Steps to take before an upgrade, versions 2015.5 and prior

By Iris Blackburn posted 10-06-2015 12:36


Note: This article was written prior to the release of versions 8.0 and above. Some of this information may not be applicable. For the install and upgrade instructions on our latest release, please see our help guide.

Before starting, you will need a copy of the user guide you are upgrading to. PDF versions of user guides can be downloaded.

Start by reading the supported software and Upgrading Jama section of your guide. If there is anything you are unsure about, you can schedule a pre-upgrade consultation with support by logging a ticket. For best availability from Support, log the ticket at least a week prior to your planned upgrade.

The recommended steps to take are outlined below.

Before upgrading any environment

  1. Verify if any critical severity bugs in the release will affect your workflow.
  2. If you are on a version less than the last major release, you will want to perform a step upgrade. The recommended upgrade pattern is 3.x >  4.x > 4.2.x > 2014.1 > 2015.1 > 2015.5. Contact support if you need any versions to complete the upgrade.
    Note: If you are currently running Jama version 2014.2, you can upgrade directly to version 2015.2 and above.
  3. Take a backup of the environment. This can be used if anything goes wrong and the
    environment needs to be rolled back to the previous version.

Upgrade in test

Note: If you do not have a test license, you can contact your Account Manager for one.

  1. Create or update your test environment to mimic your production environment.
  2. Follow the guide to upgrade your test environment.
  3. Upgrade any custom BIRT reports for 2015.1+.
  4. Once the environment is upgraded, test important pieces of functionality.

Upgrade in production

If everything appears to be working, you are ready to upgrade your production instance. It is best to reach out to support with your planned upgrade date and time. This will give them extra context should you encounter any issues during the upgrade. Keep in mind that support will only be able to help with upgrade issues during your regular support hours as outlined in your license agreement. Any off-hours support from Jama would require a services engagement, which is coordinated with your Account Manager.