Jama Hosted Release Notes 2013-2015

By Kristina King posted 01-20-2016 21:23


Note: These are the release notes for our hosted Jama servers spanning mid-2013 to 2015. For newer release notes, please see the hosted release notes page.

December 19, 2015 (build date 2015/12/17)
Resolved issues
SOS-BUG-1001: JIRA Connector fails to sync for projects with more than one item type mapping, and the number of items under a location is greater than approximately 50.

December 12, 2015 (build date 2015/12/10)
New Capabilities
Rich Text and Images in Test Steps
Rich text can now be used in test steps, including the ability to insert images in test steps.
This requires a change via Admin > Item Types > Test Case [or any custom types enabled with this widget] > Configure > testCaseSteps. Select the pencil to edit the field and check the Allow Rich Text option and Save.
Diagram Editor Update
We have updated the diagram editor with new shapes including UML objects, BPMN for Business Process Modeling and SysML. Overall ease-of-use is drastically improved with new editing tools and options. Text within shapes will now automatically wrap.
Coverage Facets for Quick Filters
Jama uses Relationships and Relationship Rules to help users better manage coverage. With the new Coverage facet users can now directly from any list or reading view filter based on the rules defined for the project. For example, if you are looking at a list of requirements, and you want to quickly know which requirements are missing downstream items based on the rules defined, you can now filter on "Missing Downstream." This will evaluate the rules defined for the project to determine what qualifies and will filter the view. If there are no rules defined only the facets for "Is Suspect" and "Causing Suspect" will show.
Relate to existing from List and Reading view
We have added the ability to "relate to existing" in the List and Reading views. Currently the functionality works when selecting a single item in the view which eliminates the need to navigate to each item. In future releases we will be adding many-to-many capabilities.
Move Items
Users can now move a set or component from one project to another while maintaining the history and all key metadata of the items being moved. This can help you make your Jama instance more performant if you have more than the recommended number of items in a project. Read this article for more details.

System Health Report
The goal of the report is to give administrators insight into what they can do to optimize performance in your specific installation. It does not prevent user actions in any way. Instead, it's a tool built to highlight past activities that you can improve in the future, such as generating slow reports or extra large test plans. The report links to recommendations that users can act on right away. This is maintained as a support community post so we can be there to help.  This report is the first step to educating users about intended usage patterns and configurations.
New Blue Notifications
Jama has new notifications that advise the user if an operation exceeds recommended parameters. The goal for the prompts is to provide advance notification around costly operations, as well as to link to best practices for how to minimize them in the future.
Improved Application Performance
We continue to improve application response and performance, particularly for our large enterprise customers. Our development team is working hard to ensure you get the best Jama experience.
Security Updates
Updated password rules
Top level complexity setting for Jama managed passwords has additional rules to comply with TRUSTe certification.

  • No more than 2 sequential characters (123, abc)
  • No more than 2 repeated characters (222, aaa)
  • No more than 2 adjacent key placement (qwerty) main US keyboard

Changes to the ability to use iframes in the rich text editor
In the interest of better security, we’ve introduced a few changes to the rich text editor in both the item editor and the collaboration stream. In previous iterations of the rich text editor, a user could include a hidden iframe element in the text of a comment or description, which could employ a link to load potentially malicious content from another domain. Because Jama does not have access to this content until the link is clicked, validating its contents to prevent these attacks is not possible. Instead, we are removing the ability to load this content within open Jama pages by making the following changes:

  • Users can no longer use the
    attribute of the
    element to target specific elements in Jama. Top-level targets, such as a new window, may still be used.
  • The
    element will no longer allow the

Most users will not be affected by these changes. However, if you have inserted links in rich text fields that interact with iframes or other elements on the page, these interactions will no longer work after the item in has been updated.
Whitelist for attachment types
Jama now has a whitelist for the file types allowed as attachments. A file extension validation is performed when attachments are added to ensure files match the type specified in the extension. Jama will allow extensions not on the whitelist to be downloaded but not run in the browser. This means that for users who run BIRT and Velocity reports as HTML (and with the .html extension), Jama will not allow the file to be opened directly in the browser. Users will be given the option to download the file, however, images (including graphs generated by BIRT) will not be included. The recommended approach is to run the reports as PDF or Word. Review this community post for more info on these changes.
Resolved issues

MAIN-BUG-136: Downstream relationships can be created to locked items, but upstream relationships cannot. Now all relationship types can be added. 
SOS-BUG-329: In Diagram Editor, text bounding box doesn't wrap text inside of a shape.
SOS-BUG-418: In Admin, selecting Edit Subscription for a user that is not among the first 100 throws a javascript error.
SOS-BUG-490: Moving a label in the Diagram Editor is not precise.
SOS-BUG-620: Unproductive tooltip is displayed in Rich Text Editor when cursor hovers over editor module.
SOS-BUG-626: Text within the Diagram Editor does not honor spacing.
SOS-BUG-731: Text does not line wrap properly in Reading View.
SOS-BUG-762: Number of relationships does not update without refresh in Single Item View.
SOS-BUG-766: Cannot Batch Update Items after selecting "All Selected Items."
SOS-BUG-842: Users can overwrite the testCycle field by creating a custom field with the same Unique Field Name.
SOS-BUG-851: Rollup Fields are not calculating correctly, remaining at 0%.
SOS-BUG-862: Attempt to batch edit more than 50 items of one type at a time will throw error advising users they cannot batch edit items of multiple types. 
SOS-BUG-878: Filters take a long time to load (>1 minute) if thousands exist in Jama instance.
November 24, 2015 (build date 2015/11/24)

A recent update to JIRA Cloud caused an issue syncing items between Jama and JIRA. This patch resolves the issue (SOS-BUG-968).

October 17, 2015 (build date 2015/10/15)

The 2015/10/03 release included an update to a third-party component that led to an inefficient use of resources. This patch resolves the resource allocation issue.

October 3, 2015 (build date 2015/09/25)
New Capabilities
The Jama REST API can now be enabled for hosted customers. The documentation for REST is available on our website.
The Jama REST API has been designed to provide developers with a standardized and straightforward experience for integrating with Jama. Accessing your Jama data is now easier than ever with our new REST API. Building custom integrations and reporting are just a few of the enhanced capabilities you can now enjoy as part of your Jama subscription. To enable the REST API please open a support ticket at http://support.jamasoftware.com or email support@jamasoftware.com
Improved Application Performance
This release will deliver improved Jama application performance, particularly for our large enterprise customers. We've optimized permissions calls, reduced login time, and done a lot of clean-up to ensure you get the best Jama experience.
Resolved issues
SOS-BUG-785: Formatted style (pre tags) does not render correctly in Reading and Single Item View. 
SOS-BUG-909: When creating a Review and inviting a User Group that consists of Reviewer, Collaborator or Stakeholder licenses—or a mix of these types—no group members will be displayed.

August 22, 2015 (build date 2015/08/12)

New Capabilities
Upstream and Downstream relationships in List View
We continue to improve your ability to quickly see the context of what you are working on by being able to look upstream and downstream from the item.   Within List View we recently added two new sortable columns labeled # of Upstream Relationships and # of Downstream Relationships. These columns provide users the ability to immediately see the number of related items and click on the icon to see the details of those items.

New user on-boarding flow as part of trials and new users
Jama's original on-boarding flow was built in such a way that prevented Jama from providing custom guides that educate users of new features.  The new form for creator license enables Jama to help the users along, providing a much better overall experience.

Single item menu with activity counts
See context for Jama items at a glance with the new item menu. The menu appears in the upper right corner of all items and can be configured to show data relevant to that data type. Each button corresponds to a widget of the item, such as relationships or comments. The bottom tabs panel is hidden by default, increasing room to read the item's content until more data is desired. Activity counts indicate what data may be most relevant, and clicking opens/closes the corresponding tab.

Resolved issues
SOS-BUG-471: Newly added reviewer cannot reply to comments made on previous versions of reviews.
SOS-BUG-555: If an admin edits a public filter, the admin becomes author, and the filter can no longer be edited by its creator.
SOS-BUG-662: Users with reviewer, stakeholder, or collaborator licenses can be designated as moderator in reviews.
SOS-BUG-772: Description text of folders disappears when scrolling in single-item view.
SOS-BUG-823: Item remains locked after closing the ext tab (item edit window), refreshing the page, or closing the browser.
SOS-BUG-845: Batch Transition does not recognize items selected in list view as able to transition in workflow.

July 18, 2015 (build date 2015/07/13)
New Capabilities
Search custom fields
We continue to improve search results in Jama. Searches now include custom fields matching your search. Previously, Jama custom field search would only include results from custom text fields. This will allow users to quickly find the information they are looking for.
Single-click to select row in List View
After hearing from several customers, we made a change in how rows can be selected within List View. You can now click anywhere within the row (where a single click does not perform an action) to select the row instead of double-clicking. This allows for even quicker edits in Jama to improve your workflow.

Resolved Issues
SOS-BUG-533: "Unassigned" does not populate in the user lookup field.
SOS-BUG-640: Create Review Next button does not work in Chrome and IE for customers in some European time zones.
SOS-BUG-722: Attachment file size is incorrectly extracted, resulting in lack of indexing of text in Excel attachments.
SOS-BUG-752: Items can be missing sequence number in SOAP getBaselines call if the item has a newer version than the version captured in the baseline.
SOS-BUG-776: SOAP getItemsForBaseline call does not return anything if the current version of an item is greater than the version captured in the baseline.
SOS-BUG-823: Items are not unlocking after exiting tab in new single-item view.

June 19, 2015 (build date 2015/06/13)

New Capabilities
Search improvements
Search has been improved to bring forward more relevant results.

  • Search results will no longer contain items only containing the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT (i.e. lowercased "and," "or" and "not" will be ignored).
  • Wildcard searches are possible at beginning or end of words. Now, if you search for TRIM, you'll get results that include Trim0 through Trim9, etc. as well as OSCTRIM. Asterisks are not required in the Search box for this functionality.
  • Search by field label means users will no longer be required to know the database field name and can search by the label they see in the UI. As an example, if you want to search for items with Story Points equal to 5, you'll search Story_Points: "5". Note that an underscore is required if there is a space in the field label.
  • Grouping for more complex queries is now allowed with parentheses.

Facet performance improvements
The facets exposed when selecting "Filter Items" from List or Reading view were created using multiple calls and complex logic in order to display the correct value and count. As part of this release we have consolidated the calls into one, thus improving the performance and accuracy of the facets returned. Now when a user selects Filter Items to display facets, options such as as Item Types, Project, Author, and Last Modified By will display faster. This also enables us to add more facets in the future.

Recently viewed performance improvements
The Recently Viewed URLs on the users' home pages were pulling from the recently-viewed table. Over time as this table grows in size the ability to display the Recently Viewed was going to slow down. We've modified how this information is returned to prevent this from happening.

List and Home page UX updates
UX did some usability sessions around the home page and the list view and found some simple changes that would improve our users' abilities to find information. The changes are as follows:

  • On the home page we've added the review status of "Reviewer" or "Approver" to the information displayed. Previously we showed only "Moderating."
  • We've added hover help tips to the review Progress bar as well as menu items on List and Reading View.
  • We changed the facet filter to be clearer. Filter Items will open the facet panel and Hide Filters will close it.
  • "Filter Results" have been changed to "Filter By" on the facet panel when displayed.
  • The Filter funnel icon on the project page has been changed to be a text link reading Advanced Search.
  • The Show/Hide Fields selector for List View used to readonly the Item Type, such as Defect. We made it more clear what the panel is for by adding "Fields" to the text, so now it would read Defect Fields.

Security Fixes
Due to security concerns we are no longer allowing direct upload of HTML or Javascript files, although they can still be zipped up. Any unrecognized file format will have its content type changed to disallow rendering in the browser, so some things that used to work in-browser may not for new attachments.  HTML & Javascript files previously uploaded will continue to be accessible.

Resolved Issues
SOS-BUG-694: System-required field "Name" can be marked as not required for an item type, causing Jama to freeze when a new item is created of that type.
SOS-BUG-699: Emails containing ".-" are not accepted as valid by Jama when creating a new user.
SOS-BUG-710: Field mapping is muddled during upload if one required field is missing from spreadsheet.
SOS-BUG-741: Creating large Test Cycles (over 2000 Test Cases) can time out or lock Jama depending on available system resources.
SOS-BUG-748: Long search strings push Refresh, View, Export, Actions, etc. buttons off-screen.
SOS-BUG-761:  When creating or editing a filter and selecting View in List, user will receive an error message instead of results.
SOS-BUG-763: When editing a filter and selecting View in List, user will receive an error message and the changed conditions will not be saved.
SOS-BUG-769:  When a calculated field value is entered in List View, it will not be saved if the view is refreshed.
SOS-BUG-779:  Test Case Assignee Clear Selection option throws error and causes Jama to freeze.

May 23, 2015 (build date 2015/05/21)
New Capabilities

Relationship count for calculated fields & multi select pick list
Calculated fields has added functionality. You can use relationship counts (number of upstream and/or downstream relationships) as a factor in a calculation, allowing you to "weigh" priority based on the number of upstream or downstream relationships. This is very helpful when looking at priority based on related customers to a request.
We've also added values used on multi select pick lists to our calculation methods. This will make setting up calculations even easier and more robust.
More compliant password resets
For SOC compliance, this should help teams with security audits, etc. This requires the user to enter their existing password before changing their password.
Contextual URLs
Add bookmarks/links to places you want to save. FIXES BACK BUTTON!
The contextual URLs will apply to specific views:
*Explorer (Component, Set, Folder)
*Stream and Reviews already have URLs
Don't forget to clear your browser cache so that the new routing works.
Updated Home Page (for recently viewed contextual URLs)
The home page today shows recently viewed projects, but most users consistently navigate further into the project once there, which adds significant extra steps to the users' daily work lives. With the new contextual URLs, Jama is now aware of the most recent places (Components, Sets, Folders, Filters, etc.) and can use this to provide users the recently-viewed places directly on the home page. Now users will be able to link directly to the view.
Facet Updates (quick filters)
(new) Project Facet: We have added a Project facet. Now when you search cross-project the facet view will include projects as a filterable criteria.
(enhanced) Author now includes both Created by and Last modified by. (ALL modified will be in a later release.)
BIRT Reporting Update (version 4.4.2)
*Improved UI & Performance enhancements
*Supports export to .xlsx and .docx
*Better filter and aggregate calculations
*Better Excel reports, including being able to export charts and graphs to Excel, including donut charts

Updated Single Item View
The single item view has been enhanced with more intuitive interactions, improvements to the editing flow, and a modern look. Users can quickly edit items by double-clicking anywhere on the item content, without locating the edit button or opening a separate window. While in edit mode, users can update calculated field inputs and see the results updated in real time. This is especially useful if users have calculations such as Weighted Shortest Job First on an item, and wish to see the updated output values with different inputs. The tags, links, and attachments functionality has been moved from behind tabs (widgets) and into the main item body. This valuable data is now easily scannable and editable in one spot at the bottom of every item. Together these updates streamline the process of adding and editing data in Jama.  
Search service updates
Jama has moved to using Elastic search in a service that runs external to the Jama application.

This update plays a key role in our ongoing work to improve scaling through clustering and load-balancing and availability by decreasing the maintenance windows required for updating the application.
Search Projects
We've added search to the Change Project module. No more scrolling through your complex project list—as you type, the available projects will be scaled down.

Resolved issues
SOS-BUG-208/MAIN-BUG-347: Fields that are deleted in Excel and Round-trip and imported back into Jama will contain previous value rather than null value.
SOS-BUG-459: The Activity Stream does not return deleted item results if you search by document key (Unique ID).
SOS-BUG-508: When Importing a Word document that has a number in front of the name, the number will disappear once it is imported.
SOS-BUG-534: When Viewing Items in List or Reading View, selecting next page does not take you to the top of the list.
SOS-BUG-538: License threshold notifications are not sent and null pointer exceptions populate in the error logs.
SOS-BUG-594: Tomcat session expiration times are 1000X longer than they are set to be.
SOS-BUG-607: Filter using Keyword facet will not return results if two words or more are entered.
SOS-BUG-628: Removing project-level override removes override on same item type in other projects.
SOS-BUG-654: Calculated fields with pick lists do not get updated instantly.
SOS-BUG-666: Bulk operations like convert or re-use can cause bulk re-indexing in elastic search and fill the memory. 
SOS-BUG-668: When different item types share a common field name and one item type's field is a Calculated Field, the other item type will fail to show in List View.
SOS-BUG-804: Items disappear from UI when batch operations fail.

April 4, 2015 (build date 2015/04/01)
Resolved issues
SOS-BUG-666: Bulk operations like bulk-convert or reuse can cause bulk re-indexing to fill the memory.

February 28, 2015 (build date 2015/02/26)

New Capabilities

User home page is now the default landing page
When you launch Jama you will have a personalized home page including active
reviews you’re a part of, comments directed at you, and a list of your recent projects.

Weighted shortest job first (WSJF) calculation
This calculation will allow you to combine multiple factors of value to help make more informed decisions around prioritization of your backlog. The calculation weighs items with a higher value and lower effort as the thing to work on next. Click here for a walk-through. 

Resolved issues

SOS-BUG-449: Deleting a relationship in Table Layout view is not reflected on the Activity Stream.
SOS-BUG-497: Editing an Editor Template causes an error to be thrown when a new item is created.
SOS-BUG-531: In filters with "Location" condition, "View Criteria" window cannot be expanded to view full path.
SOS-BUG-551: Pick List colors for Test Run Status fields are no longer visible in filter results.
SOS-BUG-558: In the Stream, HTTP requests to get comment updates cause eventual 100% memory allocation on PermGen space.
SOS-BUG-611: Using commas in calculated fields causes search and filtering to stop working.
SOS-BUG-783: Attachments with an en dash (unicode \u2013) in the name are not accessible.

February 7, 2015 (build date 2015/02/05)

New Capabilities

User home page
The user home page will be a launch pad for users to quickly see and get to information they are associated with. The home page will include new
modules for Active Reviews [I'm part of], Comments [directed at me], and Recent Viewed Projects.

Additional Facets (Quick Filter)
that we have elastic search we are able to do more complex quick filtering. We are currently releasing the following new facets:

Calculated Fields
Create a field on an item that is calculated by other fields on the item. Sum, Average, Multiplication.

Resolved issues

SOS-BUG-505: Excel exports do not include all columns configured as visible in List View.
SOS-BUG-511: In the updated list view, users do not see all Batch Update menu options if they have selected all items.
SOS-BUG-513: Users with collaborator licenses are unable to execute test runs.

January 15, 2015
This update restored relationship import functionality. Note that no other features or data were affected by the missing functionality.

January 10, 2015

Resolved Issues

    SOS-BUG-510: When an item type contains a rollup field, importing and version compare fails.
SOS-BUG-526: Filter for Test Runs throws JavaScript error if the Test Case item type is selected in the List View configuration.
SOS-BUG-532: In Reading View, accessing a set or folder with only text items inside will throw error and prevent viewing of any other sets.

December 6, 2014

New Capabilities

Improved User Experience for the core project list and reading views
   With this release we have implemented a more streamlined flow for using the core list and reading views. 
    The following improvements are included in this new user experience:
        *In-line edit
            Keyboard shortcuts have been added: ctrl-s (save current row), esc (cancel changes for current row)
            Changes are saved per row
        *Menu action have been simplified and new actions have been added
            Edit and Bulk Edit are now just Edit
            Ability to Add Related based on items selected in the view
            Ability to insert an item based on the item selected in the view
        *Check box selection allows for selecting items while paging through large lists. Select all will select all items.
        *Add menu allows you to quickly add an item directly from the view

Time-based filters
We've added the ability to quickly filter results based on time so it's
possible to see just the most recent and relevant information. This feature will surface both in the advanced filter creation flow, as well
as in the NEW filters to the left of the list view and reading view.

Resolved Issues

   SOS-BUG-224/MAIN-BUG-133: Deleting a user group that is included in a workflow notification causes item creation or update to fail.
SOS-BUG-274/MAIN-BUG-180: When workflow is disabled the menu option “Batch Transition Workflow” is still available, and user receives inapplicable error.
    SOS-BUG-293/MAIN-BUG-6: User cannot import to a workflow field even if workflow is disabled.
    SOS-BUG-351/MAIN-BUG-120: Test Plans remain active after being archived.
    SOS-BUG-372/MAIN-BUG-382: In the Review Center, default data user “Agile User” agrees with comments in Reviews.
    SOS-BUG-376/MAIN-BUG-385: In custom Word templates, the comments field code doesn't work for Test Run item type.
    SOS-BUG-386: Release List in Project > Configure Project displays date incorrectly depending on local time.
    SOS-BUG-446: Not Run Test Cases still hold a "Scheduled" status after being removed from a Test Plan.
    SOS-BUG-450: If a filter has been used for a review, that filter can not be deleted even if the review and baseline have been deleted.
    SOS-BUG-451: When in the Review Center Stats page, users cannot batch update a selection of items.
    SOS-BUG-455: In the hosted environment, inactive users utilize named licenses.

November 8, 2014

Resolved Issues

    SOS-BUG-300/MAIN-BUG-114: User locks prompt incorrect error when attempting batch workflow transitions.
   SOS-BUG-368/MAIN-BUG-378: Table editor will not allow users to resize columns if rich text editor is in full-screen mode or had been in
full-screen mode.