Report templates and other files made by community members for community members

By Kristina posted 12-01-2015 20:18


Thanks to input from some community members (Tom, Harald, Swoo, Bob, Sebastian, the list goes on...), we now have a space for all of you to share report templates and other files that may prove useful. If you have a file you'd like to share, you can do so by selecting the Share a File link at the top of the community and we'll add the description to this list.
Read this post to get more details on the process and guarantees. (Basically, our hosting these files is not considered an endorsement by Jama, so proceed at your own risk.)
Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share! You can find all the available community-created files in the Member-created Resources library.

Word templates
System Test Procedure Book, created by Harald Hotz-Behofsits.
This is a Word template to generate items that are upstream of selected Test Cases. This is an example only—you may need to edit the template to include your own custom item types.

Other Report templates
Burndown chart for Excel, created by Bob Dilly.
This Excel takes an export of test run execution dates, runs it through a pivot table from which some data is copied into a table which plats a burndown chart.  Where I previously work we did this by hand periodically, then uploaded an image of the chart and stitched it into the appropriate dashboard in a rich-text widget. You will need to generate your own Excel export, of course, but this serves as a great example.

Upstream Traceability 5 Levels, created by Kevin Mote.
-NOTES: Starts at the level of Test Cases, then navigates through the "Upstream Relationships" to display the hierarchy of requirements.
-USAGE: Select all the Test Cases, then export using this Velocity template.
It's a good starting point for understanding how Velocity can work.
Setup: Formats HTML & Excel; Scope Organization; check Visible to Users and Context Sensitive.

Plugins (on-premises, pre-Jama 8.x use only)
Relationship Plugin, created by Harald Hotz-Behofsits.
This plugin, described in this community post, allows relationships to be displayed in the Review Center by updating rich text fields.
The linked file holds the plugin, to be placed in the lib directory of Jama, as well as a sql script to be executed before. After running that sql-script either restart Jama or clear all caches.
The script TraceUpdate_patch_ms_SQL.sql enables the fields text8, text9 and text10, as well enables the fields text8 and text9 for items having relationships. This script works with MS SQL Server, for other databases please consider the necessary changes.
Then there is some need to configure xml ...
Add to the file contour-service-helper.xml the following:

And set up a context-sensitive report:

Furthermore, there is a screenshot showing how to configure and enable the relationship plugin as event-plugin in the plugins section of the administration.

The report is necessary for initial setup, or to repair relationships after actions not providing the necessary events ensuring the update of the upstream and downstream fields. This report is just a container for executing Java code for a context-sensitive selection. 
This is provided without any warranty or liability. The source code is included in the jar.

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07-21-2016 12:42

We have now a Jama 8.1 running in a test environment with the plugin active and working.

Want to upgrade the test environemt to 8.4.1, if that works again, I hope to get the instructions documented how to do that.

06-07-2016 11:57

Harold, thank you very much!

06-07-2016 11:36

Hi Tatiana,

Our IT department installed Jama 8.1 on a test server. I dont't know yet.

When I know, I will publish it here.


06-07-2016 06:55

I have a question about the Jama 8.x - will it support Relationship Plugin plugin? We have just started testing it and it is very usefull, but I wonder, if it will continue working in Jama 8.x

05-30-2016 05:03

You can also enter that configuration change in the admin tab manually.

05-27-2016 18:52

Just wanted to note that I added a new Excel file by community member Bob Dilly: it's a great example of how you can take an Excel export and turn it into a burn down chart with the magic of pivot tables. 

05-05-2016 06:31

I'm trying to implement the TraceUpdate_patch_ms_SQL.sql on MySQL DB,
and I have a question:
What are relations between documentfield table and documenttype or documenttypefacet tables?

SELECT MAX(dtfd.sortOrder)+1 sortorder, AS fieldid, dtfd.documentTypeId
    FROM documenttypefielddefinition dtfd, documentfield df,documenttypefacet dtf, documenttype dt
    AND dtf.documentTypeId = dtfd.documentTypeId
    AND = 'text9'
    AND ='T'
    AND = dtfd.documentTypeId
    AND (dt.documenttypecategoryid IS NULL OR dt.documenttypecategoryid = 1009)
    GROUP BY, dtfd.documentTypeId

04-26-2016 14:26

Hey Z. You can copy the code from Harald's post about this plugin into a text file and save it as a .vm.

04-26-2016 09:54


I'd like to give this relationship report plugin a try, but I cannot find the RelationShipRefresh_silent.vm report file in the box (there's only the TraceUpdate_patch_ms_SQL.sql, TraceUpdate-0.9.jar, and .DS_Store).  Am I missing something in the instructions?

12-14-2015 21:10

If anyone is looking for a way to view relationships in the review center, Harald has shared a report and plugin that, when used together, will enable that (on-premises only).