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Jama Connect Self-Hosted Release Notes

By Kristina King posted 04-26-2016 21:14


NOTE: We recommend performing incremental upgrades to each major version change before proceeding to our latest release:
Incremental Step Upgrade Path for 8.x and Beyond

Supported Versions

Unsupported Versions

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Jama Connect 8.71.2 - Self-Hosted

Release date US/AU/EU: 2022/05/05

Velocity Report PDF Error

This release resolves an issue where users receive a "License Being Loaded Is Expired" error when running a Velocity report to PDF. This resulted from an issue updating the license of a third-party component used for rendering PDFs.

No other updates are included in this hotfix release.

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Jama Connect 8.71.1 - Self-Hosted

Release date EU/US: 2022/03/16

Release date AU: 2022/03/17


Performance Improvements 

This release features performance and scale improvements in our continuous efforts to align usability and capability in Jama Connect with our customers' growing adoption and usage. 

Experience significant improvements when you:

  • Open an existing review in Review Center -- while users will experience appreciable improvements in reviews of any size, larger reviews of 250+ items will see remarkable improvements in load times  
  • Batch update or batch workflow transition multiple items
  • Enable workflow at the organization or project level


Introducing the Categories Feature

We are excited to introduce the first iteration of the cross-project feature Categories. Use the Categories feature to organize and view items based on classifications like configurations, allocations, releases, or features. This feature offers a view into how items and components can build a final product. 

Use the Categories Feature To:

  • Allocate requirements to a hierarchy of items in a system of systems context where the items might exist in multiple projects
  • Manage releases for multiple items that live in multiple projects
  • Identify variants of products
  • Organize and view items in a cross-project hierarchy

    The Categories Feature is Available in These Areas of Jama Connect:

    • Admin
    • Single Item View, List View, and Reading View
    • Categories tab, when enabled, in the Explorer Tree
    • Labs API:
      • Associate categories with an item
      • Retrieve categories that are associated with an item

    In Future Releases, Categories Will Be Supported in These Features: 

    • Trace View
    • Filters
    • Exports
      • Word/PDF
    • Velocity reports
    • Baselines
    • Review Center
    • Item version history
    • Item activity
    • Project activity stream
    • Imports

    Enabling the Categories Option

    The Categories option is disabled by default. The organization admin must enable it for the option to appear in Jama Connect and be available for users.

    When enabled, users with read/write permissions can interact with:

    1. Categories tab in the Explorer Tree
    2. Categories table in Single Item View
    3. Manage categories button in Single Item View, Reading View, and List View 

    When enabled, organization admins can interact with: 


    1. Categories admin tree

    2. Selected category path option 

    3. Variations of selected category option

      Roles for the Categories Feature  

      Your role determines which tasks you can perform when you use the Categories feature. 


       Responsibilities and Actions 

       User with Read/Write   Permissions 

      • Organize your requirements across projects

      • Apply a category to items from Single Item View, List View, or Reading View 

      • View categorized items in the Category tree

      • See a list of cross-project items

      • View Category paths

      • View Category path IDs

       Organization Admin 

      • Control and manage the Category tree: 

        • Add, move, copy, and merge categories 

        • Edit, remove and delete a category

      • See category details like description, when it was created, and the last time it was used

      • View Category paths

      • View Category path IDs

      • View Category IDs


      Categories in List View, Reading View, and Coverage Explorer 

      List View


      Reading View 


      Coverage Explorer


      Redesigned Relationship Settings 

      This release introduces a new design, which now clearly indicates the direction of the relationship created between two items. 

      @mention Feature in Review Comments

      In a review, you can now use the @mention feature to direct comments to a specific reviewer. This is useful when you have several reviewers and need to direct a question to a specific subject matter expert.

      • Only users participating in the review appear in the list of possible reviewers who can be tagged with @mention
      • Anyone participating in the review can use the @mention feature to tag other participants
      • Comments that include @mention are highlighted by color. Light yellow = comment for you. Light blue = comment for another reviewer. 

      To Use the @mention Feature:

      1. In a review, select the comment icon and type @ followed by the name of the reviewer. 

      2. Type your message, then click Comment.
      3. (Optional) To display only items where you are mentioned, select Filters > My mentions

      Do you have feedback on the @mention feature? Join our Community where you can comment on this Ideation card.


      Admin-Configurable Infotips for Field Labels and Pick List Values

      Admins can now configure infotips for field labels and pick list values.

      Because field labels and pick list values are concise by design, infotips can provide clarity on their meaning. This can reduce time to train new users and time spent by occasional users looking at help docs and wiki pages. It also reduces the risk of users misinterpreting field labels and pick list values.  


      • Are an optional configuration — Off by default when no text is present in the infotip; on automatically when text is present.
      • Can be configured by organization admins for both field labels (while configuring fields in item types) and pick list values (while configuring values in pick lists).
      • Are visible to any user with project access when they hover their mouse over a field label or pick list value, or when expanding a pick list selector.

      Extended Capability for Calculated Fields for Risk Scoring

      Admins can now use a calculated field as input to another calculated field within the same item (not across related items).

      When you are configuring a calculate field, additional calculated fields only appear as an input option if they haven't already been used in any other calculations. Once a calculated field is used in another calculated field, it is automatically filtered out of future calculated input options. 

      For example:

      If field 3 = [field 1 * field 2], then field 5 can = [field 3 * field 4], so long as field 4 is not also a calculated field.


      If field 5 = [field 3 * field 4] then field 7 can't = [field 3 * field 6] because field 3 was already used in another calculated field and won't show up as a calculation input option while you configure field 7. 

      This feature is generically available for all calculated fields, but the intention is to better support our customers using Jama Connect for risk scoring activities. Having the ability to extend calculations means likelihood and probability scoring calculations can function as an input into overall risk and severity scoring calculations. 

      In the future we will expand our support for formatted and logic-based results for calculated fields, adding methods to automate translation of risk scoring for end user. Watch for more improvements in future releases.

      Remove and Recover Items From a Review 

      With this release, review moderators can remove and recover items from active reviews without altering the project source.  

      • When you pair these actions with the Approval workflow, those items remain in their original state and aren't updated when the review is finalized. 
      • When an item is removed from the review and the review is republished, the item in the corresponding baseline is also removed. 

      When items are removed, you can't:

      • Access Single Item View from the review
      • Approve, reject, or add comments
      • Edit the item 

      To Remove Items From a Review:

      1. In the review, select the triangle drop-down menu next to the items you want to remove, then select Remove.

           The "Tagged for removal label" appears.  

      2. Publish a new revision to remove the items from the review.

      A label appears with the version the item was removed in. 


        To Recover Items in a Review:

        1. In the review, select Recover to recover the item you removed. 

               The "Tagged for recovery" label appears. 

        2. Click Publish new revision to recover the item. 


        New Report Role for Admins

        For self-hosted customers, this release introduces a new report administrator role. Users who are assigned this role can configure reports from the Reports page in the Admin area of Jama Connect.

        Note: Users must be a project administrator to modify project-specific reports on this page.

        Report administrators can also share uploaded report templates with particular projects or the whole organization from here: Export > View All Templates > Upload a Template.

        To assign the report administrator role to a user or group, select Report from the list of administrator options in the Edit permissions window. 

        New Performance and Usability Guidance 

        With this release, several new guidance messages have been added throughout Jama Connect. These messages are informational only and won't prevent you from completing the intended action. Additional messages will be added in a future release of Jama Connect. 

        These messages are designed to:

        • Notify you when an action might have an unintended performance or usability impact
        • Provide insights into how the application can be used more efficiently

        These messages now appear when you:

        • Create a review with more than 500 items
        • Send a review to more than 30 recipients
        • Copy a project with more than 10,000 items
        • Create a baseline with more than 1,000 items
        • Delete more than 500 items at a time
        • Send a notification to a large group of recipients


        Updates From Customer Feedback 

        New Option for Exporting Velocity Reports to Excel

        As a root user, you can configure settings that allow users to export a Velocity report to Excel in XLSX format.

        Users can now export directly to Excel rather than using the legacy format. 

        • In some cases, custom reports written in support of XLS format (legacy), might require minor formatting corrections.
        • This new option is available only for Velocity reports; for other report types, the XLS format (legacy) option is still available. 
        • This option is not enabled by default. You must manually configure this option for each report. 


        New Community Report: "Baseline Diff One Column" Report

        This release adds a new Visual Comparison Report. You can use a visually enhanced version of the Baseline Comparison Report to measure progress in your requirements from baseline to baseline. Similar to a Jama Connect version comparison view, you can configure, run, and export this new report.

        You can also analyze requirement changes by looking for these indicators: 

        • Additions to text — Green text with green dotted underline
        • Deletions to text — Red text with red highlight
        • Deleted images — Border highlighted in red
        • Resized Images — Dotted-line border highlighted in blue
        • New images — Border highlighted in green
        • Changes to relationships — Appear the same as the original Baseline Compare report 

        You will be able to access the reports to install from here: Baseline to Baseline Diff Community Reports GitHub repo

        Do you have feedback? Join our Community where you can comment on this Idea card in our Customer Ideation Community.


        New Quick-Add Option

        You Can Now Access the Quick-Add Option From a Subset of Items: 

        • From Single Item View, select Sub-item widget > Arrow icon > Quick add

        "Restore Defaults" Button Now Available in List View and in Reading View

        You can now quickly reset your project List View and Reading View to the original administrator defaults in the Show/hide fields configuration panel. Enabled only for lists with single item types.  


        Do you have feedback on this "Restore defaults" button? Join the conversation in this Jama Community Ideation card.


        Report Type Identifier Added to Report Detail View

        Report type is revealed in a newly added Report Detail area in the Run Reports module. 


        Test Center Customization Options

        For the Test Run Item Type, You Can Now Use Editor Templates in Custom Rich Text Fields:

        • Organization admins can configure the default Editor Templates for the Test Run item type in the Admin panel
        • Templates can be edited in the Test Execution window
        • To export the Editor Template information for a Test Run item: From Single Item View, select Export > View all templates > All Item Details, then click Run


        Additional Updates

        • The Diagram Editor was upgraded to enhance usability and provide further support for character diagram rendering, including for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. 
        • With this release, exporting using Velocity PDFs now supports additional languages. Prior to this release, if users authored content in Jama Connect in Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean, it was not exportable to Velocity PDF. The following languages are now verified as supported: Chinese, Albanian, Polish, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Igbo, Serbian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, Georgian, Marathi, Greek, and Norwegian.

               *Velocity PDF exports cannot translate languages.


        Usability Improvements

        • Updates to the Select items to baseline window, the Duplicate projects window, and the List View last saved information in the main header to make the data more consistent with current Jama Connect UI standards.

        • New slide-over panels are now enabled by default system-wide. Updated slide-over panels include Baselines item previewTrace view item previewAdmin activity historyAttachments preview, and Links preview. Enhancements include a more consistent UI, all slide-overs are now resizable, and linked items in other projects now open in a new browser tab.

        • The Export drop-down menu and window references "Export options" to be more accurate when referencing export types. Test runs and the Items with attachments widget now have updated UI and language on their Export drop-down menus. 

        • The inactive Collapse button has been removed from the tree’s temporary preview panel display.

        • Category type, project count, and item count have been added to the Selected category path header in the organization admin area of Jama Connect.
        • The Export drop-down menu has a new design and language pattern.
        • The Add drop-down menu now includes a plus icon. 
        • In List View or Reading View, the text for the "number of selected items" has been updated. 
        • Tooltips now appear when you expand and collapse the Explorer Tree. 
        • Item type names with more than 30 characters are now shortened to avoid text wrapping in the header. 
        • The Details option is now displayed at the top of the organization admin navigation panel.
        • In List View, Reading View, and Single Item View, labels on the action buttons now display the icon only (depending on the size of your screen).
        • The Admin panel is now resizable.


        Updates to the Admin Workflow

        • A warning message now appears when you enable or disable the workflow for your organization.
        • A warning message now appears when a project manager enables or disables the project workflow override option for a project.

        • Drop-down menus are now searchable.
        • Workflow page layout has been updated for a better user experience. 


        Additional Usability Improvements

        • Comments no longer allow "blank spaces only" in Reviews, Stream, and Single Item View comment streams.
        • You can now select a location with reused items and hover over an item with multiple permission restrictions.
        • You can now expand images in a review. 
        • In Reading View, certain fonts are no longer reduced in size. 
        • When a user with read-only permissions selects an item from List View or Reading View, they no longer see the Reuse button. 
        • When you reopen a saved and released Trace View, previously selected items are now saved. 


        Notes for System Administrators

        For MySQL Customers Only

        Before upgrading Jama Connect, MySQL must be upgraded to version 8 to optimize performance. For more information, see "Performance Improvements" in these release notes. Known issues in earlier versions of MySQL with Jama Connect 8.71.1 might produce significant issues.      

        Coming Soon - New Replicated Kubernetes Based Tooling - KOTS

        Our partner Replicated is a leader in deploying cloud-ready infrastructure into self-hosted environments, including Airgap and customer-managed clouds. In keeping pace with best practices in tooling, Replicated has developed KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf), which retains the simple installation, monitoring and updating options provided in previous Replicated versions, but updated to leverage Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

        As part of their Jama Connect 8.71.1 upgrade, early-adopter customers will transition to KOTS. This functionality will be available to all self-hosted customers with the Jama Connect 8.74 release. More information will be available as we approach the June 2022 target release date for Jama Connect 8.74.


        Incremental Step Upgrade and New Database Schemas

        If You Haven't Yet Upgraded to Jama Connect 8.62.x or Later

        • Before you install or upgrade to Jama Connect 8.71.1, you must first create two new database schemas to support the new options for SAML and OAuth authentication introduced in Jama Connect 8.62.0 and revised in Jama Connect 8.62.3. 
        • For the upgrade to succeed, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail. 

        For more information, see Incremental Step Upgrade and Jama Connect 8.62.3 Release Notes.


        Supported Software

        For this current release (and for all self-hosted releases), we encourage system administrators to review the Supported Software information on the Jama Software User Community before upgrading.  


        Container Artifacts

        Replicated release number 2.53.2
        Java version (JDK_UPDATE)
        NGINX_VERSION 1.14.2
        TOMCAT_VERSION 8.5.63




        We regression-tested using Replicated 2.53.2 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect. This will install Replicated 2.53.2: 

        curl -sSL "" | sudo bash -s no-auto


        Airgap Environments

        Airgap customers can download the required version of Replicated via before installing the 8.71.1 Airgap file available in your portal. 


        Resolved Issues

        ID Description
        SOS-DEF-515 When you rename a test cycle, the new name now appears immediately when it's exported.
        SOS-DEF-694 Now when you re-create a field with the same name as a field that was deleted, the name is saved as written.
        SOS-DEF-1450 In List View and Reading View, unlocked items no longer display a user’s name in the Locked By field. 
        SOS-DEF-2966 HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delete a comment from an item.
        SOS-DEF-4175 HTML tags no longer appear in the Details Preview Panel when you add a relationship.
        SOS-DEF-4519 Setting review page view to 250 items no longer results in significant delay in item load times.
        SOS-DEF-4760 Relationships from deleted items now appear in Velocity baseline reports.
        SOS-DEF-4800 In Single Item View, the Workflow field no longer switches between values when a corresponding item,  created by the Jama Connect API, uses a non-default value for that field.
        SOS-DEF-4820 HTML tags no longer appear in the Activity Stream after you delate related items.
        SOS-DEF-5069 When using the Diagram Editor, Japanese and Chinese characters are now saved and rendered correctly.
        SOS-DEF-5085 Images resize and maintain their aspect ratio when exporting Baseline Comparison Report to PDF.
        SOS-DEF-5089 The compare item view in the Review Center now shows heading numbers.
        SOS-DEF-5099 Users can now relate a Test Case to a Test Plan without an error.
        SOS-DEF-5204 The Item Path field is no longer displayed as a search filter option.
        SOS-DEF-5243 As root admin, you can now edit an organization admin's username and license information.
        SOS-DEF-5279 The # of Attachments field is no longer displayed as a search filter option.
        SOS-DEF-5403 When you select a filter or test plan, the interface no longer switches to the Explorer Tree.
        SOS-DEF-5422 In the "Update moderators/Add review/Request review delegation" windows, the placeholder text in the  search field is now cleared when you enter text.
        SOS-DEF-5447 In the Participant progress tab of a review, the Time Spent column no longer appears when Enable time  tracking is not selected.
        SOS-DEF-5499 A tooltip now appears when you hover over the Project Selector icon (<<) and space was added between  the divider for Modify | Remove.
        SOS-DEF-5508 In List View or Reading View, you can now select more than 50 items and send them for review or select  Relate to existing.
        SOS-DEF-5545 You can now lock items for test plans and test runs.
        SOS-DEF-5548 When you hover over a test plan, the author's name now appears.
        SOS-DEF-5562 When you select the Test Case widget for a test run in Single Item View, and the test case is downstream of a test run, an error message no longer appears.
        SOS-DEF-5564 When using the Quick-add option, items are no longer duplicated if you click Save more than once.
        SOS-DEF-5566 When you perform a sync with Crowd, large sets of users are now successfully removed.
        SOS-DEF-5570 Associated test cases are now included when you send a review from a test plan.
        SOS-DEF-5576 The second publish confirmation modal is no longer blocked by a continuous creating revision spinner.
        SOS-DEF-5578 When you select View Moved Items in the Activity Stream, API IDs are no longer displayed in the content  header.
        SOS-DEF-5582 The View details link no longer appears in the post-reuse content header.
        SOS-DEF-5588 Exporting a Review that includes a Test Run with a rich text field does not show HTML markup.
        SOS-DEF-5589 Licenses are now updated for users who are removed then re-enabled with Crowd sync.
        SOS-DEF-5600 After adding HTML to the accepted attachments formats, Velocity reports are downloaded from the reports history page and opened in a new browser tab.
        SOS-DEF-5604 When 'Allow multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project" is disabled, restoring an item will only generate a new Global ID when another active item has the original Global ID.
        SOS-DEF-5624 Performance improvement related to View all locked items count.
        SOS-DEF-5644 Editing and saving a review under specific conditions no longer results in a marshalling data error.
        SOS-DEF-5648 Review names are now limited to 250 characters to match other text entry fields in Jama Connect.
        SOS-DEF-5649 You can now create a category name with a pipe character (|), and when you select a category from the project Category Tree and its name includes a hashtag (#), an error message no longer appears.
        SOS-DEF-5654 Updating Test Steps on a Test Case with the REST API no longer results in an error when attempting to view the Test Case.
        SOS-DEF-5661 Number of relationships field shows correct values in Review Center reading view.
        SOS-DEF-5669 In Review Center, the totals for Important and Open comments are now accurate.
        SOS-DEF-5670 Moderator's abilities are no longer impacted when editing a review that is approved and finalized.
        SOS-DEF-5677 In the header of the project activity stream messages, the inactive links to a baseline source have been converted to labels because routing to a baseline source isn't possible.
        SOS-DEF-5680 The Review Center tab in the My Profile window has been updated to reflect the language change from "Follow" to "Subscribe." This change is consistent with the recently updated language in reviews.
        SOS-DEF-5683 If a connection to the SAML or OAuth database is lost, the database connection is recovered.
        SOS-DEF-5688 When you click on an item link from the Filters list, the "Find me" action now works correctly.
        SOS-DEF-5702 Advanced filters now return results and are saved when using sub-queries, such as "has downstream items matching a filter" in a large data set.
        SOS-DEF-5704 When all items are removed from a review, they are now correctly displayed when the option Show removed items is enabled.
        SOS-DEF-5707 To prevent an error, you can no longer enter data in the Batch transition field. Instead, you must select a field.
        SOS-DEF-5709 Custom date fields now show the correct date.
        SOS-DEF-5719 You can now configure core fields in the "Items assigned to me" section of the projects dashboard.
        SOS-DEF-5744 Users no longer receive a "TypeError" when reloading or opening a review.
        SOS-DEF-5765 Batch edits on items of one type no longer result in those items adopting the Field ID value of a separate, unrelated item custom field.
        SOS-DEF-5787 When you use a calculated field as input with another calculated field in the same item, you can now reuse and sync the item.
        SOS-DEF-5788 Reviews created from Test Cycles now open when the Test Plan field is configured to display in the review's Reading View.
        SOS-DEF-5791 An error message no longer appears when the Test Run's Field link is selected by an organization admin.
        SOS-DEF-5793 When you batch-update multiple items, the Modified Date and Last Activity Date are now updated correctly.

        Known Issues

         ID  Description
        SOS-DEF-5728 If the tree hasn't been refreshed when trying to move a category that was already removed, the error does not display the correct message.
        SOS-DEF-5733 "My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: When established Review Center comment @mention is edited or deleted, the count doesn't reflect the reduction.
        SOS-DEF-5734 "My mentions" quick filter in Review Center: If a reviewer is tagged with @mention in the top level of the comment box (not attached to any item) in the feedback area, that count is reflected but now shows in the "Filter items by" results because it is not attached to any item.
        SOS-DEF-5746 If Review Center comments are set to be visible form the project and the review is set to be private, users receive an error prompt "You don't have permission to perform the action." Selecting OK will allow the user to continue their work and view the Review Center comments. 

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        Jama Connect 8.66.2 - Self-Hosted

        Release date US/AU/EU: 2022/05/05

        Velocity Report PDF Error

        This release resolves an issue where users receive a "License Being Loaded Is Expired" error when running a Velocity report to PDF. This resulted from an issue updating the license of a third-party component used for rendering PDFs.

        No other updates are included in this hotfix release.

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        Jama Connect 8.66.1 - Self-Hosted

        Release date: 2021/11/29

        This hotfix release includes general performance and security improvements, along with the following resolved issues:

        • A resolved performance issue related to the "View all locked items" count in the content header
        • A new option to enable/disable the PDF output when exporting a Velocity report. Previously, PDF outputs were automatically included with any HTML and/or Word export of Velocity reports.

        Resolved Issues

        ID Resolution
        SOS-DEF-5624 Performance improvement related to View all locked items count.  

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        Jama Connect 8.66 - Self-Hosted

        Release date AU/EU/US: 2021/10/27

        Add Multiple Items with "Quick Add"

        When brainstorming with your team, you may want to quickly capture the flow of ideas. In Jama Connect, the "Quick add" option lets you easily add multiple items using only the Name and Description fields. After you create the item, you can edit it to add more fields.

        The "Quick add" option allows you to:

        • Add up to 50 rows at a time. Each row represents a single item that can be added to a set of like items. 
        • Use the tab key to quickly move across the table. 

        Note: "Quick add" respects item-type configurations of the Description field (read-only, required field).

        The Jama Connect Header Gets a New Look

        This release continues the introduction of a new interface design for the Jama Connect content headers. For a consistent and organized user experience, we created a standardized design pattern to make actions and views more visible. Buttons replace drop-down menus and interactive links (breadcrumb navigation) now indicate the location in your project hierarchy. 

        The header is divided into two sections:

        • Views — Information and actions that relate to the presentation of your data. 
        • Actions — The things you can do with the currently displayed content. 


        Single Item View, List View, and Reading View

        Review Center

        Trace View

        Integrating OSLC Model Connector with Jama Connect

        With this release, you can now integrate the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) model connector with Jama Connect through Smartfacts. This integration provides clear visibility to model artifacts in real time, further enhancing your Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach.

        Important: Contact your Jama Software Account Manager to set up access to the OSLC Model Connector and MID Smartfacts. For more information, see Jama Connect OSLC Model Connector Datasheet

        In Single Item View, you can configure specific item types for the OSLC Model Connector using the OSLC Artifacts widget.

        Support for WIRIS MathType Floating License

        This release removes support for the WIRIS MathType named license. Jama Connect now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license. 

        End of life for WIRIS MathType named license support

        The MathType column was removed from the Admin Permissions table. 

        For organizations that managed WIRIS MathType named licenses in the Admin Permission table, we recommend that you remove individual users to keep things organized.   

        Jama Connect now supports the WIRIS MathType floating license

        The WIRIS MathType Equations Editor requires a separate license. 

        Contact your Jama Software Account Manager to:  

        • Inquire about purchasing a license. 
        • Convert existing WIRIS MathType named licenses to floating licenses. Self-hosted and Airgap environments with named licenses must complete this conversion before upgrading to Jama Connect 8.66.

        Note: In Cloud environments, WIRIS MathType availability isn't impacted by this change.    

        MathType and ChemType buttons are now visible to all creator users from any Rich Text Editor. 

        • Depending on license availability, creator users obtain a license by opening the equation editor. 
        • To release the license back to the floating license pool, close the equation editor. 


        Usability Improvements

        • You can now resize review comment windows.
        • When you enable or disable workflow options in the Admin area, a confirmation window now appears.
        • From the item preview menu in Review Center, a "Go to item" link now appears in a new browser tab. 
        • Trace View filters now support multiple choices. 
        • On the Jama Connect homepage, you can now bookmark projects, components, sets, or folders so they appear under Bookmarks and remain in the Recently viewed sections. Having them appear in both places allows you to keep track of recently viewed items even if you remove the bookmark. 
        • When you try to delete a filter that was used to create a review, a warning now appears. 
        • In Single Item View, a refresh button has been added to the content header. 
        • The "View all locked items" button was moved to the actions area of the content header. 
        • In Single Item View, you can no longer unlock an item while you edit.

        Updates from Customer Feedback

        • In List View, you can now remove tags when you bulk edit items 

        • Project Admins can now unlock user-locked items in Single Item View.
        • Organizational Admins now have the ability to relate two locked items.

        • Test runs now remain open when a session has timed out. 
        • In the Reports tab of root admin, the "Restrict to Group" options are now listed in alphabetical order. 
        • New improved library to support PDF exports of Velocity reports.
        • You can now use "Find me" to locate a folder in a folder. 

        Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

        Elasticsearch Upgrade and Migration 

        This release upgrades Elasticsearch to 7.10.2. For licensing reasons, Jama Connect was upgraded to AWS Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.13.2. After you upgrade, admins must re-index their instance. 


        Incremental Step Upgrade and New Database Schemas

        If you haven't yet upgraded to Jama Connect 8.62.x:

        • Before you install or upgrade to Jama Connect 8.66, we recommend that you first create two new database schemas to support the new options for SAML and Oauth authentication, where were introduced in 8.62.0 and revised in 8.62.3. 
        • For the upgrade to succeed, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail. 

        For more information, see Incremental Step Upgrade and Jama Connect 8.62.3 Release Notes.


        Container Artifacts

        Replicated release number 2.53.0
        Java version (JDK_UPDATE)
        NGINX_VERSION 1.18.0-2.el7.ngx
        TOMCAT_VERSION 8.5.63

        We regression tested using Replicated 2.53 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect. This will install Replicated 2.53: 

        curl -sSL "" | sudo bash -s no-auto

        Airgap Environments

        Airgap customers can download the required version of Replicated via before installing the 8.66 Airgap file available in your portal. 


        Resolved Issues

        ID Description
        SOS-DEF-344 When a new flag field is added to pre-existing items, a null value is now treated as 'false' in filter results.
        SOS-DEF-1730 You can now generate a Trace View when items are added to a release that's open in List View.
        SOS-DEF-1751 When "Include Unexecuted Test Runs in Status Calculations" is set to "No", calculations are now  displayed correctly.
        SOS-DEF-2637  Locked items can be unlocked by a project admin with the appropriate permissions. 
        SOS-DEF-4625 Users with create/edit permissions can now assign a test case to a test group from the API using POST /testplans/{id}/testgroups/{testGroupId}/testcases.
        SOS-DEF-4847 API "GET users" is no longer case sensitive when you search by email.
        SOS-DEF-4861 PowerPoint file attachments are now indexed consistently.
        SOS-DEF-5044 When you batch edit items from filter results, you can no longer update release and tag values from another project.
        SOS-DEF-5138 When the rich text editor is maximized, the formatting bar and header are now correctly displayed.
        SOS-DEF-5153 You can now save and add another item from Single Item View.
        SOS-DEF-5302 You can now delete your reports from the Reports History. 
        SOS-DEF-5314 After you change the workflow setting for an item type on the Project Admin page, the "Current Workflow State" option is now correctly displayed in Single Item View. 
        SOS-DEF-5334 Project admins can now unlock single items in their assigned projects.
        SOS-DEF-5358 When you export a Word document from a review, numbered lists are now displayed in sequential order. 
        SOS-DEF-5364 When you send items for review, a notification now appears in the activity stream. 
        SOS-DEF-5408 You can no longer create duplicate relationships from reuse and the option "Add relationship to original item."
        SOS-DEF-5413 When the "Relate items" window is open, the "View all locked items" and "Send for review" buttons are now properly aligned. 
        SOS-DEF-5423 The "Unlock item" tooltip now reflects the date and time format that was configured by the organization admin. 
        SOS-DEF-5431 In the item set name of the breadcrumb link in Single Item View, special characters &, ", <, > are now displayed correctly. 
        SOS-DEF-5449 Admin users can override workflow at the project level.  
        SOS-DEF-5458 In List View, when you selected the option "Add Sub Attachment," an error occurred. This option was removed in this release.  
        SOS-DEF-5476 You can now batch edit items from a smart filter list without receiving an error. 
        SOS-DEF-5481 When you hover over an advanced filter, the name of the author now appears. 

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        Jama Connect 8.62.4 - Self-Hosted

        Release date: 2021/11/03

        This patch release resolves an issue where some customers experienced slow or stalled re-indexing after they upgraded to Jama Connect 8.62.3. To resolve this issue, the search service packaged with this release was updated to version 4.1.5.  


        Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

        New Database Schemas Are Required For This Release

        Before you can install or upgrade to the Jama Connect 8.62.4 release you must first create two new database schemas to support the new SAML and OAuth authentication options.

        For the upgrade to complete, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail. If you are in MySQL and have already implemented these databases in 8.62, you have the new option to keep the same user for all the databases or dedicate different users for each, see second scenario below.

        Organizations that do not create the new schema will successfully install/upgrade: however, the system will continue to attempt to connect to the database and produce log failures. After you create the database schemas, you must restart Jama Connect 

        To create the database schemas, use the script for your database and your upgrade or installation scenario:

        *The available configurable database names, users and passwords are highlighted below in bold.

        MySQL Install

        CREATE DATABASE jama character set utf8;

        CREATE DATABASE saml;

        CREATE DATABASE oauth;

        CREATE USER 'jamauser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON jama.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';

        MySQL Upgrade to 8.62.4 From 8.62 (this is optional, the installer can keep the same user for all databases)

        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';


        MySQL Upgrade to 8.62.4 From 8.56 or 8.49

        CREATE DATABASE saml;

        CREATE DATABASE oauth;
        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';

        Microsoft SQL Server Install

        USE master;

        CREATE LOGIN jamauser with password = 'password';

        CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';

        CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';



        USE master;

        CREATE DATABASE jama;





        USE jama;

        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');

        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');



        USE jama;

        CREATE USER jamauser for LOGIN jamauser;

        CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;

        CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;



        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', jamauser;

        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;

        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;



        Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade to 8.62.4 

        USE master;

        CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';

        CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';



        USE jama;

        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');

        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');



        USE jama;

        CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;

        CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;



        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;

        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;


        Resolved Issues

        ID Resolution

        After you upgrade Jama Connect, re-indexing now succeeds for large data sets. 

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        Jama Connect 8.62.3 - Self-Hosted

         Release date AU/EMEA/US: 2021/08/27

        Customize SAML/OAuth Database Configurations

        Added capability for the configuration for the two database schemas required to support the new SAML and OAuth authentication options and the installation the 8.62 Self-Hosted release. You can now determine the usernames, password and database schema names for both the SAML and OAuth services in both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.


        Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

        New Database Schemas are Required for This Release
        Before you can install or upgrade to the Jama Connect 8.62.3 release you must first create two new database schemas to support the new SAML and OAuth authentication options.

        For the upgrade to complete, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail. If you are in MySQL and have already implemented these databases in 8.62, you have the new option to keep the same user for all the databases or dedicate different users for each, see second scenario below.

        Organizations that do not create the new schema will successfully install/upgrade: however, the system will continue to attempt to connect to the database and product log failures. After you create the database schemas, you must restart Jama connect

        To create the database schemas, use the script for your database and your upgrade or installation scenario:
        *The available configurable database names, users and passwords are highlighted below in bold.


        MySQL Install

        CREATE DATABASE jama character set utf8;
        CREATE DATABASE saml;
        CREATE DATABASE oauth;

        CREATE USER 'jamauser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON jama.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';
        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';
        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';


        MySQL Upgrade to 8.62.3 from 8.62 (this is optional, the installer can keep the same user for all databases)

        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';
        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';


        MySQL Upgrade to 8.62.3 from 8.56 or 8.49

        CREATE DATABASE saml;
        CREATE DATABASE oauth;

        CREATE USER 'oauthuser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
        CREATE USER 'samluser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'oauthuser'@'%';
        GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'samluser'@'%';


        Microsoft SQL Server Install

        USE master;
        CREATE LOGIN jamauser with password = 'password';
        CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';
        CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';

        USE master;
        CREATE DATABASE jama;

        USE jama;
        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');
        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');

        USE jama;
        CREATE USER jamauser for LOGIN jamauser;
        CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;
        CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;

        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', jamauser;
        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;
        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;


        Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade to 8.62.3

        USE master;
        CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';
        CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';

        USE jama;
        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');
        EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');
        USE jama;
        CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;
        CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;

        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;
        EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;


        Resolved Issues

        ID Resolution
        SOS-DEF-5434 Safari browser users no longer receive a "Invalid Cors request" error when logging in via SAML.  

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        Jama Connect 8.62.2 - Self-Hosted

        Release date AU/EMEA/US: 2021/06/28

        This patch release resolves an issue where select items were not viewable due to a workflow-related data exception and customers were receiving an "Unknown error" message. 

        Resolved Issues

        ID Resolution
        SOS-DEF-5365 Items are now viewable and do not display an "Unknown error" message.  

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        Jama Connect 8.62 Self-Hosted

        Release date US: 2021/06/04

        Release date AU/EU: 2021/06/04

        Coming Soon — Internet Explorer Support Ending Fall 2021

        Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer and Edge. Microsoft Edge Chromium will be the supported browser going forward.

        We recommend that you access Jama Connect from these browsers:

        • Chrome
        • Firefox
        • Safari
        • Edge Chromium

        If you have questions or comments, submit a ticket at


        Review Center and Workflow Enhancements

        Optional Versioning 

        This release introduces an option that controls the items you version during a workflow transition. Previously, all transitions created a new version of the item, but now an organization administrator can configure an item type so the version doesn't change. The audit history is preserved because the transition is recorded in the version history and that activity is added to the stream.


        This update also addresses compliance concerns because an item can be marked "Approved" or "Complete" and locked without changing the version that was reviewed. By default, items are versioned during a workflow transition.


        Approval and Peer Review Templates

        The Review Center now includes templates for Approval and Peer reviews. By adding templates, we streamline the review configuration workflow to ensure reviews are compliant.


        Approval Workflow

        Transitioning a workflow depends on the moderator's decision after receiving participant's feedback. After receiving participant feedback, the moderator finalizes the review, which triggers the workflow transition for all items that have workflow enabled.

        The Add review status workflow option has been replaced with Approval and Peer review templates


        To use this feature, organization administrators must enable an Approval review in Review Center settings. 

        Once enabled, select Organization > Workflow, then select the items you want to transition when finalizing an Approval review.


        Redesign of Reviews and Stream Commenting 

        This release introduces a new interface design and layout when you make comments in Reviews and the Stream.

        Updates to Stream

        • New user avatar design in all commenting views
        • Better user experience for resolving comments with open actions
        • Introduces a new "agree" interaction, so you can agree or like Stream comments by selecting the thumbs up icon. 
        • Displays a new interface layout and updated color scheme. 


        Updates to Reviews

        • Streamlined process for moderators to resolve comment threads using a consistent resolve button and interaction. 
        • Changes to the "agree" or like interaction allow users to re-select the thumbs icon if they no longer agree with a comment. 
        • Displays a new interface design and layout. 


        Administration Updates

        New Administration Roles

        We're excited to announce the release of the new Jama Connect administration roles: user admin, process admin, and add project. The new roles help alleviate the challenges that sometimes occur for organization admins working in an enterprise environment. Managing users and configurations can be an overwhelming task, potentially introducing risk if the organization admin role is assigned to a lot of users. 

        User Administrator

        The user administrator role manages licenses, users, and groups. This role can be assigned to an individual or a group. The user admin must also be a project admin to set permission for users and groups. 

        Process Administrator

        The process administrator role focuses on configuring content and connections in Jama Connect. The process admin must also be a project admin or user admin to access projects, users, groups, and permissions.

        Add Project

        The add project role is a new role that allows lets users add projects outside of the organization admin role. Users/groups will also have the ability to duplicate projects where they are a project admin.

        For more information, see New Administration Roles and User Visibility Controls.


        User and Group Visibility Updates

        Improved Filtering for Users and Groups

        Users and groups associated with items, comments, and notifications are now only visible to those with project access. Controlled by permissions, users no longer receive assignments or notifications for content they can't access. 

        New Settings

        Allow Project Administrators Access to All Users and Organization Groups

        In project groups or permissions, organization admins can give project admins the ability to add users outside of their project. You can find the new setting here: Admin > Organization > Details.

        Enable New Comments in Global Stream

        Creating new comments from the global Stream page (accessed from the Jama Connect header) is disabled by default. Most organizations prefer to limit access to all users and groups in Jama Connect. Users can continue to reply to comments in the global Stream, but @mention is now filtered by the project associated with the original comment. You can find the new setting here: Admin > Organization > Stream.

        REST API — New Permissions for GET/users and GET/usergroups

        To reduce the exposure of users and user groups, additional permissions are applied to limit these calls to organization and user admins. A new project ID parameter now provides access for project admins.

        • Access to GET/users and GET/usergroups will require organization or user admin roles. The user admin role is new in Jama Connect 8.61. Project admins can continue to use these endpoints, but will be required to provide a project ID where they are a project admin.
        • Access to GET/users/{userId} and GET/usergroups/{id} will now perform a permissions check, ensuring the requesting user has access to the same project as the requested user or user group.


        Admin Activity History Improvements

        Archiving Pick List Values

        Managing historical data has just gotten easier. Individual pick list options can now be archived, preserving previously selected entries. However, archived entries are no longer a valid selection for items going forward.


        These entries can be filtered. We recommend adding a character or word to the beginning of the file name to indicate it has been archived. For example, *Information. 


        Ability to Track Project Management for Organization Administrators

        Organization administrators can now see basic create and delete activities at the project level, such as adding a project or project folder; deleting a project or project folder, and archiving and unarchiving a project. 

        Additional Audit Activities for Organization Administrators

        Organization administrators can now view audit activities for these areas: 

        • Review Center  
        • License Update activity from Root Admin panel 
        • Reporting activities from the Root Admin panel 
        • Risk Management  
        • System Health Report  
        • Editor Template activities 
        • Stream  
        • Plug-ins
        • Org Details page, Java Date Time formatting 


        New Audit Activities Available at Project Level

         The Project admin panel now includes added administrative activities filtered by project.


        The Project admin activity stream includes actions from these tabs: 

        Tab Available Information
        Settings Changes in version items; maximum number of items displayed in the Explorer Tree; where to save test run defects. 
        Item Types Item types that transition from visible to hidden and from hidden to visible. 
        Release List What was added, edited, deleted, archived, and unarchived in a project release. 
        Project Permissions Modifications to inherited permissions; added and removed permissions at the project level. 
        Workflow Overriden items and who overrode them; removed and configured workflows per item type in a project. 
        Attachments Attachments added from the Attachments tab of the Project admin panel. 
        Tag Management What was added, deleted, and edited to a tag in a project. 
        Index When a project level index was initiated. 
        Clean Up When project cleanup and project baselines cleanup are initiated. 


        Introducing Multi-Mode Authentication 

        The combination of Basic and SAML creates multi-mode authentication, which gives you the ability to separate your company's users from your partners, vendors, and contractors. Multi-mode authentication provides an extra layer of protection for those users so they can be part of the requirement, approval, and tracking process in Jama Connect.

        You must configure multi-mode authentication before you can begin using it. Work with your system admin to Configure Multi-Mode Authentication



        Introducing Support for SAML and OAuth

        You can now use SAML authentication for users while also using OAuth in the Jama Connect REST API for scripts and integrations. 


        SAML and Multi-Mode Authentication: New Option That Controls User Provisioning

        You can now control the auto-provisioning of new SAML users in both single SAML and multi-mode. If your users are set up as a user in SAML but not yet added to your user table, this option allows you to control whether users can auto-provision in Jama Connect.

        • New option, Disable the auto-generation of new SAML users, was added to the root admin authentication properties. 


        • When this checkbox is selected and properties are saved, your SAML users (SAML and multi-mode) can't sign in to Jama Connect until you add them to the user table. A message tells them to finish the authentication process with their administrator. 
        • This option is selected by default after you upgrade to 8.62.
        • De-selecting this would option would allow new SAML users to appear in your instance before they are actually set up (with the correct Permissions, Licenses, User Groups) in the Jama User Table.

          Baseline Updates

          Baseline View Improvements

          You can now resize the slide-out preview panel in the baseline List View and Reading View. 

          A link is now added in the baseline header when a baseline is created from a review or a new revision of a review. Use the link to navigate to a specific review quickly.  


          • A long baseline name is now shortened with an ellipsis (...). 
          • If you hover over an icon in the baseline tree, you see hover text describing the contents of the item. 
          • If you hover over a name in the baseline tree, you see hover text describing the name of the folder, source, or baseline.


          Baseline REST API Updates

          • The baseline model now includes the baseline key, source key, source ID, and source name, which can be accessed from the Jama Connect Public REST API. 
          • We continue to add more baseline options from the Jama Connect Public REST API. For example, from the new endpoint in the Labs API, you can now create a baseline from an existing source. 
          • You can now edit the name and description of a baseline from the Jama Connect Public REST API.


          Date and Time Updates

          Configurable Date Formats 

          Organization administrators can now configure the date format from the Organization Details page. The default setting is month/day/year, but can be changed to year/month/day or day/month/year as needed.


          Tooltip for UTC Time

          You can now hover over date and time fields to view the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The offset time value depends on your database time setting.


          Date and Time Up
          dates to REST

          A new header option "x-jama-date-fields-with-time" has been introduced to the REST API for serializing dates in the fields as ISO-8601. This will help eliminate confusion around dates that may be affected by UTC.

          When the header is not used or set to false the system will continue include the field values as dates. When the value is set to true, the values will be a complete datetime.



          Updates From Customer Feedback

            • You can now send items for review directly from List View. In List View, select the items you want reviewed, then select Actions > Send for review.


            • You can now see attachment and link details in List View. When configured to appear in List View, the # of Links and # of Attachments columns display a link with the total count. Select the number to open a panel with more details.  


            • You can now include the tags column in exports from the Trace View. 
            • Organization and Project administrators will no longer be able to Override or Modify users or groups assigned the Organization Admin role. The Organization Admin is a role that has access to all projects and items and the appearance of overriding access has resulted in confusion and difficultly in navigating permission settings.


            • When opening an item, the Explorer Tree now loads the item's location (same functionality as Actions > Find me).


            • In Single Item View, organization administrators can now unlock an item from its Actions menu. Previously, this button worked only for the person who originally locked the item.


            • The width of the Test Center's Cycle menu now allows for longer titles without having to resize the menu.


            • A PDF-compatible version of the Baseline Comparison report is now available.


            • You can now generate a Trace View from the Product Progress roll-up field link for a single item. 
              1. Select the roll-up field link. 

                 2. Select Trace View.


            • You can now edit tags inline in List View. 


            • A new reports history page lists previously generated reports with the option to download them. Available from Reports in the Jama Connect header, reports now run in the background so your screen isn't blocked when you run them.


            • You can now edit a Test Cycle's name, description, and date fields without updating its content.


            • In List View, project admins can now batch unlock items manually. In a previous release, only organization admins could do this.


            • When you click x to close the Test Execution window, the test run is no longer locked. 
            • The HTML clean-up process no longer runs when you generate a non-PDF report, allowing for more control over the output.
            • We have replaced the icon and label used for filters and reports. Instead of the star icon you now see the bookmark icon and instead of the "Favorites" label you now see "Bookmarks."


            Additional Updates and Usability Improvements

            • Resize the columns in the test step table when executing a test. 
            • Export the number of links, attachments, and item path in compatible reports. 
            • You can now see attachments on items in the Review Center.
            • Test runs are now automatically unlocked when a user's session times out.
            • The REST API now supports PUT and PATCH for custom fields in a test run. 
            • New pop-up notification now informs users when download is complete and available on the Reports History page. 
            • You can now use custom floating decimal fields to accurately capture values and avoid converting values to another data type. The float field follows IEEE 754. These fields can be positive or negative.
            • When you apply an activity filter to a review, then select an action (approve or reject, review, follow or unfollow), the page now reloads and takes you back to your previous location in the review. 
            • When viewing all your reviews in the table view and opening a review in a new browser tab, you no longer see an error. 


            Velocity Logging Enhancement

            Debugging custom Velocity reports can be difficult and time consuming. To help alleviate these challenges, this release adds logging information to contour.log from the Velocity LogTool. 


            ## sets a variable x to some value and then logs a message that includes the variable value in the output

            #set($x = 8675309)

            $"What is the value? ${x}")


            Updates to CKEditor

            Jama Connect now uses CKEditor 4.15.0 for rich text editing.  This upgrade includes several resolved issues, including SOS-DEF-4689 (see details below).  


                Jama Connect User Guide — Installation and Upgrade Improvements

                For this release, we made significant changes to the instructions for installing and upgrading Jama Connect. We revised and restructured the existing content for a more streamlined user experience, and for consistency, accuracy, and findability. Now you can find all the information you need for a successful installation or upgrade in one place: Installing Jama Connect

                The topics now reflect the main phases of installation and upgrade for both internet-connected and Airgap environments:

                • Installation workflow — Prepare, install, and set up.
                • Upgrade workflow — Prepare and upgrade. 


                Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

                Container Artifacts

                • Replicated release number: 2.51.0
                • Java version (JDK_UPDATE):
                • NGINX_VERSION: 1.18.0-2.e17.ngx
                • TOMCAT_VERSION: 8.5.63

                We regression tested using Replicated 2.51 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect. This will install Replicated 2.51: 

                curl -sSL "" | sudo bash -s no-auto

                Airgap Environments

                Airgap customers can download the required version of Replicated via before installing the 8.62 Airgap file available in your portal. 

                New Database Schemas Required For This Release

                Before you can install or upgrade to the Jama Connect 8.62 release, we recommend that you first create two new database schemas to support the new SAML and OAuth authentication options. 

                For the upgrade to complete, organizations using Microsoft SQL Server must enter database users in Replicated. Without these entries, the installation or upgrade will fail.

                Organizations that do not create the new schema will successfully install/upgrade; however, the system will continue to attempt to connect to the databases and produce log failures. After you create the database schemas, you must restart Jama Connect.

                To create the database schemas, use the script for your database and your upgrade or installation scenario. 

                For an Upgrade Installation with Microsoft SQL Server, Use This Script:  

                USE master;

                CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';

                CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';



                USE jama;

                EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');

                EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');



                USE jama;

                CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;

                CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;



                EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;

                EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;



                For a New Installation with Microsoft SQL Server, Use This Script:

                USE master;

                CREATE LOGIN jamauser with password = 'password';

                CREATE LOGIN samluser with password = 'password';

                CREATE LOGIN oauthuser with password = 'password';



                USE master;

                CREATE DATABASE jama;





                USE jama;

                EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA oauth');

                EXEC ('CREATE SCHEMA saml');



                USE jama;

                CREATE USER jamauser for LOGIN jamauser;

                CREATE USER samluser for LOGIN samluser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=saml;

                CREATE USER oauthuser for LOGIN oauthuser with DEFAULT_SCHEMA=oauth;



                EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', jamauser;

                EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', samluser;

                EXEC sp_addrolemember N'db_owner', oauthuser;



                For an Upgrade Installation with MySQL, Use This Script: 

                CREATE DATABASE saml;

                CREATE DATABASE oauth;

                GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

                GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

                GRANT SELECT ON mysql.user TO 'jamauser'@'%';


                For a New Installation with MySQL, Use This Script:   

                CREATE DATABASE jama character set utf8;

                CREATE DATABASE saml;

                CREATE DATABASE oauth;

                CREATE USER 'jamauser'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

                GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON jama.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

                GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON oauth.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

                GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON saml.* TO 'jamauser'@'%';

                GRANT SELECT ON mysql.user TO 'jamauser'@'%';


                Patch Results Table

                When you upgrade to Jama Connect 8.62, Jama Connect runs a data patch to correct an issue where version numbers were duplicated. In some cases, duplicate version numbers appeared when you copied rows and imported them using an Excel Round Trip. This release resolves the issue by applying a new database constraint.

                Example of duplicate version numbers:

                If you have entries similar to this example, the the fix is recorded in the log after you upgrade. The details are also recorded in the "con_9921_version" table in the audit history.



                REST API Permission Updates

                • Access to GET/users and GET/usergroups will require organization or user admin roles. The user admin role is a new addition with 8.61. Project admins can continue to use these endpoints but will be required to provide a project ID where they are a project admin.
                • Access to GET/users/{userId} & GET/usergroups/{id} will now perform a permissions check ensuring the requesting user has access to the same project as the requested user or user group. 

                Resolved Issues 

                ID Description
                SOS-DEF-393 If you select individual items for review, they now retain headings or hierarchical numbering. 

                When right-clicking and selecting "Open in New Tab/Window" on a Review, the selected Review opens (instead of an "Oh No" page.)  

                SOS-DEF-1394 Filter and "Preview List" results now match when a rule is set for "All Item Types" and another rule is set for a different item type using the same filter. 
                SOS-DEF-1499 Temporary reports are now removed from the TempReports folder after 7 days.
                SOS-DEF-1668 You can now navigate to the Jama Software Community from the System Health Report. 
                SOS-DEF-1834 When signing in to Jama Connect using IE 11, it no longer matters how fast or slowly you type your username and password. 
                SOS-DEF-2509 During a re-sign-in user is routed to correct page.
                SOS-DEF-2587 When you use these field values in a duplicated project, they now match the time and user who performed the duplication: createdBy, createdDate, modifiedBy, and modifiedDate. 
                SOS-DEF-4313 You can now add a user email address with ".local" and ".lab" domains. 
                SOS-DEF-4388 When you hover over a Test Cycle, the full name is now correctly displayed. 
                SOS-DEF-4434 The ability to see project-level user groups is now restricted to admins who have access to those projects.
                SOS-DEF-4673 A project folder can no longer be assigned as its own parent from the REST API.
                SOS-DEF-4689 Formatting issues no longer occur when you copy and paste a numbered list from Microsoft Word or Chrome.
                SOS-DEF-4764 The number of items in the "Preview List" is now consistent with the filter results. 
                SOS-DEF-4844 When you search for items with populated field values, the results no longer include items with empty field values. 
                SOS-DEF-4850 When you export to Microsoft Word from Review Center, numbered lists are now displayed as separate sections and bulleted lists are preserved. 
                SOS-DEF-4855 You can now import images from Microsoft Word to Rich Text fields. 
                SOS-DEF-4910 MathType Editor equations are now correctly displayed in Edit mode when the equation is centered. 
                SOS-DEF-4967 Links are now preserved when you save Velocity reports as PDF. 
                SOS-DEF-5036 Project admin access for organization admins is now restricted when the organization admin doesn't have admin rights to a specific project. 
                SOS-DEF-5040 When you add project permissions from the Permissions tab, you now see only the current project's groups.
                SOS-DEF-5070 The "Advanced search" field now returns the expected results when you apply a filter. 
                SOS-DEF-5173 Smart filters with a subquery no longer cause timeouts when searching.
                SOS-DEF-5189 Deleting multiple items at the same time no longer causes duplicate version numbers.
                SOS-DEF-5196 When you batch-lock items, a user lock is no longer placed on an item already in a system-locked state.
                SOS-DEF-5223 A NullPointerException error no longer occurs when you export a template that includes upstream or downstream items and a numbered list in the description. 
                SOS-DEF-5253 When you modify an item, users and groups in the "Assigned To" fields are now limited to only those with access to that project.

                When using the Jama Connect API, the getProjects endpoint no longer shows projects that you don't have permission to view. 

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                Jama Connect 8.56.1 Self-Hosted

                Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/11/11

                • In @mention suggested names are now limited to the users within the project.
                • In List View, you can now add a Test Run Results column to Test Cases. The column displays the status of all Test Runs that are downstream.
                • In Single Item View, you can now generate a Trace View from View > Trace View.
                • Admin Activity stream now includes the ability to refresh and resize.
                • Out-of-the-box Excel exports, accessed from the Export menu, now support tags as an exportable field.
                • The ability to include the item path as a field on items is now visible in List View and Reading View.
                • Test Run results field is now displayed in Reviews and Reading View.
                • Add fields to the Test Run item type to have access to them when executing a Test Run.  This does not include non-versioning fields like calculations and rollup fields, or user lookup fields.
                  Example: Add a test field to capture the serial number for a product being tested.
                • Administrators managing reports now have the ability to limit access to run custom reports by user group.
                • The ability to batch lock and unlock items is now available in the Batch update window in List View or Reading View.
                • When hovering on a date field, the time and UTC offset are now visible.

                Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators


                Container artifacts

                • Replicated release number: 2.48
                • Java version (JDK_UPDATE): 11.0.8
                • NGINX_VERSION: 1.18.0
                • TOMCAT_VERSION: 8.5.50
                If you are upgrading to 8.56.1 from a version deployed before 8.49.x, note that 8.49.0 is a required step upgrade. It is not necessary to upgrade to 8.49.1 or 8.49.2.

                We regression tested using Replicated 2.48 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect.  This will install Replicated 2.48.
                curl -sSL "" | sudo bash -s no-auto

                New Parameter for Export Template

                By default, extra line breaks are removed to improve the published document, however this might cause consecutive tables to be combined. If you need to restore a template to previous export results, you can apply a new parameter to the report parameter field in the template.

                Setting Definition Parameter

                Removes extra line breaks; consecutive tables are combined.



                Keeps extra line breaks; consecutive tables are separate.


                EOL for New Relic Setting

                The option to enable sending metrics from Jama Connect to New Relic will be removed in the Spring 2021 release.


                Jama Connect Top Tasks Survey

                We'd love to hear which Jama Connect tasks are most important to you. Your responses will help us prioritize how we present the product in documentation and the UI, so that we can focus on the information that really matters to our customers.  

                Click this link to take the survey: Top Tasks

                Resolved Issues

                ID Description
                SOS-DEF-4064 The logout timer now works as designed.


                When updating existing items with round-trip imports, the system will stop the import and alert the user when there are two rows in Excel that refer to the same API ID. 


                Items locked by the user or systems are now correctly duplicated. 


                SOS-DEF-4242 Using the Rich Text Editor to copy and paste larger images now finishes successfully. 
                SOS-DEF-1253 You can now relate items if both are locked by the system or another user.
                SOS-DEF-368 Reuse and edit options are now correctly displayed when a user with read access selects items from List View or filter results. 
                SOS-DEF-607 In List View, the configure fields drop-down list now includes a scroll bar for item types. 
                SOS-DEF-656 Exporting a Word document no longer adds an extra paragraph above the heading. 
                SOS-DEF-1247 The dashboard bar graph correctly shows all entries for result sets greater than 20.
                SOS-DEF-2146 The Tag Cloud now correctly updates when adding more than 20 tags. 
                SOS-DEF-4378 Duplicating a project with more than 12 workflow overrides now successfully completes. 
                SOS-DEF-4583 You can now relate test runs to items from the API. 
                SOS-DEF-4793 Exporting to Word using the Office Template no longer creates an extra line break after rich text fields. 
                SOS-DEF-2609 In reports, the mail merge tag "TableStart:STEPS" no longer causes HTML to export with test case steps. 
                SOS-DEF-2635 The jamacore container entry script no longer throws an exception when it parses trusted certificate .pem files that contain zero-width, no-break spaces. 
                SOS-DEF-2958 When you create an export with mail merge codes, items in tables are now exported in the correct order. 
                SOS-DEF-4241 The Synchronized Items widget no longer causes performance issues. 
                SOS-DEF-4275 All selected fields are now included when you export to Word from List View.
                SOS-DEF-4831 Test Run exports to Word no longer contain HTML code in Test Steps and images are now rendered correctly. 
                SOS-DEF-4853 The Velocity engine now successfully retrieves relationship types from baselines. 
                SOS-DEF-4888 Velocity report permission checks are now processed significantly faster when the "permissionsOff" report parameter is enabled.
                SOS-DEF-1222 Running an uploaded Excel document without saving it no longer generates cryptic text. 
                SOS-DEF-1162 An email notification to a user who has never logged in now contains the correct URL. 
                SOS-DEF-2971 An exported CSV file now shows the correct pick list values if they were copied from another column to the same defect type. 
                SOS-DEF-2641 In Reading View, tables in rich text are now wrapped correctly. 
                SOS-DEF-4433 Review administrators can now access a public review if they have permission to review all items.
                SOS-DEF-4626 The public review option "Only those with permission to ALL items in the Review" no longer causes issues to users with read-only permissions when items are changed or deleted. 
                SOS-DEF-4841 Updating the project key with one in use by another project no longer changes the key. 

                New items are now locked when you work in the "Add item" window. 


                A review moderator with Project Administrator permissions can now assign the signer role. 


                When exporting an item from a Word or PDF document and the item has more than one table, the lower border of the table now appears. 


                When importing test steps from an Excel round trip, a duplicate API error no longer occurs. 


                You can now access or update reviews associated with a baseline, even if a a baseline is missing a baseline tree node. 


                Exporting from Trace View now works as designed. 


                When an action is included in a stream comment, the email is successfully sent to the recipient. 


                The workflow override option is now available to Project Administrators. 

                SOS-DEF-2120 Checking the license usage history no longer causes high CPU usage.
                SOS-DEF-2700 You can no longer create a duplicate user when sending multiple "User Add" requests.
                SOS-DEF-2702 PUT & PATCH /v1/testruns/id call now updates the Execution Date with the correct date.
                SOS-DEF-2857 Updating multiple items with an existing pick list value now updates the date, versions the item, and logs the activity.
                SOS-DEF-4995 You can now run multiple Velocity reports simultaneously without producing an error.
                SOS-DEF-5033 Velocity now retrieves change requests successfully. 
                SOS-DEF-5043 You can now duplicate test plans.
                SOS-DEF-5045 The Test Run execution window now closes when a default value is assigned. 
                SOS-DEF-5048 Velocity now supports $relationship.getRelationshipType().getValue().get(0).
                SOS-DEF-5049 Velocity now supports $
                SOS-DEF-5051 Velocity now supports getRelationshipTypeList.
                SOS-DEF-5053 In Admin, you can now scroll when you drag and drop a project.

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                Jama Connect 8.49.0 Self-Hosted

                Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/05/06

                Baselines: Improved usability, organization structure and search


                Baseline IDs

                All baselines now display a unique and non-editable identifier that is generated when the baseline is created. 

                Track Baseline Name Changes

                Previously, when a baseline name was edited it would update all activities with the new name, making it hard to track name changes in the activity stream. Now you can tell when the name of a baseline has been changed because the baseline ID stays the same and the name is updated. 

                Updated the Language from Baseline Folder to Baseline Source

                Baselines have been previously grouped in source folders with other baselines that are made up of the same items. (For example, baselines created from a set of items, and from a review of the same set of items would appear in the same source folder.) "Source folders" are now called "Sources." They now have a green barrel-shaped icon to distinguish them and their unique behavior from folders.


                Organizing the Baseline Tree 

                Organization and project administrators now have the flexibility to organize their baseline tree using folders and drag and drop


                Create, edit, and delete baseline folders

                • Create a folder at the root level:
                  • From the Add drop-down menu, select Add Folder.  
                • Right-click on the folder, select Add Folder.
                • Rename a folder: right-click on the folder and select Edit

                       Note: Only empty folders can be deleted. 

                Edit the name of a baseline source

                • Right-click on the baseline source and select Edit source.

                Drag and drop baseline sources and folders 

                • Move baseline sources from one location in the tree to another, from the root level to a folder, and between folders. 
                • Re-order baseline folders at the root level or inside a folder. 

                You can't edit a baseline that has been signed, whether manually or in a review. 


                The option to add a baseline is now limited to the source and the available options and language are simpler.

                Add and Edit Baseline Modal Language Changes
                • Changed 'Baseline name' to 'Baseline'
                • Changed 'Baseline description' to 'Description'


                Restore a Deleted Baseline

                A project administrator can now restore a single baseline, or group of baselines from the same source, by selecting Restore in the activity stream. 

                Restored baselines appear in their original location and are highlighted in blue. Restoration activity is also logged in the activity stream at both the project level and inside baselines. 

                If a deleted source is restored it will be placed at the top of the baseline tree.

                Undo Baseline Deletion 

                Users that may have accidentally deleted a baseline can also quickly undo the deletion by selecting Undo in the confirmation message. 

                New Activity for Baselines Created From a Review

                An activity will be shown in the project and on the baseline when it was created from a review. The activity will include a link to the baseline.

                New Signature Identifier in Baselines

                • Baselines that have signatures have a new icon in the baseline explorer, making it easier to identify which baselines/reviews have one or more signatures applied
                • Baselines with a signature can no longer be deleted. The signatures must be revoked first.
                • If the source for a baseline has been deleted from the project, users trying to create a new baseline or review from the baseline explorer will receive a message explaining that the source has been deleted. 


                Baseline Search and Usability Improvements

                Use the new baseline search feature to find a source or baseline. Keep the number of project baselines and sources under 14,000 to maintain efficient search performance. 

                When you type a search request, the results are highlighted so you can find them easily. 

                When you clear the search field, the results from the previous search are expanded and highlighted in the baseline tree. 

                When you create a folder or baseline, it is highlighted in the baseline tree. Selecting the baseline ID in the activity stream highlights the baseline and expands the source. 

                Baseline Permission Updates

                Users with write permission to a project, will now be able to:

                • create new baselines
                • delete, edit or restore baselines they created

                Project administrators will continue to have the ability to manage any baseline in the project.  


                Review Center:  Filtering, Usability, and Auditability Improvements

                Usability Improvements 

                This release introduces changes to the Review Center header, which offers streamlined workflows and improved usability.

                1. Review participants now see their individual status in the header, instead of the bottom left corner of the Filter/TOC panel. A public user's status, "In Progress" or "Finished" no longer appears in the review header.

                2. Views are now consolidated into a single drop-down menu: 

                  • Review

                  • Compare

                  • Stats

                  • Feedback

                3. For Approvers and Reviewers, the "Finish" button now appears in the top right next to the Actions menu instead of the Filter/TOC panel. Since this is the primary way to finish a review, we removed the option to finish the review from the Actions menu. Participants can still finish a review by reviewing and approving all items in the review, and clicking the "Finish Review" button in the blue bar.
                4. For Moderators with dual responsibilities, the review role toggle is now displayed in the header instead of the bottom left corner of the Filter/TOC panel.

                5. Changes to the style of the progress bar, highlighting toggle, and View drop-down menu creates a more consistent experience with the rest of Jama Connect. 


                Filtering Improvements in Reviews

                This release introduces a new filter-and-find experience for reviewers.  

                From the review header, select Filter to open the filter panel, which now slides out from the left.

                When you select filters, the active filters appear in a bar under the review header. 

                Updates to Filters 

                When you select multiple filters, the workflow is the same as other areas of Jama Connect with multi-select filters.  

                New filters allow moderators and power users to take action on the items that matter most—items that are potentially holding up review progress:

                • Items with open comments
                • Items with closed comments
                • Items with comments in a specific version
                • Items with comments by a specific participant

                When filters are selected:

                • The number of items that match the filter criteria update dynamically. 
                • A subsequent find search can be performed based off the filtered items. 
                • Reviewers can navigate to different areas of the review workspace without losing their filter or search selection. For example, if you make a filter selection and go to another view, your filter selection is saved when you navigate back to the review. 

                Note: Filtering does not persist across user sessions or browser refreshes. 

                The Search/TOC tab that was part of the filter panel is now called Find. The default for this panel is the table of contents. 

                When you select an item from the search results or table of contents, the item is selected and outlined in blue.

                • Previously, the highlight appeared only briefly, making it difficult to track the results. 
                • The outline goes away when you click outside it.
                • You can now scroll without the outline disappearing.

                Highlighting Improvements in Reviews

                The highlighting library in reviews has been replaced with a new library that provides more flexibility for future development.

                Existing workflows for highlighting have been maintained with these exceptions:  

                • When highlighting is disabled, the reviewer can't highlight content in the review reading view. Previously, a reviewer could make highlights but they disappeared after saving the comment.
                • When highlighting is enabled, the reviewer can see highlights specific to the revision that is selected in the review header.  
                Highlighting Workflow and Navigation Tips

                A reviewer can now:

                • Use the tab key to move between highlighted items.
                • Open the Comments modal for the highlight by pressing Enter or the space bar.
                • Close the Comments modal by pressing Escape.

                Important: Creating reviews from a project now opens in a new browser tab. By default, most browsers block a new tab from opening so update your browser settings accordingly. 

                Additional colors were added to improve the readability of highlighted content. These colors replace the previous library, which included one highlight color and red text. A darker shade of yellow appears when a reviewer hovers or tabs between highlighted items or overlapping highlights.


                Audit History Available Within the Review

                A record of important review activities is now available in a new tab under Stats. Creation date, version updates and changes to moderators are now easily accessible.

                Activities included:

                • Review creation
                • Publishing a new revision
                • Review close — both manual and when a review automatically closes at the deadline date and time
                • Review reopen
                • Review archived
                • Review deleted
                • Review marked as approved
                • Electronic signatures being applied as part of approving a review with electronic signatures enabled in the review settings
                • Signature revoked

                Signature activities will also display the signer role, if configured in the review settings.

                Reviews with Electronic Signatures Can No Longer Be Deleted

                Due to feedback from our users, reviews with electronic signatures can no longer be deleted. Reviews with signatures can still be archived.

                In a review, when a moderator tries to select Actions > Delete review, they will see that the review cannot be deleted when an electronic signature is active.

                Under Reviews > Table view, moderators and review administrators will also see that the button to delete reviews has been disabled when a review has an active electronic signature.

                EXCEPTION: This does not apply to project deletion. When administrators delete an entire project, the reviews associated with that project will also be deleted, even if they have an electronic signature.


                Improved Review Organization and Reporting

                More Clarity in Review Statistics

                In a review, select Review > Stats to see three separate tabs of information:

                • Participant progress for this version
                • Item progress for this version
                • Review activity across versions

                Under the newly refreshed Item progress tab you can see:

                • total items
                • item types contained
                • average time spent
                • version with start and end date
                • approval status chart

                Export Review Audit History

                Under the Review activity tab, you can now select Export to download a document that meets the FDA requirement for "generating accurate and complete copies of records in both human readable and electronic format suitable for inspection, review, and copying by the agency."

                Electronic Signatures Updates

                Sign with Your Company's SSO

                We are excited to announce that customers using SSO/SAML now have the ability to electronically sign reviews and baselines. You do not need to make any administrative changes or have your IT apply any updates.

                Create or pick an existing baseline in any project, click on the Add signature option and complete the sign in request. After successfully signing the baseline, you can revoke your signature and delete the baseline. Please reference the User Guide for details.

                Note: The application is required to open a new window with your company's sign in screen. If you are attempting to sign electronically and you do not see this window, disable your browser's pop-up blocker.


                Signature Details Now Visible When Finalizing a Review

                When electronic signatures are configured for reviews, users will see recently introduced signature meaning and signer role (if applicable) when finalizing a review.

                If the organization utilizes SSO for authentication, the Approve and sign button will trigger the your company's sign in window to re-authenticate in order to apply an electronic signature.

                As part of these improvements, we've streamlined the error messages to the user, removed buttons that should not be available for certain use cases and added links to the user guide for more information.


                Review Export

                Users are now able to export directly from a review to PDF or MS Word. The review export is configured to include a title page, participants section (which includes electronic signature information if applicable), the items included in the review and the item comments.


                Additional Clarity in Review Stats Page

                Multiple changes have been made to the Participant Progress tab contained in the Review Center Stats page in 8.45.

                Users will now see:

                • Participant details that include moderator(s) of the review, an option to email the moderator(s), approvers or all participants directly, participant counts, the voting subject (if applicable) and the revision start and end date.
                • Approver status and reviewer status charts will now be displayed in bar graphs versus pie charts.
                • Status by review participant will be displayed in one table that contains all of the approval information, electronic signatures and participant progress in the review. The previous version had two tables that the user had to toggle to see all of this information.


                New Comment Chart in Reviews

                Open comments by comment type can now be seen from the Review Center Stats Item Progress tab:


                REST API Updates

                Swagger Default Changed from 'Latest' to 'v1'

                In preparation for future REST API version work, Jama's Swagger has updated its default REST version from 'latest' to 'v1'.
                Use of named revisions such as 'v1' ensure that development teams retain control of version use as new versions are released, where "latest' is a rolling version which requires complex development solutions.

                How does this impact developers:
                A change of default in Swagger will not change the way your current API Calls will function, it simply presents a more sustainable revision to first time users of Jama's REST API.
                Developers may still manually add 'latest' to the Swagger endpoint in order to test calls and generate Curl requests.

                New API Endpoints: Retrieve Relationship Rule Sets

                We have added the ability for API GET requests to supply Relationship Rule Sets to assist with integration processes.

                Restored and Enhanced GET / Filter Endpoint

                Fixes a breaking change (SOS-DEF-2748) where private filters became hidden by default.

                • Private filters of the authenticated user will be included in the result set as expected.
                • Adds an optional parameter to dictate Public only, Private only, or both. (enhancement)
                • There are NO CHANGES to result schema.


                API Version Sunset Announcement

                The release of Jama Connect 8.44 marks the beginning of a sunset period for the REST endpoint '/latest'.

                Originally, when a new version was released, the /latest endpoint would cycle the architecture underneath to the most recent version publicly available. This way developers would not have to keep updating the version. However, an organization that was not prepared for this might experience breaking changes. To remove this risk, the /latest endpoint is being removed and replaced with unique named/numbered revisions going forward. 


                • With this release, no new features or bug fixes will be released to /latest (though we will still correct breaking change behavior).
                • Beginning 05/22/2020, all tools connected to /latest are at risk of version removal and service outage. (This date may vary slightly.)
                • There are more details on the Jama Community.

                Impact on Jama Connect users and Integrators:

                • Since this is a proactive change, and versions /latest and /v1 share the same schema, a simple search and replace in any integrations, code or properties, should bring you up to date.
                • All integrations and scripts that use the /latest endpoint will be impacted.
                • These changes will not happen automatically and require end user interaction.

                Sample migration change:

                A call to Jama asking for all items in sample project 57 would change

                Updates from Customer Feedback

                We received a lot of positive feedback following the addition of links to baselines and reviews within an item's version history and some suggestions to help with usability.

                • Single item view's version widget will show baseline/reviews in the order they were created (newest to oldest).
                • If a review has been deleted, the link in single item view's version widget will become disabled.
                • When a user creates a review from a baseline, the Review Wizard will open in a new browser window. This will ensure the user will not lose where they were working before being taken to Reviews. 
                • Exports can now be created in PDF format.  
                • Tooltips in the Explorer Tree now show the name of the item, rather than the item type. 
                • Filter logic has a "NONE" option in addition to applying "ALL" and "ANY" of the filter conditions to create the results set. 
                • The options to Delete in Risk Management Center have been changed to "Delete rows" and "Delete analysis" to avoid confusion for Moderators and Risk Administrators. When a Moderator goes to delete a risk analysis, the focus is placed on the cancel button versus the delete confirmation to avoid inadvertent deletion of an analysis. 
                • Velocity reports now include a stack trace for faulty code, which improves troubleshooting when you build reports.
                • Tags are now visible in List View. Note that they are not exportable.
                • When you relate items, container items in the Explorer Tree (sets, components) are displayed as gray icons when all items within aren't relatable.  
                • When you click Refresh Explorer, the Explorer Tree now maintains expanded components, sets, and folders. 
                • When viewing the Test Runs in a cycle table, the Test Case column now shows the ID in front of the name.
                • Admin tables, including the item type table, now have alternating row colors for improved readability.
                • When you hover over an item's icon in the Explorer Tree, the item's type and full name are now displayed.
                • This release adds the option to include images in the Test Run results column during test execution. 
                • This release adds the ability to create a Trace View from the list generated by selecting "#downstream" or "#upstream" links.

                1. Following the relationship could link to a filter for either upstream or downstream items. 

                2. Click the Trace View button to generate a Trace View from that filtered list. 

                • This release adds the option to restore deleted Test Cycles from the Activity Stream.
                • Added type-ahead search to single and multi-select fields in Single Item View. 
                • For test cases with images included in the test steps, images can now expand to a lightbox view.  
                • Updated the signature meaning for electronic signatures from "I approve this review" to "I approve the content of this review."
                • A reviewer can now transition to the compare view from V1 of a review with multiple revisions. No changes to the behavior of the compare view have been made—the compare view always loads the most recent revision compared to the next previous revision.


                Additional Updates and Enhancements


                Improved Trace View Item Detail

                The right panel in Trace View shows readability improvements.

                Consistent Editing of Items

                The pop-up modal that appears after clicking the Edit button was removed to align with inline editing options (double-clicking or selecting the pencil icon). 

                Consistency Updates to License Usage Chart

                The chart displaying float creator use within the administration module has been updated to address errors in the display of dates and adjusted to show content in UTC to remove confusion when comparing usage across time zones. The times indicate UTC and the user's offset to UTC is indicated in the description below the chart.

                Risk Usability Improvements

                When a risk administrator removes all fields from a section in a risk template, the section header and risk analyses no longer appear in that template. Also, the section itself is no longer visible to users when they view definitions in the risk analysis. 

                Note: The Adjust Rankings section is an exception to this rule. If you enable a ranking field before mitigation, the section is still displayed. 


                Jama Connect User Guide Improvements

                Thumbnail and Lightbox Images

                Applying the thumbnail and lightbox feature to images reduces the impact of many large images so you can focus on the content. We've applied this option throughout the guide, particularly in topics with a lot of screenshots or when the screenshot is tucked inside a note. Select the image to enlarge it. 


                Updates to Permissions Presentation

                Differences between User Roles and Access Permissions have been clarified. 

                Content Within Documents Over 25MB Will No Longer Be Searchable

                Historically, documents' contents have been included in the search index data regardless of file size. To increase efficiency of indexing processes, this previously unbounded size limit has received a size cap of 25MB. Jama will continue to accept files of any size as attachments and description text and names of the attachments will continue to be searchable.

                Content within a ZIP or similar archive will continue to be omitted from the search.


                Velocity Reporting Update

                A new Velocity reporting feature is now on by default and available to all users. For more information, see Velocity Reporting Usage FAQ

                • A new proxy is inserted between Velocity reports and the database, making the connection more secure. Only methods known to be in use will be included in the proxy. Methods and sub-functions which perform or allow database-level modification are excluded from the proxy.
                • Velocity reports are simplified, making the creation of new reports easier.
                • New proxies or changes to the released proxies will be reviewed on a case by case basis for inclusion in future updates to the Jama Connect service.
                • In the Velocity documentation, the previous error when searching for classes has been fixed.


                Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

                Container Artifacts

                • Replicated release number: 2.42.5
                • Java version (JDK_UPDATE): 11.0.6
                • NGINX_VERSION: 2.4
                • TOMCAT_VERSION: 8.5.50


                Base URLs with Double Slashes

                Due to recent security changes in Spring Framework, URLs with double slashes are no longer supported. In Jama Connect, the base URL setup in the root administrator account must not contain a trailing slash to prevent system URLs from containing double slashes. 

                For example, instead of http://localhost:8080/contour/ with the trailing slash, the URL must be http://localhost:8080/contour. In most cases, Jama Connect is set up without a trailing slash. If, however, you have a custom base URL with a trailing slash, you must edit it to remove the trailing slash. You can change the base URL from the root administrator account. 

                This issue will be addressed in future releases. 

                Updates to Administrator Options

                • Self-hosted administrators can allow SVG images generated by the WIRIS equation editor, which uses scientific and mathematical symbols.
                • Anonymized usage data collection is now enabled by default for on-premise installations. For more information, see Usage Data FAQ


                Search Services

                This release upgrades Search Services. 


                New Default Memory Settings

                This release introduces changes to the default memory settings.  Review your current memory settings. If using default settings, you don't need to make any changes. 

                For details, see Configure Memory Settings in the Jama Connect User Guide.


                Update the Docker Host System

                1. Edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file: add vm.max_map_count=262144.

                2. Stop Jama Connect: replicatedctl app stop --attach.

                3. Stop the Docker service: sudo systemctl stop docker. 

                4. Reload the sysctl.conf file: sysctl -p. 

                5. To confirm, type this command: sudo sysctl -a | grep max_map_count. The system responds with vm.max_map_count=262144.

                6. Start the Docker service: sudo systemctl start docker.

                7. Start Jama Connect: replicatedctl app start.


                Resolved Issues

                ID Resolution
                SOS-DEF-450 Administration: License detail graph is showing incorrect date. (SOS-BUG-553)
                SOS-DEF-713 Review Center Stats Report cuts off time in date section. (SOS-BUG-1088)
                SOS-DEF-765 Editing date field (custom and pre-defined) is inconsistently saved when date format is changed to dd/mm/yyyy. (SOS-BUG-1069)
                SOS-DEF-1340 In the review Single Item View, related items now successfully update when switching between items.
                SOS-DEF-1447 Time zone is incorrect in Review deadline on Windows client for CEST customers.
                SOS-DEF-1777 User can create multiple signatures by clicking multiple times in "Review Complete" window.
                SOS-DEF-2264 In Reading or List View, relationship rules no longer break when using the "Relate to existing" action. 
                SOS-DEF-2403 When publishing a new revision of a review, the related items checkboxes don't honor the settings you selected.
                SOS-DEF-2475 Password change error received "Incomplete reply from the server" because of MS SafeLinks.
                SOS-DEF-2537 When working in the Review Center, highlights no longer disappear when editing highlights text before publishing new revisions. 
                SOS-DEF-2660 In some cases, an error appeared when accessing reviews. This release resolves this issue. 
                SOS-DEF-2762 In Trace View, the configured label appears instead of the default label. 
                SOS-DEF-4064 Logout timer is now working is now working as designed.
                SOS-DEF-4202 When a baseline folder is created, a message now appears in the activity stream.
                SOS-DEF-4256 Rest API now allows items to be related when “Allow relationships with item types not in this rule” is enabled and any combination of rules are set.
                SOS-DEF-4436 Selecting a date in the reviews wizard calendar does not respect the dd/mm/yy format configured (e.g. EMEA customers see US date format, not what they configured).
                SOS-DEF-4444 Links to reviews in the Single Item View versions widget are only active when the user is a moderator of the review.
                SOS-DEF-4447 Chemistry editor icon is missing from the rich text editor.
                SOS-DEF-4484 Reviews are closing prematurely
                SOS-DEF-4509 Boolean parameters are not being populated when "Context Sensitive" is selected for Velocity reports.
                SOS-DEF-4513 Velocity Report: getId() function for the Organization class is missing.
                SOS-DEF-4523 The horizontal scroll bar is not present when expanding an image in an item description box.
                SOS-DEF-4531 Security - XSS cross scripting issue
                SOS-DEF-4534 SAML eSignature: unhelpful user message, needs clarity and direction to check for popup blocker
                SOS-DEF-4548 Viewing comments or connected users results in HTTP Status 400 Bad request (Chrome v. 79 and MS Edge Chromium)
                SOS-DEF-4557 List view filtering menus "view all" option only displaying a maximum of 10 results
                SOS-DEF-4558 You can now delete date fields in an item using inline edit mode. 
                SOS-DEF-4579 In some cases, upgrading Jama Connect 2015.x or earlier to Jama Connect 8.x caused dates to update without editing due to a UTC change. This release resolves this issue. 
                SOS-DEF-4595 Word templates containing VBA macros now successfully export. 
                SOS-DEF-4601 Exporting from Microsoft Word now correctly saves settings from the template. 
                SOS-DEF-4603 In some cases, text entered in the rich text editor using full-screen mode wouldn't save when a session timed out. This release resolves this issue.  
                SOS-DEF-4607 Row highlighting in Risk Management now highlights the entire row. 
                SOS-DEF-4619 An error no longer appears when accessing a project if the dashboard's Activity Stream widget has "Baselines" selected in the Activity Filter settings.
                SOS-DEF-4622 Upstream items are now correctly displayed as upstream relationships in the "All Item Details" report. 
                SOS-DEF-4623 You can now successfully import relationships when migrating from IBM Rational DOORS.
                SOS-DEF-4638 Exporting a review no longer includes deleted comments. 
                SOS-DEF-4666 When using Google Chrome 79 and 80, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers, the correct icons are now displayed in the Results column in the Test Run execution window. 
                SOS-DEF-4680 You can now select multiple steps when executing a Test Run. 
                SOS-DEF-4693 In some cases, closing a review produced a Minified React error #185 message. This release resolves this issue. 
                SOS-DEF-4705 Replicated startup scripts no longer cause permissions to reset when a file is placed in the wrong location. 
                SOS-DEF-4708 Creating a new baseline folder is no longer blocked by the "Add folder" pop-up window. 
                SOS-DEF-4710 Relationship rules are recognized when adding the "Related item" relationship type to a project.  
                SOS-DEF-4713 In some cases, deleted items didn't appear in reports because of permission checks. This release resolves this issue.


                Known Issues

                  • If attempting to sign electronically using SAML authentication and your company's sign-in window doesn't appear, disable your browser's pop-up blocker.
                  • In certain circumstances, some unicode special characters might not correctly generate when exported to PDF.
                  • REST API: PUT /users/{userId}/active endpoint accepts null/negative/positive values and also activates and deactivates the user.

                Jama Connect 8.42.3 Self-Hosted hotfix

                Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/02/05

                This patch release addresses an incompatibility with a recent Google Chrome update that can cause the comment feature to be unresponsive and reviews to close before the scheduled time. A cross-site scripting (XSS) issue is resolved, and customers accessing Jama Connect behind a proxy can now access the Compare View feature. 

                Resolved Issues

                SOS-DEF-2748        Project GET /filters no longer return private filters for an authenticated user.
                SOS-DEF-4346        Review Center calls to Jama Services now recognize the context path in an environment with a proxy. 
                SOS-DEF-4484        Reviews now close at the scheduled time. 
                SOS-DEF-4531        This release resolves a cross-site scripting (XSS) issue. 
                SOS-DEF-4548        Using Chrome 79 or Microsoft's Edge Chromium to view the Stream and Comments section in a single issue view no longer causes an error. 


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                Jama Connect 8.42.1 Self-Hosted

                Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2019/10/03

                New Capabilities

                Reviews: Improved Usability and Compliance

                The following feature requests and usability improvements will ensure compliance and efficiency when setting up a new review.

                • View related items: When defining your review and selecting content, you can choose to make related items visible.
                  view related
                • Smarter default settings: All review settings have been moved to a single page. All reviews now default to public with electronic signatures enabled.
                  smarter default

                • Easier and more compliant assignments: Participants now default to "approver" as their review role. With signer roles enabled, moderators can assign a specific capacity for an electronic signature, making electronic signatures more compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. (Signer role names are derived from group names.)
                  easier assignments

                • Dynamic notifications: The system now builds different email invitations that reflect individual participant's review and signer roles. Email also contains the default signature meaning "I approve this review."
                  Dynamic notifications

                Baselines Improvements 

                Baseline defaults to List View: By popular demand, the default view for a selected baseline has been changed to the list of baselined items. Select the home icon to access baseline details.

                Baselines defaults to list view

                Find all baselines and reviews for an item: 
                You can now select Versions in the side toolbar to open the bottom panel and find links to all baselines and reviews for each version of an item. The review or baseline must still exist and, for reviews, users must have been invited to the review for the link to work. 

                find all baselines and reviews for an item

                Additional layer of signature protection added to baselines: When a review has been electronically signed, any review baselines that have been created from that review can no longer be deleted. 


                Risk Management Improvements

                Traceability: Items provide visibility to linked risks across the application. In most views (excluding reviews and baselines), you can configure fields to add the risk field and see risk linked items in the context of Reading, List or Trace

                View and their exports. Additionally, selecting the risk icon opens a side panel where you can see the analyses and the risk IDs where the item is linked. Select those links to navigate to the associated risk or analysis.

                Risk Management Center traceablility
                New single item view widget: When the Risk Management Center module is licensed, administrators will have the ability to include a risk widget that will show all risks linked to items.

                single item widget 

                Risk IDs: These IDs are now visible at the beginning of each row in a risk analysis. You cannot edit or customize risk IDs, but you can sort them in ascending or descending order by selecting the column header.

                risk id

                Risk/benefit analysis: With the added EVALUATE RISKS column, your team can add necessary notes about each risk during a risk/benefit analysis.
                Risk Benefit Ana

                Column resizing in risk analyses: Click and drag to adjust the column width in risk analyses to fit your data and improve readability.

                column resizing

                General Usability Improvements 

                Single Item View uses top labels: New label positioning and capitalization provide space for field content, distinguish labels from content and resolve issues with labels wrapping mid-word.

                More efficient user selection: The current user is now located at the top of the window for quicker selection.

                efficient user

                Improved image options in Rich Text Editor

                • When expanding an image to see it at full size, the system will now use a white background instead of black for better clarity.

                • Images larger than the browser window can be scrolled.
                • For on-premise customers, the file attachment allowlist will now be honored for the rich text editor. This means file types such as SVG can now be added according to your IT security policies.


                REST API: Improved Batch Delete Restoration

                When performing batch deletes, the previous restoration process required "all or nothing" restorations. With the improved API, you can restore individual child items without having to restore the entire batch deletion.

                Note: Restoration of a child item will necessarily restore its parent container. Also, this restore does not block future restoration of other child items. 

                REST API Non-Breaking Changes Migrated from /labs to /v1 


                • GET /activities - includes additional events and item type data 


                • POST /picklists
                • DELETE /picklists/{picklistId}
                • POST /projects/{projectId}/itemtypes/{itemTypeId}
                • DELETE /projects/{projectId}/itemtypes/{itemTypeId}
                • POST /itemtypes/
                • POST /itemtypes/{itemTypeId}/fields


                Velocity Report Changes

                With 8.42, you can now access upcoming changes in the Velocity reporting process. To enhance security, remove risk with post-release report changes, and simplify the creation of new reports, we are releasing a new version of the Velocity engine.

                This new Velocity:

                • Uses a series of proxy functions which create a contract against the service code.
                • Removes all functions which allow reports to write to the database as it circumvents any Jama Connect methods to protect client information.
                • Dramatically simplifies the Velocity objects making for smaller, and easier-to-write reports.
                • Ensures application updates do not unintentionally break custom reports.

                The changes to Velocity are currently released as opt-in and must be turned on by a system administrator for Jama Connect Self-Hosted instances. When active, any existing reports will be automatically modified in memory to minimize steps required for administrators.

                Community Information and FAQ located: 

                Permanent change for Self-Hosted is slated for 8.48 (2020 Spring release):

                  • Changes will continue to be made to proxy items through 8.44.
                  • We suggest clients send copies of active in-use Custom Velocity Reports for development overview and inclusion.
                  • Any report functions un-proxied by 8.44 public release will be reviewed in normal cadence of service update, not as defects to the service.

                Interface Summary 

                Resolved Issues


                URL field validation was updated to require format. 


                Text items can be related to regular items through the Explorer Tree, but not through search. 


                Unable to resize the column farthest to the right in List View if all the columns fit within the browser window.


                Style inconsistencies exist in rich text tables.


                Review item fields are not in the correct order in Reading View or Single Item View. 


                Item notification links change once new revision is published. 


                Selecting Projects while in Admin does not display the last project in the list if you have 15+ projects/folders. (SOS-BUG-949)


                In Admin > Collaboration settings, "Only allow emails with these email domains" doesn't allow domains with symbols such as "-" or "_". 


                List View filter facet does not filter out results when exported. 


                User can't scroll through item type drop down when using Actions > Convert to


                Sorting by project in the reviews table view does not sort alphabetically.


                Lookup fields are auto-populated, on item creation, even though no pick list option is set to "Default".


                Calculated fields are not re-calculated when a related item is updated.


                Comment count in List View does not update to reflect the correct count after a comment is deleted.


                User shouldn't be able to select Add baseline once modal is open.


                Update moderators is not available from the Actions menu in a review when "Let approvers add reviewers" is unchecked.


                Swagger does not work when customer is using reverse proxy, potentially affecting integrations.


                Custom fields of type URL give an "invalid URL" error if input contains ":" symbol.


                User is not notified when filter searches containing embedded filters reach top limit and search results are affected.


                Related items links are missing from a review after being converted to another item type.


                Tags with a name starting with "#" do not open when selected.


                Updating an item's URL field with REST API doesn't work unless the URL includes .com.


                Adding a comment with Enter key in Add Signature to Baselines or Reviews displays unwanted text in the comment.


                Creating a baseline from multiple individual items can break a review.


                User is able to create tag names in the REST API that exceed the maximum length limit.


                When entering an invalid request in GET for files in the REST API, validation status does not display.


                Calculated field adds values from related items that were deleted.


                Single Item View of reviews reformats various text options so that they don't match the item.


                Export from Trace View generated by a search with spaces returns empty results.


                Trace View filters misalign when right panel is extended toward the left side.


                Users with ø letter or umlauts in their first/last names will not be displayed correctly in the User Profile link.


                Pie chart value "Max Elements to Show" displays less one option that what's configured.


                Custom URL field requirements are more stringent on adding than on editing.


                System Health Report email links' destinations are incorrect.


                A filter that contains common characters after percent encoding (eg. %20) displays incorrect filter name in Trace View.


                Custom field Flag defaults to "False" on pre-existing items but the actual value is null.


                Bar charts on dashboard are not sorting in requested order, but rather by number of results.


                Expanding the Change project dialogue box results in empty white space in expanded area.


                Folder has "phantom" status when imported through the Data Import Wizard.


                User can enter too large of search string for adding links in Risk Management.


                Single Item View's link widget does not show more than 20 links. 


                Notes for Self-Hosted Administrators

                  • Note: Prior to upgrading or installing 8.42, there is a required step-upgrade to 8.36 first. When in the Replicated Admin Console, selecting Upgrade will install 8.36 first behind the scenes.
                  • We regression tested using Replicated 2.38.1 and recommend the use of the following script for the initial installation of Jama Connect.  This will install Replicated 2.38.6, which is the same as 2.38.1 but with a security patch applied.
                curl -sSL "" | sudo bash -s no-auto
                  • Container artifacts
                    • Replicated release number 2661
                    • Java version (JDK_UPDATE): jdk-11.0.3+7
                    • NGINX_VERSION:  1.16.1-1.el7.ngx

                    • TOMCAT_VERSION: 8.5.42

                      Airgap customers can download the necessary version of Replicated via before installing the 8.42 Airgap file available in your portal. Please note, 8.36.0 is a required update and must be installed prior to upgrading to 8.42. The Replicated Admin Console will force this upgrade path, so you must download both Airgap files and place them in the upgrade directory.


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                Jama Connect 8.36.4 Self-Hosted Hotfix

                Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2020/02/05

                This patch release addresses a recent Google Chrome update that can cause the comment feature to be unresponsive. A cross-site scripting (XSS) issue is resolved, and customers accessing Jama Connect behind a proxy can now access the Compare View feature. 

                Resolved Issues

                SOS-DEF-4346       Review Center calls to Jama Services now recognize the context path in an environment with a proxy. 
                SOS-DEF-4531       This release resolves a cross-site scripting (XSS) issue. 
                SOS-DEF-4548       Using Chrome 79 or Microsoft's Edge Chromium to view the Stream and Comments section in a single issue view no longer causes an error. 

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                Jama Connect 8.36.2 Self-Hosted Hotfix

                Release date US/EMEA/AU: 2019/10/04 

                Resolved Issues

                Updated NGINX version to 1.16.1 to mitigate the August 2019 HTTP/2 Vulnerabilities.


                * NGINX is an open source application included with Jama Connect to aid with routing of traffic. 

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                Jama Connect 8.36.1 Self-Hosted

                Release date US/EMEA/AU: 2019/07/03 

                Resolved Issues

                SOS-DEF-2034: Reverse proxy may affect Swagger and integrations such as Tasktop and OpsHub.

                AUD-DEF-206: Incorrect database table orderings in the export/import/backup.dtd causes imports to MS SQL to fail with a foreign key constraint violation.

                Removed Inconsistent Validation of the Custom URL Field

                Customers reported difficulty with integrations and data entry into the custom URL due to inconsistent validation and limitation to the format of http://ww