS are no longer supported. This is not to be confused with Tasktop (JIH or TIH) as these were separately licensed products managed within Jama.

Notes for on-premises administrators

  • Due to a bug discovered in Replicated (SOS-DEF-2086: Support Bundles are incomplete), new installations of Jama should use a cURL command that does not pull the most recent Replicated release. If you are upgrading Jama, do not upgrade Replicated first. See this article for details and the correct command. 

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1241: Newly created diagram does not display in IE 11; shows broken image symbol.

SOS-DEF-2038: Velocity images "floating" in HTML reports (show up in wrong location in Word export).

SOS-DEF-2137: Rich text in Test Steps field does not honor HTML cleaner setting. 

Version: 8.21

Release Date Hosted: 2017/10/7
Release Date Express: 2017/10/11


New capabilities

  • Jama Software Cloud SAML SSO supports SHA256 (available once your SAML service has been migrated by the support team).

Notes for on-premises administrators

  • Due to a bug discovered in Replicated (SOS-DEF-2086: Support Bundles are incomplete), new installations of Jama should use a cURL command that does not pull the most recent Replicated release. If you are upgrading Jama, do not upgrade Replicated first. See this article for details.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1428: Selecting a direct link to a Jama item while not logged into Jama takes you to the home page and not the item after logging in (SAML-enabled customers only).

SOS-DEF-1960: Logging out of SAML enabled instance still maintains session.

Version: 8.20.2

Release Date: 2017/09/27

Customers who have installed 8.20.1 must upgrade to 8.20.2 for full support. 

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1241: Newly created diagram does not display in IE11; instead shows broken image symbol.

SOS-DEF-2137: Add Test Case flow does not honor HTML cleaner setting.

Version: 8.20.1 (Express Only)

Release Date Express: 2017/09/13

8.20.1 takes the place of 8.20 for Express customers and contains an additional fix. Read 8.20 release notes for the full contents of this release.

Resolved Issues and Updates

SOS-DEF-2110: SQL Server customers may experience a change in Test Case Step data during an upgrade. This defect fix prevents the issue from happening. See this post for more details.

Version: 8.20

Release Date Hosted: 9/9/17

New capabilities

WIRIS Equations Editor

The building of complex products isn't just about writing the right requirements; it's also about the correct implementation. Until now, this information lived outside of Jama Software. Now, however, we're lessening the load to get these design specifications into our system. In this release, we are introducing the WIRIS Equations Editor, a third-party plugin for the creation of equations.

    • The WIRIS Equations Editor is a visual editor that allows insertion of mathematical and chemical formulas into the rich-text editor of Items within Jama. Open the Equations Editor by selecting the Math or Chemistry icon in the rich-text editor, then create equations either using your keyboard or with the handwriting option on the sidebar.


The WIRIS Editor renders an equation by connecting to WIRIS' cloud. After connection, the image is stored in the Jama database. An active Internet connection is required for the WIRIS Editor. An additional license is required. Contact Jama Support for more information.

Compare View in Review Center

Only available in Jama Hosted

Speed up reviews by focusing on exactly what changed to arrive at the latest version.

  • Use the new Compare View to see changes inline, comparing current content to any past revision.

  • Use Compare View in concert with the comments to understand the discussion driving the changes.

Notes for on-premises administrators

  • Due to a bug discovered in Replicated (SOS-DEF-2086: Support Bundles are incomplete), new installations of Jama should use a cURL command that does not pull the most recent Replicated release. If you are upgrading Jama, do not upgrade Replicated first. See this article for details.
  • Support for MS SQL 2016 support has been added.
  • Jama 8.20 was regression-tested against Replicated version 2.9.3 and 2.6.0.

Known Released Issues

SOS-DEF-2091: WIRIS Equations Editor Export to Word has equations aligned differently to text than how they display in the rich text editor.
SOS-DEF-2115: The WIRIS Equations Editor is keeping the previous equation in cache for an item the user is attempting to add another equation using the Firefox browser.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-581: The Tag Cloud does not show or update new or existing tags.

SOS-DEF-1519: If password strength is set to Strong or Good, external users cannot be invited to a Review.

SOS-DEF-1687: Coverage report returns no results.

SOS-DEF-2011: Attachments with umlauts or accents in their name will show an error page when user tries to open them.

Version: 8.19

Release Date Hosted: 2017/08/12

Release Date Express: 2017/08/16

New capabilities

  • Relative Numbering in the Reading View - Building on the improvements to the Reading View in 8.17 and 8.18, in 8.19 users can see item numbers relative to the container they've selected in the Reading View. This will help users who export from a container, etc., to have numbering that aligns better with exporting to MS Word.
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Improvements - We identified a potential vulnerability where CORS protection could be bypassed if environments were configured incorrectly. In order for CORS to be bypassed, customers would need to have their web browser security settings disabled in Chrome or have all sites trusted in Internet Explorer and there would need to be a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability present. As a result of this potential, we're releasing these improvements to help mitigate this vulnerability for our supported customers.

    • Note: This improvement may have an impact on customers if they are not using a supported web browser.

    • Note: This improvement may have an impact on customers who are using a proxy server between the user and the Jama application if that proxy server is configured to change the user protocol from https to http.  Proxy server errors can be corrected by modifying the proxy server configuration or by adding a new whitelist entry into the CORS whitelist.

  • Persistent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Improvements - We identified a potential vulnerability where persistent XSS could take place in the application. The use of an <iframe> under certain circumstances could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the browser. As a result of this vulnerability, we've removed <iframe> src from the application whitelist.

  • XML External Entity (XXE) - The application is vulnerable to XML entity injection. This allows a malicious user to upload an XML document to the application, which when parsed by the XML parser, enables read access to files available on the system hosting the application. An attacker can also instruct the server to make HTTP based requests to remote or local services.
  • Support for importing Word 2003 XML was removed. The primary means for supplying external XML to be parsed.

Known Released Issues

SOS-DEF-2071 Due to an upgrade in HSQL, using the legacy TFS Connector (i.e. not via JIH or TIH), will cause exceptions, memory leaks, and exhaustion of file handles, causing the server to lock.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1762/SOS-DEF-1966: Providing feedback on a review item will make the "Show related items" link disappear from all other review items.

SOS-DEF-1948: When user logs in after not properly ending a session, the log will show an additional license is consumed, reporting the wrong floating license count.

SOS-DEF-2008: Results when using the REST API to extract relationships have a non-deterministic sorting order.

SOS-DEF-2013: Modified user is null and date fields can be incorrect on items after a migration from a 2015.x release of Jama to 8.x.

Version: 8.18

Release Date Hosted: 2017/07/15

Release Date Express: 2017/07/07

New capabilities

  • Related Items in Reading View - Building on the improvements to the Reading View in 8.17 users now have the ability to access both upstream and downstream related items in the Reading View.
    • Users familiar with Review Center will recognize this feature and the popover that displays when a related item is selected.


    • Related items observe user permissions regarding content access. If a user has permission to view an item, a link will be available to display that item's information in a popover window.


    • One of the differences with Reading View and Review Center is that the information displayed in the Reading View is live, and the related items are no exception. The popover window is provided assuming that the user doesn't want to leave the Reading View to gain the context of an item, but that's not always the case. For users that want to navigate to the Single Item View for a related item, a link is available on the popover that will open the Single Item View in a separate Jama tab.


    • The related items popover window is accessible: users can Enter to navigate to a new Jama tab with the related item in the Single Item View, and can close the window by using the Escape key.
  • Comments in Reading View - We believe that item comments provide valuable information to an item, which is why we've added the comment link to the Reading View. Users familiar with the List View will recognize this feature and the popover that displays when the comment link is selected.


  • Login Page Update - We've made an update to our login page to make it accessible via assisted technology. While we were at it, we made some visual changes that users will see the next time they log in.


Known Released Issues

SOS-DEF-1473: When deleting a saved Trace View, an error pops up, but a "successfully deleted a trace view" dialog should be displayed. The saved Trace View still deletes without issue. 

SOS-DEF-335: When approving all reviews, no blue notification bar is shown for finished reviews.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1817: List View column order does not follow the order set by Admin in item type view configuration.
SOS-DEF-1818: Project hard delete fails for projects that don't have a root documentnode entry. 
SOS-DEF-1876/SOS-DEF-1957: "Undefined" may appear after Name field in items in a Review.

Version: 8.17.1

Release Date Hosted: 2017/06/24
Release Date Express: 2017/06/26

This patch resolves a defect some users were experiencing that caused them to be logged out of the application regardless of length of session.

Resolved Issues

SOS-DEF-1944: Invalid reply from server due to expired session error.

Version: 8.17

CANCELLED: Jama 8.16
Release Date Hosted: 2017/06/17

New capabilities

  • Reading View improvements - Based on user research and customer feedback, we've started making multiple improvements to the Reading View. This included feedback from a community post, a live survey in our hosted environment in February, and research sessions in March, giving us some key insights into why reading a narrative flow matters so much and to whom it matters most. We started with styling and readability improvements to the Reading View, but we will continue to enhance the Reading View experience in the next several releases. In 8.17, we've made the following changes:

comparison of old vs new reading view

  1. Removed containers outside of your selection. When users select items the wish to see in the Reading View, it is confusing to include other folders or sets above these in the Explorer tree hierarchy. People want to see only the items in the container they select. This means context-sensitive reports will no longer display the containers, only the contents.
  2. Removed alternating color striping in the Reading View. This cleans up the view and makes it easier to read.
  3. Emphasized containers as the "headers" for the content in this view. Components/sets/folders will now show up as larger, bold text to call attention to the these versus items inside containers. For many of our users, the component/set/folder is a heading for a set of topics that are called out in a document, and this honors that intention.
  4. Added Item IDs to the Reading View as a quick access to the Single Item View. Many of our users have asked us to remove the current tree location numbering from the Reading View, as they feel it isn't easily referenced and prone to changes (every time you move items or add items to a project this numbering may change). For our users, the Item ID is the unique identifier for items in Jama, so we wanted to bring that into the Reading View. We've also made Item IDs live links to the Single Item View for detailed editing.
    • Note: We plan to phase out the tree location numbering from the Reading View, but not until we create another means for indicating document hierarchy. This is something we're working on now, so keep an eye out in future release notes for this change.
    • Note: You'll notice that the unique ID is at the bottom of the item in the Reading View. In future releases, we'll add more links to the basic item data here, like comments and related items. This helps users gain more context as they read. This is also something we're working on now, so stay tuned for more data options in Reading View in future releases.
    • Accessibility Checker
      • Accessibility Checker is a new rich text plugin available in 8.17 that allows the user to inspect the accessibility level of content created in the rich text editor and address any accessibility issues that are found.


    • If the Accessibility Checker finds an issue, it will offer a Quick Fix solution for common problems. You may enter the changes requested and select Quick Fix to apply the changes, or choose the option to Ignore the Quick Fix suggestion.


    • REST OAuth2 - SaaS Only 

    SaaS developers working with Jama's REST API now have the ability to use OAuth for authentication and manage credentials inside of the your Jama profile. Please see our dev site for details. REST API | Jama SoftwareCredentials_Created.png

    • Move Item improvements introduced in 8.12, 8.13, and 8.14 releases are now available for cross-project moves.
    • Home Page Improvements - In 8.17 we improved keyboard navigability of the Home Page in Jama, and made the markup more semantic. This will help users with assistive technologies and is the first step toward making Jama a more accessible application.
    • Project Clean Up - If you notice items in a project that you can't select, either from the Explorer tree or within search or filter results, you should clean up your project (Configure Project > Clean Up). Though it's rare, if you can’t select an item, you may be seeing references to items that don't exist. Deleted items may still appear in some views, because system interruptions or transaction collisions prevented full deletion.
      1. Does not require re-indexing or downtime.
      2. Clean Up doesn’t interfere with item history or the option to restore any deleted items.
      3. You can confirm the completion of this action in server logs. Contact your local Jama Software administrator or Jama Support (if hosted) for this data.

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1832: Captioned Image option is no longer showing up in the Rich Text Editor.

    SOS-DEF-613/SOS-BUG-1064: Sub-items tab displays only one level down. This tab has now been removed from the Single Item View in Jama.

    Admin Notes

    • SOAP will be turned off in hosted on June 30th and removed in Jama 8.18!
    • We identified a unique case where a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack could be successful if environments were configured incorrectly and have implemented some changes in the 8.17 release to mitigate this potential vulnerability. These improvements are limited to the application and REST APIs and have been independently tested by a third party penetration test prior to release.
    • For on-premises customers: Jama 8.17 was regression tested against Replicated version 2.8.1 and 2.6.0.

    Version: 8.15.1

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/04/26
    Release Date Express: 2017/04/26

    This release is a patch for 8.15 to resolve a workflow transition issue.

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1815: If a workflow transition has a notification configured the transition and notify button won't work.

    Version: 8.15

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/04/22

    Release Date Express: 2017/04/26

    New Capabilities

    • Duplicate - The ability to duplicate items is a key part of the editing experience and allows users to author content in Jama faster. In previous versions of Jama users would have to utilize the Reuse functionality for duplicating items, which can be time-consuming for individual items.  In 8.15 users now have the option to use the Duplicate Item feature to quickly start a new item in the project from the project Explorer Tree.
      • The Duplicate Item feature is limited to duplication of the item's name, description, test steps (if applicable), and the ability to choose to include tags, attachments, and links.
      • After selecting Duplicate Item in the project Explorer Tree, the user will be introduced to a new modal that allows the user to choose whether or not to include tags, attachments, or links.
        • Tabbing is enabled for users to select or move through modal options via keyboard. The Escape Key can be used to cancel out of the menu.

        • Per item type, the modal preferences will be saved across sessions; however clearing your browser data will restore default options.  When specific attributes (e.g., links) are not enabled for an item type, the option will not appear in the modal.

    • Trace View - The Trace View continues to see minor updates. The detailed side panel, displayed when clicking an item's ID, shows item version and has a sticky header when content is long enough to scroll.


    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1739: REST API Add or Replace operation using PATCH method fails on items that are synced to Legacy JIRA.
    SOS-DEF-1754: Some database patches have not been run on a subset of hosted tenants.

    Version: 8.14.1

    Release Date: 2017/4/21

    Build Date: 2017/4/20

    Customers who have installed 8.14.0 must upgrade to 8.14.1 for full support.

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1808: PATCH fails when item type contains a rollup field.

    Version: 8.14

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/03/25
    Release Date Express: 2017/03/29
    Upgrade to 8.14 will run a database patch named ”Set sort order for TestSetCases” that can take a while depending on the number of items in Test Center.

    New Capabilities

    • Move item event entries now show the user when a container and its child items have been moved. This provides additional context for a container move and distinguishes it from several items selected and moved from the List View.
    • Move item event entries now provide the user with a path to the location where the item was moved from. A link is available for navigation to the location, and the container's navigation path is provided upon hovering over the location link. This information becomes particularly useful for projects that use generic component/folder naming structure for consistency.
    • Jama now supports the Microsoft Edge web browser.
    • REST updates to test endpoints
      • Testrun included the version of the test case it was created from and the current version of the test case.
      • Each testrun indicates its sort order within the test group it belonged to when the test cycle was created or edited.
      • Test Cycles include version endpoints.
      • New options (test plan ID, test cycle ID, test case ID) to retrieve testrun.
    • Trace View updates - No matter where you are in the Trace View, the data displayed needs abundant context and clear ties to the rest of the work in your Jama system. The Trace View continues to see refinement this release, with enhancements to make the navigation of related items more meaningful with richer context.
      • When an item is selected, the Trace View highlights that item and all its lineage. The selected item becomes darker blue, and all upstream and downstream related items are highlighted in light blue. These highlights remain as the user navigates up and downstream, enabling intuitive navigation of the entire thread of an item's relationships in all directions.
      • In the screenshot below, one item CL3-MR-2 is selected. Here you can see one level of downstream items related to CL3-MR-2 highlighted in light blue
      • Below the user has navigated an additional level downstream from CL3-MR-2, where more lineage is highlighted. By keeping related items highlighted, this allows the user to see the full decomposition or origin of the item selected as they navigate.
        • 2.png
      • The selections are also easier to manage. Beneath the Trace View name see the number of items selected, and use the Clear All button to remove all selections and accompanying highlighting.
        • 3.png
      • See more context for the items in view by clicking on the ID to open the detailed side panel. This side panel now display images, html, and tables. If the full item details are still required (e.g. for detailed authoring), click on the item ID from within the side panel to see the full item in its own tab.
        • 4.png

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1158: Querying /activities/?objectType=TEST_CYCLE, TEST_RUN, TEST_CASE, or TEST_RESULT with REST API returns no items.

    SOS-DEF-1188: Project hard delete fails for projects that don't have a root documentnode entry.

    SOS-DEF-1295: Welcome to Jama modal does not recognize valid email address with .auto suffix.

    SOS-DEF-1338: The # of items I haven’t marked filter in Review Center is different from the actual filter results returned.

    SOS-DEF-1430: IE11 throws a minified exception when selecting Related links.

    SOS-DEF-1528/SOS-DEF-1557: When a Review has no Related Items, when publishing a new revision an error is thrown (will vary by browser). 

    SOS-DEF-1538: Clicking through pages in Review Center single item view throws an error.

    SOS-DEF-1627: Calls to REST API abstractitems endpoint does not return all attachments.

    SOS-DEF-1650: In List View, calendar pop-out is cut off if column is not widened.

    SOS-DEF-1712: Selecting Needs More Work throws Javascript error when reviewing an item with related items.

    SOS-DEF-1722: Imports and Batch Transition of workflows is 5-10x slower than in previous versions.

    Known Released Issues

    SOS-DEF-1173: Deleted comments from an item count against the total in the list view. As part of the work to resolve SOS-DEF-1722, we reverted this fix. We will look to resolve it in a future release.

    Version: 8.13

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/02/25
    Release Date Express: 2017/03/01

    New Capabilities

    • Building on the updated Move Item functionality introduced in 8.12, the user now has the option to undo the move during the success notification window. Selecting Undo Move in the notification window restores the Explorer Tree hierarchy and moved items return to their original location.
    • In the Trace View, item details can be viewed in a more spacious side panel. Select an item's ID to see more text, and from within the panel select the ID again to open the item in a new tab.
    • Based on customer feedback, we've made some improvements to the Trace View's headers and labels. When users first save a Trace View, the button will display Save (rather than Save As). The source column now shows the number of items that exist in that column rather than how many items have been loaded.
    • Read Only fields have new configuration option Allow API Overwrite, allowing the update of read only fields via REST API.
    • Jama's Rich Text Editor (CKEditor, now version 4.6.1) has been updated with this release. This update resolved a number of existing defects, listed below.
    • Replicated deployment: we have reduced the privileges required for running containers and files and directories that were previously owned by root.

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-203/SOS-BUG-640 Review Center Next button does not work in Chrome or IE for customers in specific Time Zones. 
    SOS-DEF-698/SOS-BUG-939 If a computer is in a certain timezone or language, creating a review hangs at the last step.
    SOS-DEF-1072 The Apache Commons Collections (ACC) library is vulnerable to insecure deserialization of data.
    SOS-DEF-1111 No More... link is displayed for Test Cases when there are more than 100 Test Cases in the Test Plan, but no Test Group has more than 100 Test Cases.
    SOS-DEF-1400 User search is scoped to include unintended fields like a User Group's CreatedBy and ModifiedBy user.
    SOS-DEF-1407 Rest API rejects valid URLs for fields of URL type.
    SOS-DEF-1458 Directory permissions created with installation of Jama 8 are too broad.
    SOS-DEF-1463 Reviewer and Approver Progress show completion rate above 100%.
    SOS-DEF-1501 Removing and replacing a pick list value causes deleted items to be visible in filter results.
    SOS-DEF-1598: Some processes run as root that do not require such privileges. 

    Resolved as part of Rich Text Editor upgrade:

    SOS-DEF-557/SOS-BUG-902 Tables cannot be deleted from a text box if they are the only content in the field.
    SOS-DEF-599/SOS-BUG-912 Copy function is not available as an icon or as a right click pop-up menu when editing rich text.
    SOS-DEF-751/SOS-BUG-897 Copying from static rich text and pasting into a rich text field creates inconsistent font sizes.
    SOS-DEF-500/MAIN-BUG-299/SOS-BUG-281 Rich text editor will encode some special characters with HTML, which disables the ability to search on those characters.
    SOS-DEF-503/SOS-BUG-465 Very large images in CKEditor have trouble displaying after being uploaded.
    SOS-DEF-986 When cutting (Ctrl/Cmd+X) and pasting as plain text in a description field, edits are not saved to item.
    SOS-DEF-618/SOS-BUG-1097 Attachments cannot be linked to Test Runs description through the rich text editor.

    Dropped Issues

    As part of upgrading the Rich Text Editor in 8.13, the following defects have been tested and deemed intended behavior. As a result, Jama is no longer tracking these defects or targeting them for resolution.

    SOS-DEF-349/SOS-BUG-572 After upgrade to 2014.2, paragraph spacing is removed within rich text editor.
    SOS-DEF-670/SOS-DEF-702 A line break will be inserted after each rich text field when exporting.
    SOS-DEF-956 Cannot copy and paste both text and images to a rich text field simultaneously, only individually.
    SOS-DEF-1255 Mixing left-to-right languages with right-to-left languages in a sentence causes words to be moved from their original position when pasted to a rich text field.

    Known Released Issues

    SOS-DEF-1686: Cannot add hyperlinks to a maximized rich text field in Review Center and legacy item Edit view. When using the older Edit modals, do not maximize the edit view or the page will have to be refreshed, losing changes.

    Version: 8.12.1

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/02/01
    Release Date Express: 2017/02/07 

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1637: Memory leak introduced as a result of a fix originally deployed to resolve SOS-DEF-1529 (Single Item View Comment Count incorrectly includes active comments from a deleted thread).

    Version: 8.12

    Release Date Hosted: 2017/01/27

    New Capabilities

    • Move Item Notification Update - When users change Explorer Tree hierarchy by moving items in the Tree or from List View, the "Success" notification now provides the location where the item(s) moved. The notification lasts 10 seconds to allow users time to read and process this additional information.
    • Move Item Activity Stream Event Updates - Multiple changes were made to the Activity Stream to provide users with more information and context around item moves. These changes are not retroactive (movements before the installation of 8.12 will not be reformatted). For new moves after installation of 8.12, many improvements will be available to users:
      • Move Item entries in the Activity Stream now list the location where the item was moved from.
      • Detail popover for Move Item entries displays all of the items that were moved. Items in Detail view now have links that take the user to the item's single item view.
      • For bulk moves via the List View, Move Item events in the Activity Stream now "roll up" to one activity per location item(s) were moved from. All subitems are reflected in these rollups, so users can understand the gravity of a particular move event and/or find subitems and better understand the context of why they moved.
      • Move Item entries in the Activity Stream respect user permissions - If a user doesn't have access to the location an item was moved from, the location information does not show up in the activity stream entry.
    • REST API updates include PATCH, linked objects and updates to picklistoptions. See REST development page REST API | Jama Software for details.

    Resolved Issues

    • SOS-DEF-380 / MAIN-BUG-319 / SOS-BUG-330: In Excel, using two hierarchy options (Import hierarchy based on indented cell and Color cells indicate folder or parent item) flattens hierarchy within folders.
    • SOS-DEF-384 / MAIN-BUG-377 / SOS-BUG-367: Items cannot be batch converted to text.
    • SOS-DEF-400 / MAIN-BUG-322 / SOS-BUG-339: Items I haven't marked filter in Review Center takes user to the next unmarked item instead of item being viewed.
    • SOS-DEF-459 / MAIN-BUG-19 / SOS-BUG-284: Plain text box does not carry carriage return on export.
    • SOS-DEF-516 / SOS-BUG-475: When archived, Test Runs will still show as un-archived due to slow indexing.
    • SOS-DEF-550 / SOS-BUG-832: Relationship Status column does not export to Excel in Reading view or Coverage Explorer.
    • SOS-DEF-562 / SOS-BUG-973: Jama allows new item type to be created with duplicate Item Type Key.
    • SOS-DEF-586 / SOS-BUG-780: Only the first level of result sort order is applied in Filter results.
    • SOS-DEF-601 / SOS-BUG-943: The wrong project is shown in the Save Test Run Defects dialog box.
    • SOS-DEF-617 / SOS-BUG-1092: Can't add an !answer or a !decision when the mentioned item has been deleted.
    • SOS-DEF-624 / SOS-BUG-680: Test Cycle dropdown shows inactive and deleted Test Cycles.
    • SOS-DEF-671 / SOS-BUG-706: User Import Plugin notification email contains malformed URL.
    • SOS-DEF-675: Test Run Status indicator lights do not include In Progress status.
    • SOS-DEF-709/SOS-BUG-1067: When test cases are exported to Word and Excel (not just for roundtrip), HTML is included if rich text is enabled for test steps.
    • SOS-DEF-714 / SOS-BUG-1098: After editing a Test Case (single item view) and selecting Save and add another, the new Test Case tab is a blank page.
    • SOS-DEF-754 / SOS-BUG-928: Using inline editing to edit a Text Field or Text Box field type updates ModifiedDate and LastActivityDate even where there is no actual change.
    • SOS-DEF-932 / SOS-BUG-875: Changing the items that are currently in review when there is no revision created can cause highlighted comments to go out of range and a browser freeze.
    • SOS-DEF-1008: A comment that stems from a deleted item can not be deleted in the Collaboration Stream.
    • SOS-DEF-1012: When an item is removed from the Review Center, the comments that were previously on that item can no longer be deleted.
    • SOS-DEF-1018: Attempting to add tests by dragging a set or folder of test cases under a release results in an infinite "Processing" dialog.
    • SOS-DEF-1067: Velocity reports using report_relate and report_tag criteria (such as All Item Details) won't display relationships and tags.
    • SOS-DEF-1077: Authentication disablement not working when enabling SAML.
    • SOS-DEF-1084: Test Run duration < 1 second displayed as 02:00:00 in Test center.
    • SOS-DEF-1126: Clicking the Edit pencil icon on a description field in inline-edit list view causes the homepage to be loaded and edits to be lost.
    • SOS-DEF-1154: Cannot create a user with an email address that has an apostrophe; the email is considered invalid.
    • SOS-DEF-1163: Exporting a roundtrip report with a custom item type that has sub-items results in an empty sheet.
    • SOS-DEF-1173: Deleted comments from an item count against the total in the list view.
    • SOS-DEF-1195: Indentation of lists is not maintained in rich text editor after initial save.
    • SOS-DEF-1229: Collaborators can go through the process of creating an item in main Project area but are then unable to save.
    • SOS-DEF-1233: Sets can be created with an invalid key via the REST API.
    • SOS-DEF-1237: Users cannot upload attachments if the Attachment field on Attachment item type is edited.
    • SOS-DEF-1270: Open in New Tab right-click menu option is present for Test Plans.
    • SOS-DEF-1272: When adding a defect to a Test Run, required rich text fields can be bypassed without adding text.
    • SOS-DEF-1303: When attempting to relate an item to itself, the Relate existing action presents an unusable error message, or none at all, depending on the view.
    • SOS-DEF-1328: If long, container name is truncated in List View.
    • SOS-DEF-1334: REST API allows creating a set of previously deleted item types.
    • SOS-DEF-1338: The # of items I haven't marked total in Review Center is different from the actual filter results returned.
    • SOS-DEF-1504: Previous version of Test Case missing Test Steps after hitting Make Current.
    • SOS-DEF-1529: Single Item View comment count incorrectly includes active comments in a deleted thread.
    • SOS-DEF-1566: Calculated fields don't update when values are imported into Jama.

    Dropped Issues

    As part of a recent defect cleanup activity, the following defects have been deemed unreproducible in Jama as of 8.10.2. As a result, Jama is no longer tracking these defects or targeting them for resolution. Should you find one of these defects to be present in 8.12+, please contact Jama Support.

    • SOS-DEF-99/SOS-BUG-1109: QueueDeletedDomainObjects job fails when deleting project, so projects remain in database.
    • SOS-DEF-413/SOS-BUG-467 Review Center Workflow and Item Type Workflow do not work together. User Guide has been corrected to state this.
    • SOS-DEF-436/SOS-BUG-223/MAIN-BUG-84 Unable to delete groups after enabling LDAP.
    • SOS-DEF-445/SOS-BUG-424 Javascript error will occur when switching among items of the same item type or editing an item if the type has no Comments widget enabled.
    • SOS-DEF-504/SOS-BUG-503 Suspect links cannot be cleared on items with workflow locks. Suspect links will be cleared if at least one of the items is writeable.
    • SOS-DEF-554/SOS-BUG-882 Searching in user fields will not display all the users in the first page if the user base exceeds 100.
    • SOS-DEF-587/SOS-BUG-790 java.lang.ClassCastException error will occur when importing item with required field.
    • SOS-DEF-778/SOS-BUG-693 Removing a child item does not update "Has Child" column in Round Trip export.
    • SOS-DEF-999 Indexing fails for items containing the Unicode Line Separator character (U+2028 or 0xe280a8).
    • SOS-DEF-1080: New Test Groups are not visible when editing a test cycle unless page is reloaded.
    • SOS-DEF-1141: Selecting the View in List button inside an unsaved filter will close the filter window and open the Project Dashboard tab.
    • SOS-DEF-1142: Cannot select Make Decision on an Open Decision item when the item has been moved to a different project.

    Known Released Issues

    • SOS-DEF-1590:  Baseline Comparison and Baseline Compared to Current reports will show report variables and objects rather than digestible information if the options "Include Relationships" and "Include Version Comments" are selected.

    Version: 8.10.2

    Release Date: 2016/12/08

    This release is a patch for 8.10 to resolve a performance issue. Customers on the Express channel who have installed 8.10.1 must upgrade to 8.10.2 for full support.

    Resolved Issues

    SOS-DEF-1539: Jama installation not honoring memory configuration and using Java's default maximum memory configuration.

    Version: 8.10

    Release Date Hosted: 2016/11/19
    Release Date Express: 2016/11/30 Please note Express is versioned as 8.10.1 to reflect a patch updating the "What's New" video.

    Note on 12/30/2016 there was a post-release configuration change to the hosted environment to address SOS-DEF-1583, where accented characters caused issues.

    Important Note for JIH administrators: Due to security enhancements to our SOAP API, older versions of the JIH (pre 4.5.7) may not sync properly after the 8.10 update. Please upgrade your JIH to the latest version available here to take advantage of our REST API and resume syncing. If you are a hosted customer of Jama and upgrade the JIH, submit a support ticket to enable REST on your Jama instance. For more details on the SOAP API security change, see the community post.

    Important Note for Velocity Report Users: The Velocity reporting engine has been updated to version 1.7, and as a result custom Velocity reports using macros will need to be modified to function correctly. Previously it was possible to pass a reference to a variable to a macro and #set that variable inside the macro. See VELOCITY-681 for technical details.We have an example available of the how to make this change to your templates.

    New Capabilities

    -Multi-Organization Check: Jama on-premises customers that originally installed Jama versions prior to version 4.3, available spring of 2014, had the option to add organizations which operated much like a separate instances in Jama. These were typically used as a sandbox or sample data set. Jama removed the ability to add an organization with version 4.3 and are looking to end of life this capability in spring of 2017. Admins that receive this message should contact their system administrator of Jama support.
    -Access to Versioned Relationships in Baselines: Versioned relationships are now accessible in Baselines via REST, Baseline Compare, Exports and custom Velocity reports.
    -The New Trace View is Here! With this release we have completed the core set of functionality for the Trace View, and it is out of Open Preview. Users can adjust visible fields, reorder columns, and export to a .csv to be further analyzed. Trace View serves a purpose similar to Coverage Explorer but allows tracing downstream and upstream.

    • Added Support for High Security Mode in New Relic - New Relic has a "High Security Mode" which limits the type and amount of information their agent gathers from the customer server and sends to New Relic's servers.

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-483/MAIN-BUG-329/SOS-BUG-256: Export to Excel does not include the Version or Current columns for Baselines.
    SOS-DEF-1000: Javascript can be added to Notice on Login Page box, potentially preventing the front-end from rendering and opening an XSS vector.
    SOS-DEF-1147: Downstream items link may take user to the project dashboard instead of a list of downstream items.
    SOS-DEF-1248: Required flag does not allow saving of item if using single item edit view.
    SOS-DEF-1251: A filter created on an Item field label with a special character will return a JSON error when using View in List.
    SOS-DEF-1382: Missing permission node keeps Test Runs from showing up in Test Cycles.
    SOS-DEF-1398: DNC updates cause server error when deleting attachments from project.
    SOS-DEF-1429: Items not included in a filter are deleted when deleting items from a filtered list view.

    Admin Notes (on-premises installations only)
    -Customers must upgrade Replicated to the latest available build (at least 2.2.0) before this release will appear in your Jama Admin console (see Server Administration > Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating Jama > Migrating Jama > Migrating from Replicated 1.x to 2.x in the User Guide; if you are already at 2.1, use the command curl -sSL https://get.jamasoftware.com/docker | sudo bash -s no-auto).
    -MS SQL 2012 will no longer be fully supported after January 2017. See Supported Software for supported environments.
    -An update to Jama 8.10 has improved REST API URL requirements to validate correct formatting. As a result, REST requests will no longer allow for the passage of extra forward slashes in URL paths. This may cause an error for some customers’ custom integrations built utilizing Jama’s REST API. To review the latest documentation on the Jama REST API visit http://dev.jamasoftware.com/rest.

    Other Notes
    - Due to the migration of the community, links in the help guide will be invalid in hosted instances of the application.

    Old Link New link
    Supported software, environments and system requirements - Jama Software Community Supported software, environments and system requirements - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/topics/additional-custom-reports-now-available BIRT and Velocity reports created by our Consulting team available for your Jama instances - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/categories/jama_integrations_legacy_connectors Search - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/topics/standard-channel-supported-software Standard Channel Supported Software and Required Environments - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/topics/how-to-update-the-base-url-and-change-existing-url-references How to update the Base URL and change existing URL references - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/topics/what-does-the-fix-url-references-function-actually-do What does the Fix URL References function actually do? - Jama Software Community
    https://community.jamasoftware.com/jama/topics/user-import-plugin User import plugin - Jama Software Community

    Security Improvements

    We have changed the way our SOAP API accepts requests to enhance security. If you have a Jama SOAP API integration, please see the announcement for more information on what actions you can take.

    Version: 8.9

    This release was skipped; features and fixes were rolled into 8.10.

    Version: 8.8

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/10/01
    Express Release Date: 2016/10/05

    New Capabilities

    Bookmarking Saved Views: Jama users can now bookmark frequently used views on their home page. By using the bookmark icon next to Recently Viewed locations in Jama, users can keep a curated list of workspaces they return to most. From within the Trace View (in Open Preview), saved Trace Views can be bookmarked directly from the page.

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-1339: When deleting items from the reading view, using Select All > Delete in a folder with more than one page will delete items in the parent Set as well.
    SOS-DEF-1348: Commenting on a closed review notifies user that comment has been saved, however, it should provide an error.

    Other Notes

    • Customers upgrading their on-premises instance of Jama from 2015.1 or older will need to upgrade to Jama 2015.2 or newer prior to upgrading to Jama 8.8.
    • Regarding system performance test results with MS SQL, Jama’s internal product specification and acceptance criteria specifies a maximum 2-second response time threshold for REST API calls made by the Jama web application. As is standard procedure, Jama QA has validated that system performance test results for all REST end points are within tolerance for Jama 8.8 test environments using MySQL database. However, with MS SQL database we have observed that Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations for items does exceed our 10% tolerance between releases–and more specifically, the Post for Items end point exceeds our 2-second response time threshold. Based on this observation, we are recommending customers using Jama with MS SQL not install/upgrade to Jama 8.8. We intend to perform a root cause analysis and resolve this performance issue between releases. We will deliver a performant release for MS SQL customers with Jama 8.9, currently scheduled for general availability in November 2016.
    • Due to some internal security upgrades, the Remember Me? functionality has been removed from the login page. 

    Version: 8.7

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/08/27
    Express Release Date: 2016/09/07

    This release includes fixes for several long-standing Word export defects; styling in present custom templates will be better maintained when exporting from Jama.

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-480/SOS-BUG-253/MAIN-BUG-210: Description font in Word Export template does not export.
    SOS-DEF-688/SOS-BUG-829: Hyperlinks from Excel and Word don't work if Jama is has SSL active/the name of the tenant in the database is not "jama."
    SOS-DEF-1001: Extra lines are published between the Description field and the next field in Export to Word default export.
    SOS-DEF-1196: REST API throws null pointer exception when passing an empty array in a multi-select field.
    SOS-DEF-1212: Loading the reviews page can take upwards of 1.5 minutes for medium to large datasets when public reviews are enabled.*
    SOS-DEF-1227: Using European date format may cause discrepancy between what is chosen in a Filter date picker and what is saved in the filter.

    *Please note, review moderators will no longer be presented with the total comment count for their reviews. We felt value in speeding the overall loading of the page for all users outweighed the count which was useful only in specific situations.

    Version: 8.6

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/08/06
    Express Release Date: 2016/08/10

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-180/SOS-BUG-620: Irrelevant rich text editor tool tip displays on in single item edit modal.
    SOS-DEF-799/SOS-BUG-1020: Delete project on larger projects fails due to a foreign key constraint on itemrelationshipstats table.
    SOS-DEF-1204: Reusing items with Rollup field retains % in destination item, regardless if it meets criteria.
    SOS-DEF-1227: Using European date format may cause discrepancy between what is chosen in a Filter date picker and what is saved.

    Version: 8.5.1

    Express Release Date: 2016/07/19

    Customers who have installed 8.5 must upgrade to 8.5.1 for full support.

    Resolved Issues
    RELEASE-DEF-752: The Jama application may time out during installation and not provide a clear error message.

    Version: 8.5

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/07/09
    Express Release Date: 2016/07/13

    New Capabilities

    • Relationships in Review Center
      When creating a review, you can include the specific set of related items you need users to analyze. You can filter by the item type in the review, the item type it's related to, and the relationship type that links them.

    • Traceability Open Preview
      TheTraceability View is available on the Releases tab. Users can now apply the 'relationship status' filter in list view and maintain that filter in the Traceability View.

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-519/SOS-BUG-627: Working with Test Plans becomes very slow as the number of Test Runs increases.
    SOS-DEF-1107: Concurrent long-running batch operations can cause Jama to hang (SQL Server only).
    SOS-DEF-1108: Viewing Test Runs or creating Test Cycles from Test Plan is very slow with large number of Test Runs and Test Steps in the dataset (SQL Server only).
    SOS-DEF-1110: Batch Update Test Run Status performance gets worse as more data is stored in Jama (SQL Server only).

    Express Channel Admin Notes

    • You need to upgrade to Replicated 2.0  before this release will appear in your Jama Admin console (See Server Administration > Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating Jama > Migrating Jama > Migrating from Replicated 1.x to 2.x in the User Guide).
    • Replicated 2.0 introduces a time_out for the installation and upgrade process that is set to 10 minutes. If the installation and upgrade process takes more than 10 minutes, an error message shows up on Admin Console. Please check contour logs in /logs/tomcat/contour/contour.log to make sure installation is actually complete. Do not hit Start until the installation/upgrade is compete. We are currently working on this defect (RELEASE-DEF-752) and a fix will be available soon. 
    • There is a known defect (SOS-DEF-1225) in Replicated 2.0 that affects RHEL environments. The Support Bundle will not include Jama container log files. This defect will not impact the installation process or Jama’s performance. However, during troubleshooting you will need to send those log files separately, which are located in the application server in the /logs/tomcat/contour directory. To avoid the issue, install Docker directly from the Docker repository or let the Replicated-led Jama installation process install Docker.

    Other Notes

    Server Requirements/supported software changes

    Version: 8.3

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/06/11
    Express Release Date: 2016/06/15

    New Capabilities

    We have added additional functionality to improve findability in Coverage View.

    Now users can apply quick filters (facets) to get to only the information they want to see. Users can select Last Modified, Project, and Author facets to persist in Coverage View. 

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-104/SOS-BUG-1144: Bulk creation of relationships slow as total number of relationships in the system increases when using SQL Server. 
    SOS-DEF-561/SOS-BUG-945: In an exceptionally large enterprise environment, Bidirectional Traceability query can run for much longer than expected.
    SOS-DEF-649/SOS-BUG-1038: If there are more than 3200 attachments in a project, attempting to Link to an existing attachment in the rich text editor takes several seconds.
    SOS-DEF-684/SOS-BUG-789: JIRA Connector will delete and recreate all custom field values in the documentcustomfieldvalue table on every sync, causing a large churn in ID values.
    SOS-DEF-738/SOS-BUG-792: User with correct Read permissions receives error when trying to clear a suspect link. 
    SOS-DEF-800/SOS-BUG-1035: Reverting to an older version of an item that is using a deleted pick list value will show that deleted value in the new version.
    SOS-DEF-948: Even if Allow non-Admins to delete items and containers is disabled, users are still able to delete them if more than one item is selected in List View
    SOS-DEF-1010: Deleting more than one relationship at a time does not generate an entry on the Activity Stream. 
    SOS-DEF-1113: Organization Name is truncated in application header if more than 34 characters.
    SOS-DEF-1152: TLS is misspelled in Admin Console UI as TSL.

    Express Channel Admin Notes
    - New Relic can now be configured in the Admin Console for use with Jama on-premises installations.
    - Root users can now configure a custom header color in on-premises installations.
    - Note that as schema updates finish applying, users will see a white page, but will not be able to log in. (It is not possible to load the maintenance page at this time.)

    Version: 8.2

    Hosted Release Date: 2016/05/21 
    Express Channel Release Date: 2015

    New Capabilities

    View Related Items in the Review Center
    Jama reviews can now display the upstream and downstream related items for each review item. This makes it easy to share a snapshot of relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and it helps reviewers understand the traceability of items in review. Review moderators can include related items when creating a review or publishing a revision. When a review includes related items, it will preserve the relationships and related item content that existed at the time of review creation, or at the date when its latest revision was published. Reviewers see the number of related items for each review item, and they can load a full list of all related items.  Clicking on a related item opens a tooltip with all of the item's fields. Permissions for related items works just like permission for review items. A review creator can only share items that they have permission to view. If the creator doesn't have permission to a certain related item, none of the item's content is available to reviewers.

    Note that the Express Channel deployment includes all features noted in the

    Version: 8.1

    Resolved Issues
    SOS-DEF-258/SOS-BUG-734: CKEditor will strip HTML classes out of tables.
    SOS-DEF-348/SOS-BUG-571: Adding a field in a Reuse Diff View prevents administrators from deleting that field and throws a SQL error.
    SOS-DEF-427/SOS-BUG-516: If a username in JIRA has a capital letter letter in it, syncing the user from Jama to JIRA fails.
    SOS-DEF-428/SOS-BUG-557: Duplicate comments are created in JIRA any time the item is updated (if a field mapping fails).
    SOS-DEF-444/SOS-BUG-373/MAIN-BUG-386: No traceability on pick list value update when existing value is deleted. Old value will now be retained in previous versions.
    SOS-DEF-849/SOS-BUG-518: Word Exports lose heading style after 7 levels. Levels will now export up to 9.
    SOS-DEF-1007: Creating an item via REST with no description field sets description field to null instead of empty string in database.

    Version: 8.0.2

    Release Date: 2016/4/28
    This release was an update to the search service. No user-facing functionality or features were changed in our Hosted environment. This was the first deployment to the Express channel; details can be found here.

    Version: 8.0

    Release Date: 2016/04/16

    Resolved issues
    SOS-DEF-120/SOS-BUG-1058:  Rich text bullets and numbering in Test Case test steps do not show in Test Run execution window.
    SOS-DEF-124/SOS-BUG-836: Test Run comments are visible in the Stream to all users, regardless of permissions.
    SOS-DEF-522/SOS-BUG-541: After setting up Crowd authentication, SSO cannot be disabled.
    SOS-DEF-572/SOS-BUG-1057: When new Users select the link from the Your New Jama Account email, they will be delivered a blank web page if using IE11.
    SOS-DEF-773/SOS-BUG-639: Description fields do not properly filter out control characters, leading to an invalid XML exception when an item is retrieved via API.
    SOS-DEF-774/SOS-BUG-954: CROWD assigns all imported users the greatest license type regardless of the number available.
    SOS-DEF-794/SOS-BUG-356: Deletion of Test Plan or individual Test Run does not affect Test Case Status as it should.
    SOS-DEF-807/SOS-BUG-1078: Text Field in single item view in-line edit allows for input of more than 255 characters. The input now honors the 255 character limit. 
    SOS-DEF-808/SOS-BUG-1096: Uploading files through the Add Image from Server or Link File buttons do not load files.
    SOS-DEF-809/SOS-BUG-1141: "Sync" option cannot be set "on" for the testCaseSteps field in hosted environment.
    SOS-DEF-810: Users are unable to Restore deleted Test Plans.
    SOS-DEF-950: Images inserted into the Diagram Editor do not show when saved.

    Release Date: March 19, 2016

    Build Date: 2016/03/14

    New Capabilities

    @Mention users on Homepage
    Users now have access to a link on the Homepage that filters the Comment Stream down to comments that they participated in. This allows users to get to work quickly on the most important items, as well as recently visited areas in Jama.

    Permanent enablement of Enhanced Image Security
    Due to some improvements in our reporting tools, the option to turn off Enhanced Image security has been disabled. All images will be embedded in exported documents, no longer requiring separate authentication. Customers who have requested EIS be turned off in the past will experience minimal effects. This does cause a complication for customers using JIH. More details are can be found in the announcement

    Supported Software Changes

    We have dropped support for Internet Explorer 10. To see the current list of supported browsers please review our supported software.

    Resolved issues

    SOS-BUG-1016/SOS-DEF-268: Users with Collaborator licenses do not have a Test Cycle drop-down, so they have no way of viewing Test Cycle Details.
    SOS-BUG-635/SOS-DEF-122: Rich text fields do not load in editing mode, and the error "The HTML editor is not ready yet" may pop up.
    SOS-BUG-1054/SOS-DEF-119: Health Report doesn't show data for Projects when there are a large number of active projects.
    SOS-BUG-796/SOS-DEF-123: Images embedded in content when copied are stored the same way when copy and pasted
    SOS-BUG-836/SOS-DEF-124: Test Run comments are visible in the Stream to all users, regardless of permissions.
    SOS-BUG-487/SOS-DEF-121: Uploading an attachment in IE with a setting enabled results in the full directory path as the attachment name.
    SOS-BUG-984/SOS-DEF-126: Tasktop Migration Plugin throws "optimistic locking exception" and halts when there are other activities on the items.
    SOS-BUG-884/SOS-DEF-111: Inserting more than 4,000 characters into a Test Case Step throws an error and freezes Jama.
    SOS-BUG-940/SOS-DEF-125: View Synced Items > Detailed Comparison View does not show results.
    SOS-BUG-1031/SOS-DEF-113: In the Review Center, going to and from an item via a filter stops the filter from populating results.
    SOS-BUG-1077/SOS-DEF-110: After adding a new Test Case Step in the new Single Item View, the user cannot save new data and newly added data can be erased.

    Release Date: February 20, 2016

    Build Date: 2016/02/17

    New Capabilities

    Search on home page
    Search all of Jama from your home page. Just like the search bar at the project-level project, search on the home page allows users to quickly find all the content they seek. All existing search functionality, including Boolean operators (AND, OR & NOT) and the ability to search specific fields, is available from this feature.
    New REST resource to manage org/project group membership
    Resolved issues
    SOS-DEF-158/SOS-BUG-937: Filters not saving when date conditions use "is within the last" option.
    SOS-BUG-352/MAIN-BUG-172: Test Steps do not gracefully handle certain HTML characters.
    SOS-BUG-817: Attachments and images deleted via Configure Project > Attachments are not deleted from server.
    SOS-BUG-878: Filters load very slowly in Explorer pane due to smartFilterSvc.getSmartFiltersForUser DWR call taking exceptionally long.
    SOS-BUG-913: Relationship Import Plugin use does not create entry in Activities tab or event entry table.
    SOS-BUG-937: Filters retain default "all dates" condition when "is within the last" condition is selected and saved.
    SOS-BUG-941: Items that user does not have Read permissions to are surfaced in results and visible in List and Reading views.
    SOS-BUG-956: Test Run "Execution Date" updates when users selects Save and Close but has not started nor edited the Test Run.
    SOS-BUG-968: Using the Tasktop Migration Plugin on versions 4.2.0 and higher will fill the proxy field with an incorrect URL and synced items will never update.
    SOS-BUG-994: Deactivated Users can still access REST API.
    SOS-BUG-970: Operation times out when relating an item with many existing relationships.
    SOS-BUG-997: Deactivated Users can still access SOAP API.
    SOS-BUG-1012: The horizontal scroll bar disappears when viewing the results of a filter in List View or Releases panel.

    January 23, 2016
    (build date 2016/01/21)

    New Capabilities

    Relationships: Add many to many in list and reading view
    Creating relationships is one of the core workflows that our customers use on a daily basis. Up till now it has been necessary to work from a single item when creating relationships (one to many), but from the list or reading view it was not possible. With this release we've added the ability from the list and reading view to select and relate many items at once. This significantly reduces the time necessary to create relationships.
    REST API endpoint updates
    New REST API endpoints for: Item Versions, Baselines, Releases, Get by DocID. Learn more about the REST API here
    OAuth API key (SAML)
    Customers who have enabled the REST API can now access the REST API with SAML single sign on. To get your API key please contact Jama support [ support@jamasoftware.com ].
    Upload File Whitelist Update
    Added .tra and .jama extensions to whitelist. Learn more about the whitelist.
    Resolved issues
    SOS-BUG-636: User without "Manage Project" permissions cannot run custom template.
    SOS-BUG-821: Searches containing two colons will return Search Error.
    SOS-BUG-886: In the Test Run execution window, the number of Test Steps stops displaying at 99.
    SOS-BUG-915: Relationship count is present in List View when Existing Relationships check box is unchecked in Duplicate Project settings.
    SOS-BUG-970: Operation times out when relating an item with many existing relationships.
    SOS-BUG-1009: Projects List View widget changes from a specific Item Type to Mixed Item Type, causing some fields to not display.
    SOS-BUG-1010: Filters that are sent to review that contain only Test Runs or Test Plans (or a combination of the two) return an empty review.
    SOS-BUG-1017: Files with *.tra extension are no longer allowed as attachments.
    SOS-BUG-1023: JIRA Sync fails for projects with multiple mappings from JIRA into Jama.




    06-20-2017 11:55

    @Stephen they should be fixed now. Sorry about that! Let me know if there are any further problems.

    06-19-2017 08:09

    Hi Kristina,

    I can't see the images in the latest release notes.  Seems to be broken links.


    03-29-2017 11:10

    As of this morning Jama 8.14 is now available in the Express channel. 

    03-07-2017 08:34

    8.13 is live on our hosted environment and is available on the Express channel.

    02-09-2017 15:30

    Jama 8.12.x has been deployed to the Hosted environment and is also available in the Express channel.

    10-05-2016 12:17

    For those following along, Jama 8.8 is now available in the Express channel.

    09-07-2016 17:16

    dang that relationships in review center feature looks cool

    09-07-2016 12:27

    8.7 is now available for upgrading in the Express channel.

    08-15-2016 12:12

    A note to Express Channel customers: 8.6 is now available in your channel.

    07-19-2016 18:15

    We have released a hotfix for version 8.5 to the Express on-premises channel. If you have 8.5 installed, you will need to upgrade to 8.5.1 to receive full support.

    07-08-2016 21:02

    Just a heads-up that we're deploying Jama 8.5 to hosted environments this weekend. That means 8.4 (Standard) and 8.5 (Express) will be available to our on-premises customers soon!