Jama On-Premises 4.0-2015.5 Release Notes

By Kristina King posted 01-28-2015 17:21


2015.5: Jama Release 2016/02/03 
Build Date: 2016/01/29

While the feature set in this release is no different from 2015.2, we recommend updating to this latest build for all customers, particularly if you are running 2015.2 or later. We discovered exporting baselines using the default Export options may significantly impact system performance.
 ** Special Note **
This fix does not affect indexing or database schema and does not patch the data or make any visual changes.
Resolved Issues
SOS-BUG-968: Using the Tasktop Migration Plugin on versions 4.2.0 and higher will fill the proxy field with an incorrect URL and synced items will never update.
SOS-BUG-988: A recent update to JIRA Cloud caused an issue syncing items between Jama and JIRA. This patch resolves the issue.
SOS-BUG-1055: Using Export to Word or Export to Excel option for Baseline export results in a document containing all items the user has permission to view. This operation can time out.
If you did not install 2015.2+, please see the 2015/11/17 Release Notes below for all included enhancements and resolved issues.

Jama 2015.4 2016/01/19
Build Date: 2016/01/06
There are no new capabilities for this release, but a couple of bug fixes. 

Resolved Issues
SOS-BUG-1023: JIRA Sync fails for projects with multiple mappings from JIRA into Jama.
SOS-BUG-1037: Necessary .jar files are missing for the Relationship Import Plugin to function.

If you did not install 2015.2+, please see the 2015/11/17 Release Notes below for all included enhancements and resolved issues.  2015.3: Jama Fall Release 2015/12/21
Build Date: 2015/12/18
New Capabilities
The focus of this release is compatibility with JIRA 7.1. Historically Jama has chosen not to deliver on-premises releases in such a short timespan. However, due to demand for supporting the integration with JIRA 7.1, we have decided to add this functionality between release cycles. Please note that moving forward, we cannot guarantee on-premises support for third-party hosted SaaS offerings via our legacy connectors. Supported Software details can be found here.
Resolved Issues
SOS-BUG-1001: JIRA Connector fails to sync for projects with more than one item type mapping and the number of items under a location is greater than approximately 50.
If you did not install 2015.2, please see the 2015/11/17 Release Notes below for all included enhancements and resolved issues.

2015.2: Jama Fall Release 2015/11/17

Build Date: 2015/11/16

Performance Enhancements
The key focus of the 2015.2 release is improved performance for large deployments.  We have improved performance in checking permissions, CPU usage, and more.
•Optimized the collaboration stream features to reduce CPU consumption on the server, particularly when large numbers of users are logged into Jama at once.
•Eliminated more than 60 synchronous calls, which had been causing the browser to become unresponsive while waiting for a response from the server.  This speeds up initial login to Jama.
• Improved performance of Review Center.
•Reduced the number of unintentional in-app tabs that are created through normal use of Jama, which will reduce browser memory usage and improve performance when browsers are left open for a long time (particularly Firefox).  Users can still create in-app tabs when they need them.
•Optimized the efficiency of permissions checks and other backend calls to reduce CPU and memory consumption throughout Jama.
•Introduced a workaround for a very small number of customers who experienced performance problems with our author and date facets.  Most customers are not impacted by this situation.
To learn more read our article about performance benchmarking.

New Capabilities
Move Items
Users can now move a set or component from one project to another while maintaining the history and all key metadata of the items being moved. This can help you make your Jama instance more performant if you have more than the recommended number of items in a project. 
System Health Report
The goal of the report is to give administrators insight into what they can do to optimize performance for your specific installation. It does not prevent user actions in any way. Instead, it's a tool built to highlight past activities that you can improve in the future, such as generating slow reports or extra large test plans. The report links to recommendations customers can take action on right away. This report is the first step to educating users about intended usage patterns and configurations.
New Blue Notifications
Jama has new notifications that advise the user if an operation exceeds recommended parameters. The goal for the prompts is to provide advance notification around costly operations, as well as to link to best practices for how to minimize them in the future.
Security Updates
Changes to the ability to use iframes in the rich text editor
In the interest of better security, we’ve introduced a few changes to the rich text editor in both the item editor and the collaboration stream. In previous iterations of the rich text editor, a user could include a hidden iframe element in the text of a comment or description, which could employ a link to load potentially malicious content from another domain. Because Jama does not have access to this content until the link is clicked, validating its contents to prevent these attacks is not possible. Instead, we are removing the ability to load this content within open Jama pages by making the following changes:
•Users can no longer use the target attribute of the /a element to target specific elements in Jama. Top-level targets, such as a new window, may still be used.
•The iframe element will no longer allow the name or id elements.

• Most users will not be affected by these changes. However, if you have inserted links in rich text fields that interact with iframes or other elements on the page, these interactions will no longer work after the item in has been updated.
Whitelist for attachment types
Jama now has a whitelist for the file types allowed as attachments. A file extension validation is performed when attachments are added to ensure files match the type specified in the extension. Jama will allow extensions not on the whitelist to be downloaded but not run in the browser. This means that users who run BIRT and Velocity reports as HTML and with the .html extension Jama will not allow the file to be opened directly in the browser. Users will be giving the option to download the file, however, images (including graphs generated by BIRT) will not be included. The recommended approach is to run the reports as PDF or Word. 
Resolved Issues

MAIN-BUG-136: Downstream relationships can be created to locked items, but upstream relationships cannot. Now all relationship types can be added. 
SOS-BUG-471: Newly-added reviewer cannot reply to comment made in previous revision.
SOS-BUG-707: Deleting a project that has an item with large number of subscriptions will throw a SQL error in SQL Server and Oracle databases.
SOS-BUG-741: Creating large Test Cycles (over 2000 Test Cases) can time out or lock Jama depending on available system resources.
SOS-BUG-748: Long search string results pushes buttons and Actions menu out of browser view.
SOS-BUG-785: Formatted style (pre tags) do not render correctly in Reading and Single Item View.
SOS-BUG-811: System Level: 2015.2 Lucene Index - More than one re-index task can be triggered at one time.
SOS-BUG-834: Exporting fields with colors to excel in 2015.1 is slow and creates larger than expected files.
SOS-BUG-838: Legacy JIRA Connector Sync taking hours to days to complete due to SocialTraceabilityListener.
SOS-BUG-854: Excel Reports with multiple or large pick lists can take an exceptionally long time to generate.
SOS-BUG-865: Review center dashboard takes longer than expected to load in 2015.1.
SOS-BUG-970: Operation times out when relating an item with many existing relationships. 
SOS-BUG-985: Test Runs with IDs higher than 1000 are not displayed in Test Plan Summary report pie charts. (SQL Server only.)
Other Notes
Contour-*.xml Configuration files that previously resided in the {tomcat-home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF directory have changed locations to {tomcat-home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes/context. Templates, reports and scripts folders have moved from {tomcat-home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF to {tomcat-home}/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes.

A Java argument contradictory to the recommended settings was published in the packaged help guide. If you are setting up an Enterprise-sized installation of Jama, please read about the correct settings.

2015.1: Jama Spring Release
Available for download on April 7, 2015.
Note that the original build, 2015/04/03, was missing background event indexing functionality.

New Capabilities

*New User Interface
Jama has a more streamlined flow for using the core List and Reading Views, including in-line editing, simplified menu actions and check-box selection on large lists. 

*Get to productivity faster with the new Home Page
One of the first things you’ll notice when you log in to Jama is the new home icon that leads to an improved home page that acts as your personal Jama launch pad.
In this new view you can:
- Quickly navigate to your most recently viewed projects
- View your active reviews you’re a part of, or start a new review
- Scan activity in the Stream including questions directed to you, actions, and decisions needed
This new view will give you a great place to start a productive day. And, if you’re bringing on new team members it will be easy to get them oriented to Jama and working in the system.

*Calculated fields enable better prioritization
If you have a long list of backlogged items you’re going to love Jama’s new calculated fields, one of our most requested capabilities. One of the most useful things you can do with this new feature is assign values to each item in your backlog to determine their relative priority, making it easier to decide what to focus on next.
You can also create a custom field that calculates numbers in other fields, including sum, average and multiplication.

*BIRT Reporting Update to 4.4.2
- Improved UI
- Performance enhancements
- Donut charts now available
- Supports export to .xlsx and .docx
- Better filter and aggregate calculations
- Better Excel reports, including being able to export charts and graphs to Excel

*SOAP API throttling
The 2015.1 release of Jama introduces a new option to help system admins protect their Jama servers. The system can now stop aggressive SOAP integrations from overwhelming the CPU and degrading overall system performance by throttling the threads available and queuing SOAP requests. This option is configurable to fit the CPU cores available and requires a restart to enable. 

*Time Based Filters
You can now limit filter results to the past days, week, and months to see only the most recent and relevant information. This feature surfaces
both in the advanced filter creation flow, as well as in the NEW filters to the left of the new List View.

*Patch fix on last activity date
New field that captures when changes happen (date and time).
*Event Indexing
If an admin re-indexes the system, the activities will be indexed in the background cutting the time to get back in the system by 30%.
*Additional Facets
We are currently support the following new facets to quickly filter through items by author and keyword to help you get to the content you want to see quicker.

Resolved Bugs
SOS-BUG-224/MAIN-BUG-133: Deleting a user group that is included in a workflow notification causes item creation or update to fail.
SOS-BUG-274/MAIN-BUG-180: When workflow is disabled the menu option “Batch Transition Workflow” is still available, and user receives inapplicable error.
SOS-BUG-293/MAIN-BUG-6: User cannot import to a workflow field even if workflow is disabled.
SOS-BUG-300/MAIN-BUG-114: User locks prompt incorrect error when attempting batch workflow transitions.
SOS-BUG-351/MAIN-BUG-120: Test Plans remain active after being archived.
SOS-BUG-368/MAIN-BUG-378: Table editor will not allow users to resize columns if rich text editor is in full-screen mode or had been in full-screen mode.
SOS-BUG-372/MAIN-BUG-382: In the Review Center, default data user “Agile User” agrees with comments in Reviews.
SOS-BUG-376/MAIN-BUG-385: In custom Word templates, the comments field code doesn't work for Test Run item type.
SOS-BUG-386: Release List in "Project > Configure Project" displays date incorrectly depending on local time.
SOS-BUG-446: Not Run Test Cases still hold a "Scheduled" status after being removed from a Test Plan.
SOS-BUG-450: If a filter has been used for a review, that filter can not be deleted even if the review and baseline have been deleted.
SOS-BUG-451: When in the Review Center Stats page, users cannot Batch Update a selection of items.
SOS-BUG-408: Type display issues occur because rich text editor is configured to size font in pixels, but Jama's CSS uses point size.
SOS-BUG-420: Deleting an entire line above a paragraph in rich text editor causes the paragraph below to be assigned a 10-point font.
SOS-BUG-421/MAIN-BUG-359: Relationship explorer pane closes if user clicks on a different item in the Explorer tree, so user cannot make multiple relationships at once.
SOS-BUG-449: Deleting a relationship in the Table Layout view will not show up in the Activity Stream.
SOS-BUG-497: Editing an Editor Template causes an error to be thrown when a new item is created.
SOS-BUG-510: When an item type contains a rollup field, importing and version compare fails.
SOS-BUG-511: In the updated list view, users do not see all Batch Update menu options if they have selected all items.
SOS-BUG-513: Users with collaborator licenses are unable to execute test runs.
SOS-BUG-526: Filter for Test Runs throws JavaScript error if the Test Case item type is selected in the List View configuration.
In Reading View, accessing a set or folder with only text items inside will throw error and prevent viewing of any other sets.
SOS-BUG-545: The login page of Jama reports an incorrect version of 2015.x instead of 2014.x.
SOS-BUG-558: In the Stream, HTTP requests to get comment updates cause eventual 100% memory allocation on PermGen space.
SOS-BUG-583: Opening an item in Reading or List View without making changes and canceling it out will flag the item as updated.
SOS-BUG-594: Tomcat sessions expiration times are 1000X longer than they are set to be.
SOS-BUG-628: Removing project-level Workflow override removes override on same item type in other projects.
SOS-BUG-670: After deactivating and reactivating a user, Jama will set the user with an unavailable license type.
SOS-BUG-690: Editing or viewing items that use Rollup fields may throw Hibernate exception.
SOS-BUG-783 Attachments with an en dash (unicode \u2013) in the name are not accessible.

2014.2: Jama Fall Release
Available for download on November 11, 2014

New Capabilities

Public Reviews — Keeping teams aligned
The Review Center now has the ability to make reviews public! Public reviews can be viewed by anyone with access to review center. This review status can be used to share the valuable conversations and mission-critical decisions made during review cycles without the need to invite numerous individuals manually or disrupting the review statistics.
Using public reviews, it is even easier to provide context to development teams. For any review in which requirements are defined, once it is approved it can be made public by the moderator. Then development teams assigned to execute on those requirements can access that review in a read-only view. This allows development to gain context for the product they are developing, and enables informed decision making and meaningful collaboration even asynchronously.
Public reviews can be found on the new, dedicated All Public Reviews page in Review Center.

Public Reviews that Respect User Permissions
In the September Jama release, we added a new "Public Reviews" feature, and now we've added even more controls. Review Center's integrated collaboration is great for defining and evolving development work, but it's sometimes challenging to share these conversations with the right people at the right time. Early in a review stage, people don't always know who will exactly be on the build team later on, for example, or the team roster might change midway through a project.
The Public Reviews feature allows moderators to share reviews with everyone who has access to Jama at the time they need this information. In this release of the Public Reviews feature, we have added finer control of user permissions. Public Review access can now be limited to users with permissions to all of the review's source items.
Review Admins set up public reviews. They can confirm who will have access to the review by reading the description in the "Make This Public" setting under Permissions Options.

Rollup Fields
A product development challenge faced by many teams is knowing the progress status of a different team. Jama has long provided the ability to relate information such that it was easy to navigate from the idea to the work in progress. Now with this release, Jama has a new feature called "Rollup Fields" that lets users add a Progress Bar to an item that will indicate the progress made on related items. For example, if your team is working in Agile, you might have Stories related to Epics. Product Managers looking at the Epics can now see a roll-up of all progress being made on all Stories within a particular Epic. This new feature saves you time and gives visibility to a broader audience on overall progress.


Rich Text Editor Upgrade
In this release we have updated our Rich Text Editor. This upgrade will bring several enhancements as well as fix some issues with the previous version. Below is a list of the main enhancements:

    Images can now be uploaded using drag or copy and paste.
    Images can be resized by dragging to resize.
    Spell-check is now on by default and leverages the browser spell-check dictionary (except for IE9, which uses a built-in plug-in).
    The ability to work with tables has been improved by providing clear action items.
    The bullets have been improved to allow for tabbed indent, better visual formatting and the ability to modify the bullets inline.
    Exporting to Word has been improved due to improved use of formatting. (Improved formatting will be applied as users modify items. It will not automatically update as part of the upgrade.)
    Users can now remove formatting with one click.
    The Rich Text Editor resizes dynamically as the user types to create more space.
Support for IE 10/11
We now support IE 10 and 11.

Changes to Permissions
Permissions for creating test plans have been changed from requiring "Manage Project" rights to requiring Create/Edit permissions to the entire project. This will free up the ability to give users access to creating test plans without also giving them access to project configuration capabilities. This was a top request from customers who do a lot of testing within Jama.

API Notes
SOAP has been turned off by default. To enable it, you will need to check a box in root administration.

Resolved bugs

    MAIN-BUG-3: Can't change Relationship settings to show note in grid.
    MAIN-BUG-7: "Item does not exist" error thrown in new review revision when searching terms in feedback tab.
    MAIN-BUG-15: Using JIRA, some items get "no changes" entries from JIRA sync even though nothing is changed.
    MAIN-BUG-32: Test Plan Detail report colors do not appear.
    MAIN-BUG-37: Cannot attach files with # pound sign in file name.
    MAIN-BUG-52: Custom field not displaying in Review Center Reading view when field is "Item Of Type."
    MAIN-BUG-66: Filters fail when "unique field name" of custom field has a pick list with a space.
    MAIN-BUG-76: Session expiration creates warning message loop.
    MAIN-BUG-88: No error message is provided when user is locked out of AD.
    MAIN-BUG-90: "Modified by" date updating even if nothing is changed on the item.
    MAIN-BUG-97:  In Reading View, text item description field does not display as expected.
    MAIN-BUG-107: List View doesn't display correct columns or Configure View after using Reading View.
    MAIN-BUG-114/SOS-BUG-300: User locks prompt incorrect error when attempting batch workflow transitions.
    MAIN-BUG-116: When duplicating project and settings are copied, locations for defect can't be changed from source project.
    MAIN-BUG-135: When importing Word document, extra lines are added between lines and in table cell.
    MAIN-BUG-158: Attachment history does not get updated if the name of the updated attachment is the same as what was last attached.
    MAIN-BUG-163: Deleting an @-mention in Stream can cause further @-mention auto-completes to fail.
    MAIN-BUG-197: Batch Update Test Run Status doesn't update test case.
    MAIN-BUG-201: "Release" is an available option for Reuse field rules, but Release field cannot actually be reused within the same project.
    MAIN-BUG-227: When a folder is moved in Explorer tree, its contents retain original set's permissions.
    MAIN-BUG-235: When using "Add Sub item" option on a locked item, the new item cannot be saved.
    MAIN-BUG-241: Attachments with an apostrophe or % sign in the name cause a FileNotFoundException when a user attempts to open the file.
    MAIN-BUG-258: Filter for Test Run with "Has Test Case" condition returns Parse Error "could not execute query."
    MAIN-BUG-262: Making an old version of Test Plan current throws error.
    MAIN-BUG-264: Creating new sub-item from a system-locked item will cause endless “Saving” screen when saving the new item.
    MAIN-BUG-265: When using Excel Round-trip, custom fields do not import for new items.
    MAIN-BUG-266: Angle brackets are dropped in Excel reports.
    MAIN-BUG-270: New Users receive error when clicking on comment link.
    MAIN-BUG-271: In JIRA Connector settings, selecting Sync Mode: One Way Into or From Jama will always populate Conflict Resolution with "Use Jama" after mapping.
    MAIN-BUG-275: Import from Round-trip keeps HTML in description field.
    MAIN-BUG-279: In a Test Run, Test Case Details item popup obscures session renew dialog.
    MAIN-BUG-283: While using Reading View in a Baseline, attempting to use "Configure View" causes an error.
    MAIN-BUG-286: While viewing Versions Tab in Synced Items, "Make Current" button disappears.
    MAIN-BUG-287: After modifying "show" bar in Admin User page, it does not save.
    MAIN-BUG-293: In the Stream, users with Reviewer licenses are able to see conversations for any project they have Read permissions to.
    MAIN-BUG-295: In Review Center, closed date on an archived review is updated upon recovering.
    MAIN-BUG-300: Attempting to add an attachment without read permissions causes upload dialog to spin until page is refreshed.
    MAIN-BUG-303: Two users are able to execute the same Test Run.
    MAIN-BUG-305: TFS user fields utilize Display Name instead of Username.
    MAIN-BUG-307: Reviewers gets two identical emails if added to an existing review.
    MAIN-BUG-310: Password strength settings don't take effect until browser is refreshed or logged out.
    MAIN-BUG-316: When item is edited, the email sent to chosen recipients is different than the email that goes to users with subscriptions.
    MAIN-BUG-318: License page in Admin throws Javascript errors, generating faulty usage graph.
    MAIN-BUG-323: Review Center Stats Report works only for open reviews that the logged-in user created.
    MAIN-BUG-339/SOS-BUG-237: In the Stream, user cannot @mention multiple users or items in a row.
    MAIN-BUG-359/SOS-BUG-421: Relationship explorer pane closes if user clicks on a different item in the Explorer tree, so user cannot make multiple relationships at once.
    MAIN-BUG-360/SOS-BUG-209: In Admin, adding widgets to some item types will throw error "Item Type Key XX is already being used by Item Type YY."
    MAIN-BUG-364/SOS-BUG-213: Quotes in the names of linked columns in List view cause malformed field when exporting to Excel.
    MAIN-BUG-367/SOS-BUG-216: When editing a diagram, user is not warned when session times out, receiving error only upon saving.
    MAIN-BUG-368/SOS-BUG-217: Over-sized table is not completely displayed.
    MAIN-BUG-378/SOS-BUG-368: Table editor will not allow users to resize columns if rich text editor is in full-screen mode or had been in full-screen mode.
    SOS-BUG-348: Tomcat 7.0.54 servers throw Exception error when attempting to generate Word or Excel reports.
    SOS-BUG-370: "Convert Item" function leads to Permissions Error.
    SOS-BUG-397: Tables pasted from Word do not retain their justification.
    SOS-BUG-400: Upgrading to 2014.1 with an Oracle database throws errors in the setup wizard.
    SOS-BUG-409: If items are locked through Workflow, they cannot be updated through Batch Transition Workflow.
    SOS-BUG-444: "Make Test Runs Current" fails for some users.

Fixed because of Rich Text Editor upgrade
    MAIN-BUG-5: Unable to create mixed bullet lists and numbered lists; lists look different between edit and item screen.
    MAIN-BUG-22: Display of indent of different styles of numbering is inconsistent.
    MAIN-BUG-30: Image Paste not functional in JDK 1.7.
    MAIN-BUG-94: Unexpected backspace behavior when working in the Rich Text Editor.
    MAIN-BUG-122: Inconsistency when pasting images.
    MAIN-BUG-263: Spell-check does not work after saving an item with spell-check selected.
    MAIN-BUG-282: In IE11, Copy/Paste text doesn't work in Rich Text Fields.

Jama Spring 2014.1: May 16, 2014
Available for download on May 17, 2014

Key new capabilities

Traceability Rules

You can now create rules for traceability to better ensure confidence and accuracy with coverage. Once you've applied the rules to one or more projects, the rules will guide users to accurately ensure they create traceability. Once you've related product information to the the rules, you will see information changes or note when information is missing.

Connected Users 

Collaboration, and specifically, decision-making, is critical to product delivery. So is the ability to see who is connected to every item being worked on. Jama has added Connected Users, a visualization of all the people who have interacted with a work item. It also shows you all the people connected to the item indirectly. This feature connects the data—the information—of the work with the people involved to empower faster, simpler decision-making. Collaborating with the right people, in real time, speeds delivery time.

Collaboration Stream Enhancements

The Stream continues to be where product conversations and decisions occur inside Jama. In this release, we've added some additional functionality to the Stream based on customer feedback. Namely, you can now delete comments (they will still exist in the activity log and users or administrators will be able to retrieve them). Additionally, when users use the @ mention in the Stream to link items or find users, those users and groups move to the top for quicker access.


We've heard from you that you occasionally need to completely delete a project from Jama. You can now delete completely or archive projects. This supports different requirements customers have for the length of time data needs to legally exist.


Other Features in this release:

  • Relationship status now shows orphans, suspect or missing relationships based on rules applied.
  • Relationship status alert can be displayed on the List View, Coverage Explorer and Item view.
  • Comments can be displayed on the List View and the Coverage Explorer.
  • Ability to search custom text fields has been added to the global search field.
  • The reuse wizard now defaults to current project streamline reusing multiple times.
  • JIRA integration is aligned with Atlassian's support policy (5.x and up).
  • Support for TFS 2013 has been added.

Bugs Fixed

MAIN-BUG-1 -  If a field is part of a Workflow in Jama, it would not sync, even if set correctly with 'From Jama' sync mode.

MAIN-BUG-34 - Opening a project via URL did not make the project current.

MAIN-BUG-38 - Comments being synced to JIRA in plain text still had HTML tags.

MAIN-BUG-42 - Javascript errors were appearing to users, but yielded no value.

MAIN-BUG-54 - Organization level sync options were not being exported with the organization data.

MAIN-BUG-102 - When adding a URL to an item, the permissions were from the current project, not the item’s project.

MAIN-BUG-108 - My Reviews was timing out before users were able to see the full page.

MAIN-BUG-119 - Multi-select list values in the last column of the List View ran over the column.

MAIN-BUG-141- User group pagination was not working if the organization had over 20 groups.

MAIN-BUG-143- Multiple items mentioned in a Stream comment were all linked to the first item mentioned.

mAIN-BUG-148- Some organizations were not able to search their LDAP directory through Jama.

MAIN-BUG-174- An image pasted into the rich text editor using Firefox would not render if viewed through Internet Explorer 8.

MAIN-BUG-179- Edit and Save for Export to Excel or Word was changing the organization Id to null in the database.

MAIN-BUG-192- Permission override was working incorrectly and preventing some users from adding attachments in an item.

MAIN-BUG-193- Reuse Source Project Hierarchy in Destination Project was working incorrectly with overridden permissions.

MAIN-BUG-203 - Project managers were not able to modify workflow when Allow Project Managers to Modify Workflow was checked.

MAIN-BUG-209- Activity Stream View Changes showed the most recent changes, instead of all of the changes.

MAIN-BUG-212- Session refresh after clearing cache was causing incorrect activity logs.

MAIN-BUG-214- Removing a pick list option from a multi-select field resulted in a javascript error message and a corrupted field value.

MAIN-BUG-220- The Subscribe checkbox under the Actions dropdown would not stay checked when the item was closed, even though a subscription did exist.

MAIN-BUG-221 -Test Steps were not being saved in a Test Case unless the description field was also edited.

MAIN-BUG-228- Reviewers who had been removed from a review continued to receive notifications for commented items.

MAIN-BUG-229- Users could not publish a new revision of a review if it contained more than 500 items.

MAIN-BUG-231- Floating user licenses with “Remember Me” option selected were not being released correctly after session timeout.

MAIN-BUG-232- Users were able to have multiple sessions allowing them to be logged in and operate within two different browsers.

MAIN-BUG-245 - Potential clickjacking vulnerability.

MAIN-BUG-247- Jama email notifications were being blacklisted from email servers.

MAIN-BUG-254- LDAP Search was not showing the full name attribute.

MAIN-BUG-308 - Some SMTP mail servers were blocking application notifications due to the sender in the header being empty

JAMA FALL 2013 (4.2)

Stay in sync on key decisions and important details so you can execute on ideas and delivery great products.
Collaboration Stream
• Added the ability for LDAP and Crowd non-Jama users to be invited to a Collaboration Stream discussion using the @mention functionality.
• Enhanced thread categorization: Teams can now quickly escalate and resolve issues, as well as ask and answer questions, while providing context to other stakeholders.
• Save favorite Collaboration Stream filters to quickly retrieve the conversations you care about and easily hide the ones you don't.
• Unsubscribe email notifications within a Collaboration Stream thread to minimize the noise in your inbox.• View all relevant context for multifaceted conversations without needing to leave the Collaboration Stream view.
• #tag any comment in the Collaboration Stream to quickly filter down to all conversations including that #tag.
• Action tags structure and clarify conversation streams quickly, using common social collaboration paradigms.
• @Reference both people and items.
• Quick filters let you find action tag items fast.• Assign and address multiple, independent actions within a single conversation thread, and view the response in context with the original action tag.
• Smarter filters group like items together, return the most recently accessed items, and improve results based on keyboard shortcuts.
New Jama Connector for Microsoft Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server
Sync information between Jama and Microsoft TFS using the new Jama Connector for TFS. This enhances the ability for business stakeholders and product teams working in Jama to provide clear definitions into the Agile teams working in TFS.
Jama Connector for JIRA/Rally Enhancements
Syncing performance is greatly improved for large projects with thousands of items. Better support for syncing custom field types.
Item Type Conversion
Convert item types on the fly as project dynamics and item states change while maintaining traceability and minimizing rework.
Persist User Preferences
Jama lets you personalize your favorite settings and remembers them between logins:• List/reading view
• Number of visible items in list view
• Most recent projects• Landing page shown at login

• Internet Explorer 10 is now supported.
• Actions are no longer enabled with the # character. This has been changed to the ! character. Projects, items, groups and people are now referred to using the @ character. A script will run with the upgrade to switch existing decision and item syntax to the updated version. Tags can now be created at the organization level using the # character
.• Rally API upgraded to 1.43.

MAIN-BUG-4: Special characters can be set in the password field but were not working when a user tried to log in. Special characters no longer cause an error when logging in.
MAIN-BUG-8: Administrators cannot view the daily usage of Floating Collaborator licenses. All licenses are now visible when looking at daily usage.
MAIN-BUG-9: Users cannot save a diagram in Firefox. All supported versions of Firefox are now able to save diagrams.
MAIN-BUG-12: Some JIRA item types were not syncing. Errors were occurring because fields were empty. Jama now checks for and handles empty fields when syncing those item types.
MAIN-BUG-13: When large numbers of items are syncing from JIRA, long delays and user timeout errors occur. Sync performance from JIRA to Jama has been greatly enhanced.
MAIN-BUG-16: Some users in Review Center cannot create a review when selecting multiple releases or individual items.
MAIN-BUG-18: Office templates no longer populate subfolders using the Children function, as they had prior to Jama 4.0. Subfolders now can be populated from filters using the Children function.
MAIN-BUG-20: Attempting to sync custom Rally fields using the Item Type connection silently fails. Sync now works with newly created Rally custom fields.
MAIN-BUG-24: The EA Connector Test Connection button stopped working on EA version 10 and Jama 4.0. The Test Connection button works in Jama 4.2.
MAIN-BUG-27: Item of type fields sync sent the item’s API-ID to JIRA. Jama will now send over the Item Name and Id.
MAIN-BUG-28: If a user that has been created but does not log in is invited to a review, the user receives a security check link that does not allow them to log into the review. They will now be able to log into the review.
MAIN-BUG-39: When you sync an item to JIRA that has a text box with a value, clearing the value and syncing again will result in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error. Jama now checks for and handles empty fields when syncing.
MAIN-BUG-40: Session expired dialog will not clear when client and server are not on the same time zone. Jama now handles the time zone discrepancy.
MAIN-BUG-43: In filters, related items appear even when client and server are not on the same time zone. Jama now handles the time zone discrepancy.
MAIN-BUG-49: HTTP 500 Error when clicking Stream menu item.
MAIN-BUG-56: Resource URLs in the Stream are not generated correctly.
MAIN-BUG-63: Stream refresh keeps sessions active. Sessions will now close if the screen is inactive and on Stream.
MAIN-BUG-64: Web services GetItemsForProject function does not behave intuitively in regards to start and count flags. The function was changed to work as expected.
MAIN-BUG-65: Review Center Stats losing approver progress when changes are made to review. Approver pie chart now correctly reflects the status of approver progress.
MAIN-BUG-68: Session timeout does not work in Review Center. Sessions now close correctly.
MAIN-BUG-98: Unable to run Test Plan Summary report on hosted server. The report queries were changed to improve performance.
MAIN-BUG-127: JIRA sync hanging and not completing. Jama now limits the duration of JIRA connections in order to prevent hanging connections.

Jama Summer 2013 4.0

Stream: Stream gives members of the product development team a way to capture ad-hocconversations that are often lost in emails andmeeting rooms today. By associating thesediscussions decisions to the related items andprojects, teams are not only able to ensurealignment within the team but also providetransparency to business stakeholders who need tostay in sync. With Stream, project team memberscan also pull key stakeholders seamlessly intoconversations by name or email address (if they are not a Jama user).
Capture: Now users can quickly capture images such as whiteboard conversations in Jama, where they can be tied to a conversation, project, or item. Having those conversations tied to the associated context not only allows new participants to easily get up to speed and contribute, but documents the conversation and associated questions, reasoning, and decisions to review later. This also makes it easy for the team to pull in other stakeholders to their conversations in order to drive to decision or possibly inform them of “ripple effect” changes to their associated deliverables.
Decisions: Loss of productivity occurs when teams have to focus on tracking down the answer to a question or get a critical decision made. With Jama, these potential blockers can easily be escalated so the right people see it quickly via email or mobile device (Android or iOS), respond, allowing the team to get back to work. Comments can be marked or tagged as questions and decision requests and these decision makers are notified (@mention people) in real-time to make decisions and answer questions. Importantdecisions are now tracked so there is a system of record to show what decisions are made, who made themand why. Real-time decisions are made in Jama with a historical record for future reference.
Jama for IBM DOORS: Import active IBM DOORS data, such as requirements, test cases and all of the project information you care about into Jama. It takes just 3 simple steps. Export the modules you care about from DOORS. Zip up the HTML file and images. Then import the file into Jama, selecting the fields you care about and pick where you want the data. The Jama for IBM DOORS migration solution maintains all relationships, so you can easily configure or change any elements.
Mobile Access: Easily communicate with the entire project team to get clarification and decisions made, from anywhere, via mobile, email, or online. Jama is compatible with the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.
Stakeholder Access: Easily pull in stakeholders
(those who have a vested interest in the project, possibly approval rights, but don’t actually do any work on the project in Jama) by name or email address with frictionless access to share ideas and keep everyone in sync. These stakeholders can be mentioned in the discussion and be copied on the discussion thread. They can respond with comments and/or decisions directly to the comment stream without being required to have a login or license. In addition, they will be given a temporary license with full Creator rights (although no permissions by default).
• When upgrading from previous Contour versions, the Index folder must be deleted. This will prevent errors from occurring.
• Session timeouts are no longer handled through the web.xml file. Session timeouts can now be configured using the root system administrator’s System Properties page.
• If your organization uses LDAP or Crowd to set up users in Jama, and you are interested in allowing people outside of Jama to be invited into discussions using Stream, please contact Jama Support.
• Floating Collaborator and Review licenses have been deprecated. However, current license types will continue to work.
• New 30-day Creator licenses will be assigned to users outside of Jama when they are invited to a discussion. The license will have full Creator capabilities, but will expire at the end of 30 days. Users will need to be assigned a permanent license to continue using Jama.
• Internet Explorer 10 is not currently supported. RESOLVED ISSUES
JC-BUG-5328, JC-BUG-4973, JC-RQST-394, JC-RQST-310: Fields not present in the item type of the upstream item are not able to be printed in the RELATIONSHIPS downstream template or upstream template. The CHILDREN and SYNCHRONIZED_ITEMS templates are also affected.TT-RB-789: Corrupt file notification when importing some documents. Upgraded the Aspose library.
TT-RB-1: HTML cleaner was adding additional line breaks in the output after saving content, causing incorrect display of text. This bug only occurred if Enable HTML Tag Security Cleaning is set to Yes in Contour System Properties.
TT-RB-158: Baseline Signatures not displaying username.
TT-RB-720: Batch update and inline editing was failing in List view.
TT-RB-793: Review Center: Switching views in Review Administrator gives DWR error.
As part of the upgrade process on June 27, 2013, our servers were moved to a new data center. Because of this the IP addresses for these servers have changed. Users will want to update the firewall settings for JIRA connectors. The new IP addresses are
:• www.contourhosted.com
• na1.contourhosted.com
• na2.contourhosted.com

#installation #releasenotes


04-08-2016 15:25

It's coming soon, Tatiana. We're in the closing stages of beta testing. What I can tell you is that it should comprise all of the hosted features from the past many 3/4 of a year or so :)

04-08-2016 11:01

Are there any news when new on-premise version is going to be available and what features it will include? I took a look at the latest hosted version and I would love to have some of these new cool features! :)

02-17-2016 21:58

Stephen, if you'd like to see it from our VP of Engineering's perspective, he's posted an update: https://community.jamasoftware.com/browse/announcements?AnnouncementKey=85c2d662-120c-4188-bb1c-963dc021b955. I know you saw the post about the https://community.jamasoftware.com/blogs/kristina-king/2017/09/29/new-issue-discovered-with-jira-legacy-connector-in-20153-and-hosted-environment but what wasn't clear in that is that the bug was the result of a fix we put in place for the JIRA bug discovered in 2015.2. The 2015.2 JIRA bug (SOS-BUG-1001) was the result of a code change on Atlassian's side. Both of things issues could potentially be critical if the right conditions were met, so it was our duty to correct them swiftly. The reason we put out 2015.5 was due to a bug that could cause massive slowdowns in a large enterprise environment (SOS-BUG-1055). What did we learn from this sequence of events? 
-We need to try to build a relationship with Atlassian so we aren't caught off-guard by an API code change.
-We need to better test the legacy connectors.
-We need to do heavier load testing.

#1 may not be feasible based on Atlassian's business model (they don't need to build a relationship with us as a partner—they have a large loyal customer base!), but #2 and #3 are definitely actionable. Just in the past four weeks we've had more resources directed towards testing with the formation of a new Quality team—rather than have our entire QA team test at the end of a sprint, a subset of the QA team will be testing throughout the entire development cycle, leading to more captured and corrected bugs (and they're also increasing the frequency of automated testing). I don't have a reason why this release has been so troublesome, only that there were three bugs so critical they demanded an expedient fix, so we couldn't wait to package them together. I'd say another 2015.x is extremely unlikely because we haven't filed any new high or critical  bugs—just your run-of-the-mill usability pains. (Not that I'm proud of those, but they're better than ones that substantially slow down work.)

I hope that helps explain things a little bit, and you're right, it is hard to answer.

02-17-2016 17:17

Hi Kristina,

The 2015.2+ release has not gone very well.  I've held off upgrading our on-premise live instance kind of due to business but have missed all the issues that have led to 2015.5.  I know this is hard to answer, but how confident are you that this is a stable release?  How likely is it that we will have further 2015 releases?

Any idea why this particular upgrade has been so troublesome?


12-21-2015 16:37

2015.3 is now available for download. This release adds support for integration with JIRA 7.1 as well as a bug fix for SOS-BUG-1001.

12-09-2015 21:07

If you have downloaded 2015.2 and use our legacy JIRA Connector, I want to draw your attention to a newly discovered critical bug, SOS-BUG-1001: JIRA Connector fails to sync for projects with more than one item type mapping and the number of items under a location is in the double digits (~50).  Currently, sync may not work when your connector mapping includes more than one item type being synced between Jama and JIRA. We recommend upgrading 2015.2 into a testing environment prior to upgrading. If you have already upgraded and are experiencing problems, reach out to our support team. We are working on a solution and will update the download as soon as it’s available.

12-02-2015 14:14

Hi Mark!
2015.2 was released on November 17 and can be found on our main website.

12-02-2015 12:15

When can we expect the On-premise Version? Any change in the system requirements (tomcat/java etc.)?

11-11-2015 14:39

Hi Lien, the 2015.2 download is not yet posted. Note that there is a cosmetic bug that causes 2014.2 to appear as 2015.2 on the login page.

11-10-2015 20:24

Just a quick question. Can we already On-premise Version 2015.2 download ?

10-15-2015 14:07

OK. Thank you for the follow-up.  I submitted a ticket, probably while you responded.  That being said I suppose my ticket may be closed. -Paul

10-15-2015 13:53

Huh, interesting. I was going by https://jira.atlassian.com/projects/JRA?selectedItem=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:release... which doesn't show a release date for 7.0. In terms of the new connector (JIH), I'm sure we'll have some news about expanding version of JIRA compatibility in the next few months, once the dust settles.

10-15-2015 13:27

JIRA 7.0 has already been released. https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/download

I'll have to check out the new connector. Thank you.

10-15-2015 12:56

The release is coming up soon—we're code complete and working on testing right now. However, there has been no further development on the JIRA Connector; in the future it won't support JIRA 7.0 once that comes out. We rolled out a new connector, the Jama Integration Hub, that will support future versions of JIRA.

10-15-2015 11:52

Any thought to the next release date for 2015.2?  Will the JIRA connector provide support for JIRA 7.0. JIRA Software 7.0 is a major update.

10-07-2015 17:48

Dan, I just wanted to provide you an update on this front. When we post the release notes for on-premises versions, starting with 2015.2, I will upload a PDF version and attach a link on this running list.

09-17-2015 13:31

Dan, thanks for chiming it. That makes sense. I'll see what I can do come the next release (2015.2).

09-17-2015 11:56

Hello Kristina, We distribute vendor release notes to our end users as a part of the training for new versions.  We also present them to our senior management steering committee when we request permission to proceed with upgrades.  Having the release notes in a "business friendly" portable format facilitates those goals.  Right now I take the release notes from the web page and I format them into a PDF.  I do not use your corporate logo or any standard in doing this.

06-03-2015 12:57

Felix, no, we don't offer the release notes as a PDF or other downloadable file. This is something I could start doing if there's a need for it, though. Can I ask for what reason you need the release notes downloadable? Thanks!

06-03-2015 03:58

Hi Kristina,

are the release notes available as PDF or something else for download?

Kind regards