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By Kristina posted 01-30-2015 18:33




08-25-2015 18:21

Thanks I will take a look at that.

08-25-2015 17:47

Hi Jodi! It sounds like that link has been retired because the UI changed drastically. Our training manager suggested you check out her post that shows what that training looks like and offers a look at the free training. (But this bad link you found still exists in her post...working to get that removed!)

08-25-2015 17:22

Let me look into that, Jodi.

08-25-2015 17:19

It seems the link from above "How to access Jama's training portal" is broken.  I was wondering if you have an updated "eLearning" CBT that I can view to see if it would benefit our Enterprise?


03-13-2015 17:13

Fantastic! Thank you!

03-13-2015 17:11

Sorry to trick you! There isn't a specific SaaS user guide available online; this link is the same user guide as the one linked to in SaaS instances, except that it has an installation section.

The only place users can find the SaaS-specific guide is by clicking "Help" in the upper-right corner of Jama when they're in the application.

03-13-2015 16:47

I went to that link and it takes you to the "On Premise" user guide.  I wonder where SaaS Trial/Eval user can find the guide for "Jama Hosted" user guide? Thanks!  :-)

03-13-2015 16:21

There is a link on the home page of the community, in the "Message from..." box. But it would make sense to add that link to this list, so I will!

03-13-2015 13:13

Hi Kristina, where do we find the Jama User Guide for SaaS Trials/Evals?