Jama Release Versioning Scheme

By Maarika posted 03-23-2016 22:55



Starting with the next on-premises release of Jama Software, we are moving to a new release versioning scheme. All Jama releases —  both hosted and on-premises — will follow the release versioning scheme described below.

Jama releases will follow an X.Y.Z versioning scheme, where X refers to a Major version, Y refers to a Minor version and Z refers to an off-cycle, hotfix, or bugfix release.

  • Changing X means that we have introduced substantial changes to the software, its deployment architecture, complete user-facing overhauls of entire components of the product, or added a feature significant enough to warrant a big Marketing campaign. 
  • Changing Y means that we have introduced new features as well as some bug fixes. Overall the product is still familiar to users of the system.
  • Changing Z means that we have done nothing more than fixed defects or bugs. No new feature work will be included in an off-cycle release.


We are rebranding and renaming the 2016.1 release to Jama 8.0.0


Reasoning for the new Versioning Scheme:

  • With the next on-premises release of Jama, our existing versioning scheme will quickly become difficult to maintain. The new deployment model means that we can send the exact same build artifact (.war file) to our hosted environment as to our on-premises customers, and that we can deliver these updates to our on-premises customers on the same monthly cadence as the hosted releases, if this is desired. We want to make sure that a “release” is called the same thing regardless of whether the code is deployed to our hosted environment, or to our on-premises customers. This will help to align our customers, our support community and professional services, and provide everyone with a common language for referring to our releases. 
  • Changing to the versioning scheme reflected above means that both internally and externally we will have a more intuitive sense for how much has changed between releases, since this scheme is used by many software companies.
  • Why 8.0? The last numbered release was 4.2.7 (in 2014), and there have been a handful of Major releases of Jama Software to on-premises customers since then. 

For more information on the new on-premises deployment model, please see the following community posts:

On-premises update overview

On-premises update technical overview



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Thank you! 

04-18-2016 15:43

Hi Maarika, Welcome to the forum! Users may or may not know that Jama was coined by a Jama co-founder to sound like the Chinese words for “Good Code.” Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the latest release will be 8, which is a very lucky number for Chinese :-) Good luck with release management. swoo